Juilliard Jazz Presents “The Extended Works of Wynton Marsalis”

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Juilliard Jazz presents “The Extended Works of Wynton Marsalis” featuring Juilliard Jazz Ensembles in the music of Juilliard Jazz Director and Pulitzer Prize winner Wynton Marsalis on Tuesday, January 31, 2017, at 7:30pm in Paul Hall. Faculty member Andy Farber is the coach for the concert; the ensemble coaches are Elio Villafranca and Bruce Williams.

Mr. Villafranca’s ensemble features Immanuel Wilkins (alto saxophone), Christopher Bittner(tenor saxophone), David Adewumi (trumpet), Kalia Vandever (trombone), Isaiah Thompson(piano), Dan Chmielinski (bass), and Charles Goold (drums). They will perform Marsalis’sBlues Interlude (The Bittersweet Saga of Sugar Cane and Sweetie Pie).

Mr. Williams’s ensemble features Julian Lee (tenor saxophone), Noah Halpern (trumpet),Jonah Moss (trumpet), William Hawley (trombone), Joseph Bell (guitar), Julius Rodriguez(piano), Sebastian Rios (bass), and Kyle Benford (drums). The ensemble will perform seven selections from In This House, On This Morning: In the Sweet Embrace of Life Sermon: Son; In the Sweet Embrace of Life Sermon: Holy Ghost; Invitation; Recessional; Benediction; Uptempo Posthude; and Pot Blessed Dinner. 


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