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April/May 2007

Vox “XL” Series
Vox Amplification has expanded its line of ValvetronixTM tube-driven modeling amplifiers with the Extreme Lead “XL” Series. These new high-gain amplifiers are specifically designed and voiced for hard rock/heavy metal music and deliver the most aggressive VOX tones to date. Four combos comprise the line, including the AD15VT-XL (15-Watt, 1×10″), AD30VT-XL (30-Watt, 1×12″), AD50VT2-XL (50-Watt, 2×12″) and AD100VT-XL (100-Watt 1×12″).

The XL amplifiers feature amp models from the “Chrome” Valvetronix series that have been modified and “hot-rodded” for the high-gain player. Eleven different models are provided, including classic vintage amps of the past, modern high-end amps and tube heads known for their high-gain, now taken to even higher levels. The models, which are named by musical style, include two essential clean tones and nine high-gain lead sounds spanning the history of metal ranging from “Buzzsaw,” a driving sound inspired by ’70s-era classic metal, to “Damaged,” a ultra high-gain channel capable of handling detuned and seven-string n

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