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Gear Check – April/May 2016

Jazzed Magazine • April/May 2016Gearcheck • May 20, 2016

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Cort Guitars Sunset Nylectric

The Sunset Nylectric was engineered to bridge the gap between electric and classical players by merging classical guitar features with a low profile, more traditional electric instrument body style.  The 25.6” scale model features a spruce top on a chambered mahogany single-cutaway body, designed for electric players that want to play classical guitar live. The pickup system includes a Fishman preamp, with volume, treble, and bass controls, located where normally found on electric instruments. The instrument has a mahogany bolt-on neck, finished with a rosewood fretboard and classical tuners, highlighted by black binding and a comfortable 45mm width at the nut. The Sunset Nylectric is available in natural, black, or translucent red, and is strung with D’Addario EXP46N nylon strings standard. (MSRP: $649.99)



Gretsch Renown Series 

The Gretsch Renown Series has been updated for 2016 to include Gretsch’s player-friendly, “302” hoops. Other updates include a BD Mounted Tom Holder system, newly redesigned 30° bearing edges, and two new classic Gretsch lacquer finish options. Renown Series bass drums include matching 10-ply maple wood hoops, die-cast claw hooks, and heavy-duty telescopic spurs, all fitted with the Classic Gretsch “T” Wing nut. Also added is Gretsch’s heavy-duty, ball-and-socket tom mount, which alleviates the need for tom stands.

The 2016 Renown comes in a variety of configurations and finishes that include Satin Tobacco Burst and Piano Black Gloss Lacquer. Individual toms, snare drums, and bass drums are also available, and all are outfitted with Remo USA heads. The 2016 Renown Series 5-piece (10”, 12”, 16”, 22”, 5×14”) is priced at $1499.




Levy’s DIESEL MV417DSL and MSS8SL 

Levy’s introduced this 2 ½” leather guitar strap, which is made with one single piece of supple, heavy weight, top-grain, veg-tan leather, featuring a decorative border stitch. Available in black, tan, and brown.

Also available, this 2” polyester strap with genuine Schaller strap locks preinstalled at the factory (guitar pin-lock part also provided). Adjustable to 65”. Available in burgundy, brown, tan, and black.



Hal Leonard’s Speed Mechanics for Drums 

Written by professional studio drummer Chris Moore and guitarist/music educator Troy Stetina, this book goes beyond technique to help you tap your inner creativity and discover your own original style. Part One addresses building speed and control, while Part Two looks at combining hands and feet. The final section of the book explores putting it all together, from grooving with speed to solo pieces and more. The book includes access to video online, for download or streaming, to help cement the instruction. Speed Mechanics for Drums retails for $19.99.

Kendor Debut Solos – Tuba, Beneath The Mask, Jim Bim Bop Shuffle, and Red Sky At Night

Designed for a first contest or recital performance, this grade 1-2 collection contains 14 pieces that have been carefully arranged by a specialist on that instrument. The free piano accompaniment files will be an invaluable tool for students. (Kendor Tuba Solo, $9.50 / Kendor Piano Accompaniment – Tuba, $13.50)

“Beneath The Mask” by Bob Washut is an even-eighth jazz waltz that features lead alto and guitar (or piano). The lead trumpet player is showcased with some soaring lyrical lines, and all trumpets double on flugelhorn. Duration 9:40. Kendor Jazz Summit Series, $56.00.

Written at the medium difficulty, this straight-ahead shuffle (“Jim Bim Bop Shuffle” by Doug Beach) features a hard driving groove that sets the tone for the blues based melody. The saxophone soli sets up an open solo section (written or ad lib), so there is plenty of space for your soloists. Duration 3:52. Doug Beach Threshold Series, $52.00.

This fast samba chart (“Red Sky At Night” by Les Sabina) for developing groups offers a smooth groove throughout, with a written or ad lib solo for trombone. Featuring Kendor Konvertible scoring for 9-17 players, each set includes a guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson and optional flute, clarinet, F horn, tuba, and vibes parts. Duration 3:10. Kendor Jazz Gateway Series, $48.00.

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