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Dominant Pro from Thomastik-Infeld

Frank Hammel • Gearcheck • March 17, 2021

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50 Years ago, Thomastik-Infeld was the 1st string manufacturer in the world to successfully produce violin strings with a synthetic core of extremely fine nylon fibers. DOMINANT strings combined the qualities of outstanding steel strings (first-rate tuning stability and a high degree of resistance to bow pressure) with those of very good gut strings (low string tension and excellent modulation capability) and have remained the industry standard right through today.

Since 1970, the playing styles and ideas surrounding sound have been expanded.  With increased regularity musicians asked for the development of an additional set similar to DOMINANT that expands upon the possibilities of the existing strings.  Thomastik-Infeld answered this request with the launch of its latest string revolution:  DOMINANT PRO. This new set (DP100) was not aimed to change the basic character of DOMINANT, but rather to offer an additional, contemporary repertoire of strings.

DOMINANT PRO is ideally suited for chamber musicians, soloists, and orchestra musicians alike.  The set is available in medium tension and is also a superb match when combined with DOMINANT medium violin strings.  DOMINANT PRO strings:

  • are exceptionally powerful
  • offer a good balance of brilliance and warmth and a broad range of sound colors
  • support the radiance of the instrument for the long term
  • react immediately with a focused sound core
  • produce a sound that fills the room with a bell-like tonal character
  • have a high resistance to bow pressure
  • have a high level of dynamics allowing the strings to be played very quietly or VERY LOUDLY!

 What makes DOMINANT PRO so special?

The set sounds darker, more focused and responds more directly than DOMINANT.  Despite the direct response, the strings give the musicians the possibility to create a broad range of sound colors.  The string tensions have been increased by an incremental amount in order to adapt the resistance to bow pressure to suit the extended playing requirements without overburdening the instrument.  When required, DOMINANT PRO asserts itself very well against the sound of an entire orchestra – meaning that in comparison to DOMINANT, the projection in a hall has also been reinforced, among other things.  Nonetheless, with corresponding dynamics and a capacity for modulation, DOMINANT PRO also offers optimum possibilities when used in chamber music.  Within two to three hours of playing, a newly strung set has achieved its full performance capability in terms of sound and enjoys a long life from then on.

The best place to get to know Thomastik-Infeld new strings is!  You’ll find a detailed description of the set #DP100 as well as direct and very transparent comparison of DOMINANT and DOMINANT PRO:  Which strings sound most brilliant or the warmest, which one has the greatest focus or stands out with the best projection and modulation, which one scores with the most or the purest sound colors, satisfies with the fastest response, the lowest tension or the most comfortable left-hand feeling, which offers the least bow noise – and so on.  Included in this comparison is also DOMINANT PRO’s Extended Line with E-, A-, and D-string alternatives which will be launched in July 2021.

On you’ll also find numerous video productions which bring the strings to life.  Watch violinist Emmanuel Tjeknavorian perform on stage of Muth’s concert hall and learn everything you need to know about the commonalities and differences between Dominant and DOMINANT PRO from a Thomastik-Infeld insider at the outstanding location ‘Reaktor’. Thomastik-Infeld artists such as Lorenz Nasturica, David Balakrishnan, and Aleksey Igudesman share their thoughts and feelings on DOMINANT PRO on  Anton Sorokow, violinist and first concertmaster of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, says “DOMINANT PRO violin strings are a revolutionary evolution of the world-famous Dominant string set!  I am completely fascinated by the tonal warmth, balance and immense power radiated by these strings.  I can warmly recommend these violin strings to all instrumentalists of every level.”

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