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GearCheck: March 2021

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckMarch 2021 • March 18, 2021

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Print & Digital

Eat Sleep Sing and Harmonic Warm-Ups from Alfred Music

Eat Sleep Sing is a practical guide to the benefits of singing through the exploration of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and ultimately life-changing benefits that singing can bring. Eat Sleep Sing has been created to encourage everyone to sing, from those who had never even considered singing but are interested in improving their mental and physical well-being, to beginner and amateur singers, right through to trained musicians and teachers. It includes simple practical exercises, a step-by-step warm-up guide, advice, illustrations which can be colored to support mindfulness, tongue-twisters to practice, as well as a mood-tracker to help monitor progress. There is no requirement to read music. Readers will learn how to discover the chemical responses to singing that reduce stress and encourage a good sleep, master exercises to gain stronger breath control and a happier mind, explore the myriad ways singing connects us to each other and the world around us, and unlock tips to boost confidence and keep memory sharp and agile. $19.95

Harmonic Warm-Ups will help choirs and vocal groups reinvent their routines with an innovative approach that leads the way to more meaningful and diversified warm-ups. Harmonic Warm-Ups is filled with uncomplicated melodies that are quickly learned, and then turned into multiple-part exercises by singing in canon or stacked parallels. An exemplary practice that invites developed groups to focus on higher listening and ensemble skills. Online access to MP3 demos of every exercise is included. $29.99


DOMINANT PRO from Thomastik-Infeld

50 Years ago, Thomastik-Infeld was the first string manufacturer in the world to successfully produce violin strings with a synthetic core of extremely fine nylon fibers. DOMINANT strings combined the qualities of outstanding steel strings (first-rate tuning stability and a high degree of resistance to bow pressure) with those of very good gut strings (low string tension and excellent modulation capability) and have remained the industry standard right through today.

Since 1970, the playing styles and ideas surrounding sound have been expanded. With increased regularity musicians asked for the development of an additional set similar to DOMINANT that expands upon the possibilities of the existing strings. Thomastik-Infeld answered this request with the launch of its latest string revolution: DOMINANT PRO. This new set (DP100) was not aimed to change the basic character of DOMINANT, but rather to offer an additional, contemporary repertoire of strings.

DOMINANT PRO is ideally suited for chamber musicians, soloists, and orchestra musicians alike. The set is available in medium tension and is also a superb match when combined with DOMINANT medium violin strings. DOMINANT PRO strings: are exceptionally powerful, offer a good balance of brilliance and warmth and a broad range of sound colors support the radiance of the instrument for the long term react immediately with a focused sound core produce a sound that fills the room with a bell-like tonal character have a high resistance to bow pressure have a high level of dynamics allowing the strings to be played very quietly or very loudly.

Warwick’s Distance Buffers

Warwick’s Distance Buffers are for use when opening the electronic compartments on the back of a guitar or a bass. These Distance Buffers feature a built-in spring that pushes the cover of the electronic compartment upwards when loosening the screws. The installation diameter is 5 mm / 0.19”. $5 each.

Fill n’ Finish from Gluboost

GluBoost Fill n’ Finish is a perfect option for pore filling. With far less odor than any of those messy brown pore fillers, Fill n’ Finish is easy to use and can be applied simply with just a squeegee. Your piece can go to the booth and be sprayed within 30 minutes of application. Fill n’ finish stays flexible, breathes with the wood, and provides superior lasting results.

15-Watt Howitzer Guitar Preamp/Amp from Electro-Harmonix

Electro-Harmonix announces a new ultra-compact 15-watt guitar preamp/amp with Volume, Gain, Bass, Mid and Treble controls plus a Bright switch and a built-in Effects Loop. Designed with extreme portability in mind, the 15Watt Howitzer can be mounted on a pedalboard or tucked away in a gig bag, and will work with any speaker cabinet rated at 8 or 16 ohms.

EHX’s Founder, Mike Matthews, said: “Dig it! The sandwich-sized 15Watt Howitzer is perfect as part of a compact guitar rig or backup. But the thing I dig the most, is the tone that emanates from the Howitzer. It’s super versatile and – depending on what kind of setup you’re running – fits into any style that’s your bag!”

The 15Watt Howitzer comes equipped with its own 24VDC/1.0A Power Supply and features a USA street price of $127.80.

The Phil Jones Bass PE-5 Pedal

The Phil Jones Bass PE-5 pedal is designed for bass guitar and upright bass. It incorporates a sophisticated 5 band EQ and also offers superior function as a Pre-Amp, Direct Box, and signal booster. The PE-5 is engineered with a unique switchable input impedance, which allows the pedal to match exactly to either a magnetic or piezo pickup. It achieves the full band spectrum for either pickup source. In addition, it is a signal booster which compensates for low output pickups and will also provide ample drive for any amplifier. The input level and gain controls are designed to precisely match the pickup output to an amplifier. The line output is strong enough to use directly into a power amplifier or a powered speaker. The PE5 can be powered by a standard 9-volt DC pedal adaptor or run on its own internal lithium-ion battery that is charged with a standard cell phone charger via its USB socket. The two foot switches provide a mute function and a true bypass. The rugged housing is constructed of die cast aluminum alloy made to deliver years of service.

