New Mouthpieces from JodyJazz

January 23, 2019

The Chedeville RC Series Saxophone Mouthpieces feature a round chamber which creates a warm beautiful saxophone tone with excellent control and intonation. The medium length classic “Chedeville facing curve” produces a warm yet strong, full tone with playability that is unsurpassed. The Chedeville RC Series Saxophone Mouthpieces will be available in Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone models, in a comprehensive selection of tip openings. The MSRP for the new Chedeville RC Series Saxophone mouthpieces are Soprano $450, Alto $450, Tenor $475 and Baritone $495.

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New Stow-Away Guitars from Stewart Guitars

The Stow-Away is a performance quality travel guitar that plays and feels like your favorite guitar. It has a full-scale 25.5 inch neck and can break down in seconds to be easily taken anywhere. It comes with a travel backpack that meets all FAA carry on requirements. The guitars are available in five colors and can be equipped with custom pickups configurations.

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KORG’s C1 Air Digital Piano in a White Ash

January 9, 2019

KORG’s esteemed C1 Air digital piano series has just added a new color variation to the growing line – the C1 Air in a White Ash finish.
The C1 Air was released in 2017 and has become a leading model as part of the Japanese-Made Heritage series for KORG digital pianos. The C1 Air can be connected to any BlueTooth device to wirelessly transfer audio data, directly connecting to the piano’s speakers.
In addition to the new White Ash, the C1 Air is also available in black, white and rosewood.

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The Roto-Grip from Grover

Grover Musical Products’ Roto-Grip (505F Series) allows you to upgrade your vintage Fender tuners to a more modern style locking tuner without making any modifications to your guitar. The overlapping ear design allows you to utilize the existing screw holes and the use of push in bushings, rather than screw in, so no modifications have to be made to the post holes. Available finishes include nickel, chrome, and gold.

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Meredith Music’s Marketing Your Music Program

Marketing Your Music Program by Sean Dennison Smith will easily guide you through today’s world of marketing—both traditional and modern forms of social media and websites. With quality content, a strong brand and a clear strategy, you can greatly increase the presence of your choir, orchestra and band. Marketing Your Music Program will also help you discover effective and efficient ways to fundraise while building important connections with a wide-reaching community.

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Gearcheck: January 2019

January 4, 2019

The latest and greatest gear for Jazz musicians and educators, January 2019.

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Henry Heller’s New Leather Straps

December 26, 2018

Henry Heller’s four new 2” wide black leather guitar straps feature bold and modern inlays of stars, circles and diamonds. All straps extend to 58” in length and have a smooth Capri leather underside.

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New Release from Sher Music

The Guitarist’s Introduction to Jazz by Randy Vincent is designed for people who already play guitar, but want to learn how to play jazz ,too. It is a thorough approach that will serve the guitarist as a reference book for many years on many topics relevant to becoming a jazz player, such as different categories of chord voicings, scale and chord construction, charts for classic jazz tunes, ways to approach practicing jazz, right hand-picking techniques, and overall jazz theory. The list price for this 204 page book is $28 for the printed version and $22 for the digital version.

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Manhasset Stands’ New Grande Music Stand

Manhasset Stands’ #5450 Grande music stand was designed with an all-purpose shelf, rather than a storage area in the back of the stand (as featured on the Regal model). The new Grande music stand also features a wide base with dual shafts to provide outstanding support for larger music scores, a durable powder coat finish, and two Manhasset Symphony shafts with Magic Finger Clutch.

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Gearcheck – December 2018

December 20, 2018

The latest and greatest gear for jazz educators and musicians – November/December 2018

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