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2010, January

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckMarch 2010 • March 2, 2010

Le;gère Signature Series Tenor Sax Reeds
Le;gère is now offering their Signature Series technology for the tenor sax. The new reeds feature a special material and profile and are said to capture color and expression. Le;gère reeds are available for all clarinets and saxophones.

Ellsberry’s “L-35” Guitar Line
Ellsberry’s “L35” model line of guitars fit a wide range of playing styles, from rock and blues to contemporary and traditional jazz. The L35 was designed by luthier Jim Ellsberry, in Los Angeles, California. Its design incorporates a proprietary block system that gives the guitar sustain and electric punch, yet also allows tone plates to vibrate acoustically without the troublesome feedback issues of hollow body guitars.

The L35 consists of two models. There is a laminate model available with single or dual humbucking pickups. Tops and backs are vacuum-pressed at the Ellsberry shop using multiple layers of high-quality maple, finished off with a highly figured outside veneer. The basic laminate “L35-L” model retails for $3,400. For the jazz player wanting more of a traditional sound, the “L35-C” features a hand-carved top and back for an optimum blend of acoustic and electric sound. This model is available in limited quantities and starts at a retail price of $5,500.

Safety-Ease Lid Assist
The Safety-Ease Lid Assist is a device that assists in opening and closing a grand piano’s lid. Designed by piano technician and retailer Danny Geoghegan, the Safety-Ease Lid Assist does not require any drilling or alteration of the piano. Its design allows the device to slip on and off the instrument quickly and easily.

New Trumpets from PJLA
PJLA’s PHT-2021 “C” Series of Phaeton Trumpets are available in three custom finishes: gold brass lacquer, bright silver plate, and brush brass. All models come standard with a 3C mouthpiece delivered in Phaeton’s custom vintage tweed case with burgundy velvet closure blanket for added protection. Phaeton cases are trimmed in textured burgundy leather-like trim and are equipped with plated brass hardware with a large storage area for mutes and accessories. Retail prices start at $1,885.00.

PHT-4077 Bb/A piccolo trumpet is a four piston model Piccolo Trumpet will be available in bright silver plate with optional 18 karat gold plated finger buttons, top, or bottom caps and bell. A custom all leather case comes standard with this outfit. Retail prices start at $2,975.00 with the optional Gold plate bell available for $450.00.

Planet Waves Headstock Tuner
The new Headstock Tuner from Planet Waves uses the instruments’ vibration as its input (instead of cable hook-ups or microphones) and provides tuning without the interference of ambient room noise. Its dual visual cues include a multicolor backlit display in tandem with digital needle graphics. The multicolor backlit display indicates status with red to show when a note is out of tune and green to show when in tune. Its tuning software uses the ultra-sensitive piezo sensor system for increased vibration sensitivity and more accurate note registration.

Roland’s Portable Sampler
Roland’s SP-404SX Portable Sampler#149;is an update to the SP-404 and offers 44.1kHz/16-Bit sound quality, improved DSP effects, a new pattern sequencer, and data management.

The SP-404SX includes 29 DSP effects – including filter, delay, unique voice effects, subsonic, and looper. Twelve trigger pads, three control knobs, and a sub pad for rapid triggering allow DJs, musicians, and sound engineers to trigger samples and jingles and apply effects quickly. The built-in microphone, simple user interface, and optional battery operation enable recording with the SP-404SX anywhere. The more versatile pattern sequencer now includes an improved quantize mode with new shuffle feel for creating the hip hop, RB, and reggae grooves. The retail price is $465.50.

Wick Tenor Horn Mouthpiece Line Expands
Denis Wick Products’ tenor horn mouthpiece models the 1, 1A, 2A, and 4 are available in silver plated and gold plated versions. Denis Wick manufactures mouthpieces and mutes for the entire family of brass instruments, from piccolo trumpet to BBb tuba.

Yamaha’s CP Series Pianos
Yamaha’s redesigned lineup of CP Series Stage Pianos includes the CP1, CP5, and CP50. Beneath the hood of the flagship CP1, which features new NW-STAGE weighted wooden keys, Spectral Component Modeling tone generation technology recreates the sounds and nuances of 17 Yamaha acoustic and vintage electronic pianos, including the CFIIIS, S6B, the CP80, Rd1, Rd II, Wr, and the DX7.

