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August / September 2007

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckSeptember 2007 • September 5, 2007

Woodwind Repair Kit
The Woodwind Repair Kit is available for flute, clarinet, and saxophone. All of the tools and supplies come in an attractive wooden box, with a Gig Bag for easy transport.

Each kit includes the same professional quality repair tools and supplies that are used on a daily basis in professional repair shops. Modern supplies such as UltraSuede and Sheet Teflon, as well as the synthetic Ultimax lubricants, are paired with traditional materials such as premium natural cork, felt and pad leather.Professional tools included in the kit are the Spring Inserting Pliers, Double Sided Spring Hook, Pad slick, Screwdriver and Pad Prick set, the flexible 18″ Leak Light and Butane Torch.

Along with a set of tools and repair supplies, each kit comes with a set of additional supplies specific to the instrument. Saxophone Kits come with repair items such as shellac, saxophone springs, a saxophone neck cork, pad leather and premium Precision Brand saxophone pads. The Clarinet kit includes pre-made clarinet tenon corks, adhesive pellets, Stainless clarinet springs, Precision clarinet pads, as well as a feeler gage kit to easily replace pads. The Flute kit features include special padding tools like paper washers and a J.S. Delrin Bushing for open hole flutes, as well as premium Precision flute pads, a flute Head Cork, Flute Springs and a feeler gage kit for fine tuning pad work. In addition to these supplies the repair kit comes with its own updated, in-depth repair instruction manual, a feature not included in any other kits on the market.

The Source
The Source, 2nd Edition, by Steve Barta, was written for musicians, teachers or anyone looking for solid info on scales, chords, and how they work together.This instructional book provides right- and left-hand piano fingerings for scales, chords, and complete inversions, covering 20+ different scales, each written in all 12 keys. The Source, described as the most complete collection of contemporary and traditional scales for classical, jazz, and other styles, retails for $14.95.

The Art of Wind Playing
This book by Arthur Weisberg for all performers, teachers and conductors of wind instruments aims to clear away the cobwebs of superstitions and the fixed ideas of what can and can’t be done. Written by one of the great wind virtuosos of today, it covers: resonance; attacks and releases; double tonguing; vibrato; breathing; interpretation; and more.The Art of Wind Playing retails for $19.95.

Sibelius 5
The newly launched Sibelius 5 is packed with new features, such as the Ideas Hub, which was designed to make it easy for users to capture, tag, find and bring together their musical ideas. Composers can quickly capture snippets of music they have written, tag them with keywords – such as, ‘violin’, ‘tremolo’, ‘minor’ etc – and then find them again. Ideas can then be pasted from the hub into a score, and are automatically transposed into the right key and range, as well as the right tempo. Ideas Hub also comes pre-loaded with over 2,000 professionally written ideas that cover all genres of music, from classical through hip-hop.

Sibelius 5 comes with Sibelius Sounds Essentials as standard – a 2GB collection of sounds selected from libraries by Garritan, SonicVox and Tapspace. As well as these new built-in sounds, Sibelius 5 offers full VST Audio Units support. This enables users to playback their scores using sample libraries such as the East West Quantum Symphonic Orchestra or Vienna Symphonic Library.

Sibelius 5 aims to enhance the realism of playback by improving the handling of accents, articulations, hairpins, et cetera. A further improvement to playback is SoundWorld#153;; a new way of categorizing sounds that ensures Sibelius always chooses the most suitable sound available on any device.Panorama offers a clear, wide view of music that enables faster composition, easier revisions and, in education, clearer analysis of entire pieces. – instead of being chopped up into systems and pages, the music is shown in a single, infinitely-wide strip.Easy cues instrument changes makes creating instrumental parts faster than ever before.

Sibelius 5 also offers many new plug-ins, including tools for splitting, joining and modifying tuplets, cleaning up played-in music, fitting music to video and transforming one scale into another, for example minor to pentatonic.

The Art of Jazz: MJF/50 Years
The Art of Jazz: Monterey Jazz Festival / 50 Years celebrates images that were created to promote and memorialize the Festival. In the last 50 years, the MJF posters have become legendary for their representation of the time, place and attitude. From the early days when the posters were created as hand-pulled silkscreens to the present era with contemporary prints produced through the offset process, The Art of Jazz: Monterey Jazz Festival / 50 Years features reproductions of posters by such artists and designers as Earl Newman, Eldon Dedini, Batista Moon Studios, Judy Anderson, Ron Grauer, Harry Briggs, Jeeun Lee and the book’s designer, Jerry Takigawa. The posters feature abstract and figurative designs and are noted for their constantly striking and memorable images. Vintage MJF posters are still on the market today as collector items.

Constructing Melodic Jazz Improvisation
Constructing Melodic Jazz Improvisation is a comprehensive new approach designed to help beginning musicians explore jazz improvisation. Created by innovative educator and clinician Brian Kane, the book series explores jazz improvisation from stylistic, communicative, and phrasing perspectives.

