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“Eat Sleep Sing” and “Harmonic Warm-Ups” from Alfred Music

Frank Hammel • Gearcheck • March 17, 2021

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Eat Sleep Sing is a practical guide to the benefits of singing through the exploration of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and ultimately life-changing benefits that singing can bring. Eat Sleep Sing has been created to encourage everyone to sing, from those who had never even considered singing but are interested in improving their mental and physical well-being, to beginner and amateur singers, right through to trained musicians and teachers. It includes simple practical exercises, a step-by-step warm-up guide, advice, illustrations which can be colored to support mindfulness, tongue-twisters to practice, as well as a mood-tracker to help monitor progress. There is no requirement to read music. Readers will learn how to discover the chemical responses to singing that reduce stress and encourage a good sleep, master exercises to gain stronger breath control and a happier mind, explore the myriad ways singing connects us to each other and the world around us, and unlock tips to boost confidence and keep memory sharp and agile. $19.95

Harmonic Warm-Ups will help choirs and vocal groups reinvent their routines with an innovative approach that leads the way to more meaningful and diversified warm-ups. Harmonic Warm-Ups is filled with uncomplicated melodies that are quickly learned, and then turned into multiple-part exercises by singing in canon or stacked parallels. An exemplary practice that invites developed groups to focus on higher listening and ensemble skills. Online access to MP3 demos of every exercise is included. $29.99

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