This new Spectrum Component Modeling system replicates the instrument’s physical components for tone generation, including the hardness of the hammers, resonance of the sound board, and the striking position of the hammers. It also relies on granular parametric data that translates every nuance of the player’s touch into a tone. The new CP models also use Virtual Circuit Modeling to replicate the effect units, amplifiers, compressors, EQ, and other equipment.

The CP1 also includes VCM emulations of several historical pedals including phasers, flangers, wah wahs, and choruses. The CP5 and CP50 feature Yamaha reverbs along with many of the effect algorithms from the Motif XS line of workstations for added sound flexibility.

The CP5 includes the core sounds of the Spectral Component Modeling technology, 12 acoustic and vintage electric piano sounds and 305 additional sounds and effects. The model also comes with NW-STAGE weighted keys, a customize function, recording and playback options for MIDI and audio, 100 rhythm patters, and a Master Keyboard function.

The CP50 also offers the core sounds of the Spectrum Component Modeling feature and includes six acoustic and electric piano sounds. It is also equipped with 215 additional sounds and effects and the keyboard consists of Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Action keys, along with a customize function, recording and playback options for MIDI and audio, 100 rhythm patterns, and a Master Keyboard function.

All of the CP models feature 88 keys, 128-note polyphony, USB-to-Host, and USB-to-Device connectivity. The CP1 retails for $5,999, the CP5 for $3,299, and CP50 for $2,199.99.

Zildjian’s New Models
Zildjian has added two new ZHT models. The ZHT is produced from Zildjian’s 88 percent copper 12 percent tin bronze alloy. All ZHT cymbals are fully lathed on top and bottom and hammered. The 22″ ZHT Ride is the largest cymbal in the ZHT Series. This medium heavy weight Ride is said to provide excellent wash and a clear ping. To augment the 13″ and 14″ existing size ZHT HiHats, 15″ ZHT Mastersound HiHats have been added. The top of the new 15″ Mastersound HiHats is a medium weight cymbal that provides plenty of volume while the bottom is a heavy weight with the rippled Mastersound edge feature.

Zildjian has added two new ride cymbal models to their K Series of cymbals. The first new K model is the 22″ K Constantinople Thin Ride Overhammered. This Ride cymbal is thin in weight. An additional series of over hammered marks on top of the traditional K Constantinople hammering yields a slightly drier sound with stick definition for marking time. This cymbal is specifically designed for small to medium sized group settings. The 20″ K Light Flat Ride is a thin weight, and features a traditional Flat Ride sound with warmth.

Zildjian’s 15″ and 13″ Oriental China Trash cymbals are said to provide brash yet attractive accents to drummers in all styles of music. These two odd sizes are in addition to the 12″ through 20″ model that Zildjian currently offers. Both feature proprietary hammering and come in a brilliant finish. The next two new models are the 10″ and 8″ ZXT Series Trashformers. The name derives from the fact that the “regular” cymbal gets trashformed by the addition of the Trashformer cymbal and produces an entirely whole new effect. It is like getting two sounds out of one cymbal.

GHS Coated Boomers
GHS Strings has introduced new coated strings for electric and bass guitar. The Coated Boomers are manufactured from pure materials, free of environment damaging chemical processes. The nickel plated steel wire is coated using a finely regulated process. This technology coats the outer wires which are then wrapped around a core wire. The coated version of Boomers is being introduced in a new GHS Fresh Pack airtight packaging that locks out air and moisture to prevent string corrosion. This new foil wrap packaging insures that the strings.

Hamilton Releases Grabbit Guitar Stand
The Grabbit stand features a patent pending grabbing mechanism at the top of the stand that holds the neck of the guitar securely until the owner gently pushes the guitar neck back and instantly releases the guitar from the stand. The auto lock mechanism on a cradle stand enables the player to click and lock their instrument using only one hand.

The Grabbit stand has a retail price of $35.99.

Reference Laboratory UJAZZ Cable
Reference Laboratory has created a cable especially tailored to jazz musicians in the shape of UJAZZ. Using a red copper conductor with a PVC jacket, the UJAZZ cable can operate in a temperature range of -20

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