A Conversation with…Trombonist Steve Wiest

June 21, 2007

Steve Wiest, the teacher, is also Steve Wiest, the eternal student. “What is it that Dizzy said?” he asks before […]

Introducing Students to the Giants of Jazz

Think about Wyoming, and you may picture cowboys, or blaring country music, or wide-open spaces that stretch on and on. […]

Listening and Learning

My wife and I inadvertently happened upon an outdoor dress rehearsal of the Boston Pops for their Fourth of July […]

Alex Skolnick

Having made a name for himself in the late ’80s and early ’90s as one of metal’s most gifted guitarists, […]

June / July 2007

Berklee Launches the BIRNBerklee College of Music has launched a global, four-channel, 24-hour guided tour through the world’s premier college […]

Overseeing Montreal’s Annual Jazz Summit

As co-founder of the Festival International de Jazz de Montr#233;al (as well as the Francofolies de Montr#233;al and the Montr#233;al […]

June / July 2007

May 29 John Coltrane – Our Favourite Coltrane (Kingsroad) Chet Baker – No Ties (Kingsroad) Kenny Dorham – Inta Somethin’ […]

June / July 2007

June 20, 2007

Death of a Bebop Wife from CadenceA new publication by Cadence Jazz Books tells the compelling life story of pianist […]

Slash Chords – An Introduction

Slash chords offer musicians a plethora of new sonorities to incorporate into their playing and arranging.Not to be confused with […]