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2007 Jazz Educators Resource Guide

2007 Jazz Educators Resource GuideAs one progresses through life as a jazz musician, certain pivotal choices must be made and challenging questions present themselves: What’s the best college for my needs? Who makes the cymbals that are right for me? Where should I go shopping for vintage LPs while I’m in Chicago…?

In our ongoing quest to provide some direction to your life-journeys, JAZZed tenders our first annual Jazz Educator Resource Guide: a sampling of significant organizations, service providers, schools, product manufacturers, and much more.

As with everything else in our fast-paced, modern iWorld, all information is subject to change, although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that this directory can effectively assist in your many and varied ventures as a jazz musician, scholar, and educator. Enjoy!

Inquiries or questions regarding theJazz Educators Resource Guidemay be forwarded to Melanie Prescott, or sent to: Resource Guide Editor, JAZZed, 21 Highland Circle, Suite 1, Needham, MA 02494.

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