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DYNAMO Strings from Thomastik-Infeld

Christian Wissmuller • Gearcheck • March 16, 2023

Connolly Music, the U.S. representative of Thomastik-Infeld Strings, is honored to announce the forthcoming release of truly groundbreaking violin strings.

Unlimited patience and passion, along with over a century of expertise from leading innovator, Thomastik-Infield based in Vienna, Austria, has resulted in a set that has even surpassed the developers’ dreams of what a string can do.

DYNAMO® allows musicians to perform as they never have before.   Untethered by convention, previously disparate qualities are now possible in one set!

To illustrate: they have a broad sound AND an excellent response, they possess a wide dynamic range AND sound colors can be modulated to the fullest extent, they sound great on most vintage AND new instruments – and more.  These combined qualities were not previously possible, and from earliest sound trials on, we hear that they are really making an imprint among players.

Daniel Stoll, Violinist of the Vision String Quartet says ‘The DYNAMO® strings allow my violin to develop a new depth of sound.  The spectrum of tone colors becomes considerably more complex while the sound remains constant.’

DYNAMO will be available at retail mid-March 2023.  Violin Set Price: MRP $142.95

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