The book, which is designed to meet all of the national frameworks for music education, contains 10 progressively difficult chapters, dozens of practical improvisational exercises, and dozens of short solo transcription examples. The book also contains a 52-track play-a-long and demonstration CD.

Retailing for $24.95, Constructing Melodic Jazz Improvisation is available in Concert Key, Eb, Bb, and Bass Clef Editions.

Guitar Publications by Backbeat
Backbeat Books has released several new titles about the guitar. Written by the editors of Guitar Player magazine, How to Play Blues Guitar: the Basics Beyond provides vital instruction in blues basics from top guitar teachers and is said to reveal the secrets of blues greats, often in their own words. Revised and expanded in this second edition printing with 32 pages of new lessons and packed with musical examples, charts, and photos, How to Play Blues Guitar is a complete step-by-step course for learning acoustic or electric blues guitar. In-depth lessons with pros like Andy Ellis, Jesse Gress, and Arlen Roth help readers develop their own style while exploring the music of traditional bluesmen and modern stars. Among the styles discussed are those of B.B. King, Eric Clapton, John Lee Hooker, T-Bone Walker, Albert Collins, Michael Bloomfield, Buddy Guy, Hubert Sumlin, Robben Ford, and more.

The PRS Guitar Book, A Complete History of Paul Reed Smith Guitars by Dave Burrluck details every facet of the electric guitars made by PRS, the Maryland-based company founded in 1985 by musician and guitar builder Paul Reed Smith. The paperback edition is updated to include all the latest information on the acclaimed Singlecut models, as well as the intriguing story of the Santana SE – the company’s first venture into overseas manufacture.

An inviting narrative describes the evolution of this internationally renowned guitar maker, while dynamic color photography spotlights such PRS guitars as the Signature, signed by Smith; the Dragon, sporting opulent shell inlays; the Swamp Ash Special and Rosewood Limited, using non-standard materials; and ultra-rare models from limited and custom runs. This definitive book also provides an absorbing photo-essay on the making of a PRS guitar, plus specifications for identifying and dating PRS instruments.

Guyatone Micro Effects PedalsGuyatone Micro Effects Pedals
Guyatone’s new CB-3 Cool Booster is a boost pedal that boosts the signal without touching the tone, and is said to be especially good for solos. The HD-3 Hot Drive is a full-drive amp distortion pedal with three working modes (bright drive, treble and deep dark sounds).The MO-3 Micro Octaver is an analog octaver that works in one octave down, two octaves down and dry blend modes – designed for experimental music. The OD-2+ Overdrive+ is an overdrive pedal based on the OD-2 model with three working modes, clean and boost, vintage drive and tube saturation sound, and the SS-3 Sonic Shaper is a multi-functional boost pedal that can boost the signal without any distortion, emulating acoustic sound or emphasizing specific harmonics.

These pedals have been tested by musicians to ensure a high-quality sound and come with a three-year warranty. The new Guyatone Micro Effects are priced at $130 for the CB-3 model, $120 for the HD-3 model, $140 for the MO-3 model, and $120 for the OD-2+ and SS-3 models.

Jazz Guitar for Classical Cats: Improvisation
World-famous guitarist and composer Andrew York created the Classical Cats series to be the classical guitarist’s ultimate guide to jazz.Alfred is excited to release the third book in the series designed to enhance improvisational skills.

For many musicians, the thought of improvising can be intimidating. In this conclusion to the Jazz Guitar for Classical Cats trilogy, Andrew York demonstrates that improvisation is a skill that can be learned and practiced just like any other. It is simply a matter of musicians first deciding where they are going by targeting chord tones and then planning how they are going to get there using scales and modes. By practicing the ear training and visualization exercises in this book, guitarists will learn how to turn the music in their “mind’s ear” into imaginative, great-sounding jazz solos.Simultaneously fostering technique and creativity, York creates the ideal training for all guitarists aspiring to break with convention and play their own, unique style.The CD included demonstrates all of the examples in the book.

Jazz Guitar for Classical Cats: Improvisation is available as a Book and CD set for $19.95.

EarMaster 5
EarMaster 5 Pro teaches ear training for all musicians, at any playing level, playing any instrument.In order to sing, improvise, or jam with complete confidence, it is necessary to recognize all the sounds around you. EarMaster includes over 650 ear-training lessons for recognizing and transcribing intervals, chords, scales, rhythms and melodies. Learn to play, improvise, notate and compose by ear. EarMaster will challenge trained and untrained ears for all vocalists and musicians playing guitar, piano, bass, drums, flute or any other instrument.Among the features this product has to offer, are instant feedback, customizable exercises, and a jazz tutor, which has 211 lessons specifically focused on jazz ear-training.

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