Annette Peacock: Composer, Muse, Enigma

October 19, 2016

Quality, even from the least ordinary of artists, has a strange way of resurfacing.

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The Mom-and-Pop Jazz Shop that Could

The Jazz Loft – a 6,000 square-foot performance venue, educational center, and museum that’s quickly become a cultural landmark and hotspot since it opened in May of 2016.

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Keith Carlock

Keith Carlock Brings His Knowledge of Jazz Drumming to Pop, Fusion, Rock, and Beyond.

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Gearcheck – October 2016

A look at the latest and greatest gear for Jazz Educators and Performers.

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Road Map to Latin Jazz Style Interpretation

September 6, 2016

A step-by-step method for finding a more specific Latin style solution from the jungle of possibilities.

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Gearcheck – September 2016

The latest and greatest gear for jazz educators and musicians – September 2016.

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Fred Hersch

Eight-time Grammy Award nominee and jazz maestro Fred Hersch is having some big moments in his life.

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What was Minstrelsy?

Anyone who has ever taken a course in jazz history has come across this fascinating topic, along with dance music referred to as “cakewalk.”

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Marcos Varela – What’s on your Playlist?

A look at what Bassist Marcos Varela, one of the young bright lights on the NYC jazz scene, is listening to.

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Gear Check – April/May 2016

May 20, 2016

The latest and greatest gear for jazz educators and musicians!

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