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April-May 2008

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckMay 2008 • May 7, 2008

GearcheckNS Design CR4 Bass Cello
Joining the NS Design family of bass instruments, the four-string CR4 Bass Cello offers authentic upright bass tone with a 34-inch bass guitar scale and standard bass tuning.

The NS Bass Cello is supplied with a deluxe padded gig bag and the patented Boomerang Strap System. Interchangeable tripod and endpin stand options are also available.

New Life For Jazz LPs
The new TT Record from Los Angeles-based American Audio looks like a traditional belt-driven turntable from the outside, and it is but it’s also a digital recording device. When a vinyl record is placed on the turntable’s platter and played, its contents can be recorded and stored as an MP3 file on a USB memory stick or SD card.

A completely standalone unit, the TT Record doesn’t require a computer or additional software to do its job. Transforming vinyl to digital with the TT Record is as simple as 1

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