The Analog Effects Collection from PreSonus

PreSonus has released five retro-inspired effects with the Analog Effects Collection. The collection includes Analog Delay, Analog Chorus, Red Light Distortion, Rotor, and Tricomp. Each effects plug-in in the collection represents the apex of PreSonus craftsmanship, from State-Space Modeled drive stages with inspiring sonic textures to their classic, vintage-inspired user interfaces. Formerly only available in Studio One® Professional and Artist, these plug-ins are now available via PreSonus Hub in VST3, AU, and AAX format.

Analog Delay is a classic emulation plug-in of an analog BBD delay known for its ability to create a warm delay sound that can range from subtle modulation to spirals down a psychedelic rabbit hole. It also features a State-Space Modeled Drive control to add analog grit to your sound for even more tonal sculpting.

Analog Chorus is a one- to three-voice chorus processor with optional LFO delay-time modulation and stereo-width control. It offers a wide range of effects, from subtle to extreme, with its roots in ‘70s-era analog guitar pedals and studio effects processors.

The Red Light Distortion is an analog-distortion emulator with six selectable distortion models plus two EQ controls, a Mix control, and independent Drive and Distortion controls to let you to design a unique, signature distortion.

Rotor is a rotary-speaker emulation plug-in that simulates the sound of a tube-powered amplifier with independently rotating high-mid horns and a bass woofer that excels at adding a sense of motion and unique tonal character. Each speaker’s rotation can be set to a range of speeds, with realistic braking and acceleration effects when changing speeds. State-Space Modeling technology provides authentic tube emulation for extra warmth and character.

Rounding out the collection is Tricomp, a three-band compressor plug-in with automatic threshold and ratio settings, plus a relative control for the low and high bands and switchable Attack and Release controls to finalize your mix or add brilliance or punch to frequency-rich signals.

$19.95 each, or available as a five plug-in collection bundle for $79.95.

Band & Orchestra

New Sizes of Yamaha’s YVN Model 3 Violin

The YVN Model 3 Violin family is comprised of the YVN Model 3 and the YVN Model 3 three-quarter and one-half size violins. Each provide students of all statures with a durable, well-crafted starter instrument for an exceptional playing experience. Among the innovations used to create the YVN Model 3 family is the proprietary graduated “press-formed” spruce top that offers exceptional resonance, as well as the patented three-layer construction of the tops and backs that uses just one-third the amount of wood previously consumed. These improvements allow the violins to sing with the rich tone of a graduated carved instrument while maintaining student-proof durability for renters, all at a family-friendly price for those ready to invest in a quality starter violin.

Computer-aided design makes the Model 3 family of violins easier to service than traditional string instruments. Each piece is as precise as the one before it, making it both faster and more cost-effective to keep the violin at peak performance – an important consideration in academic music programs. Includes a bow and sturdy-shaped ABS case.

Cases & Stands

Gator’s Utility Carts

Gator’s utility cart series includes two models: a standard model with non-pneumatic wheels and an All-Terrain model with rugged rear tires meant for travel over rough gravel, dirt, grass, and uneven ground. The new utility carts haul gear safely without the hassle, hold up to 500lbs, and are constructed of a rugged, welded steel frame. Constructed of a heavy-duty, welded steel frame, the carts will bear the abuse of multiple trips with a maximum load capacity of 500 lbs. Both carts feature no-flutter locking swivel casters and are specially designed to counteract cart wobble and prevent any unwanted noise. Engage the locking casters when on an incline to prevent your cargo from rolling away during loading and unloading. The carts easily adapt to a variety of needs with eight different configurations: Compact Dual-Handle, Extended Dual-Handle, Compact Single-Handle, Extended Single-Handle, Compact Collapsed, Extended Collapsed, Compact Upright, and Extended Upright.


Godin Montreal Premiere HT Trans White

Godin Guitars has announced the launch of the Montreal Premiere HT Trans White as part of its high-quality electric lineup. This is a vibrant and versatile guitar for jazz, blues, and rock players alike.

This guitar has an innovative and unique breathe-through carved core to enable the body to resonate like no other guitar in its class.

What makes this model really unique is our newly-developed acoustic-inspired finish, which lends itself perfectly to this semi-hollow body design. Because the finish is thinner and more organic in nature – like you would find on a good acoustic guitar – it breathes more freely and offers even more sonic properties to the Montreal Premiere HT.

While it is perfectly complemented by a classic Graph Tech ResoMax Hard-Tail bridge (‘HT’), this Montreal Premiere model really stands out with its distinctive Trans White finish.

It also has a Mahogany neck, which is complemented with a Rosewood fretboard for added roundness and warmth to the overall tone. The scale is 24.75” for easy bends and plenty of midrange, while the Canadian Wild Cherry semi-hollow body provides overall tonal balance with great sustain and clarity.

Speaking of great tone pairings, the Montreal Premiere HT Trans White comes equipped with a Seymour Duncan Jazz SH-2n in the neck position and a Godin Custom Humbucker at the bridge.

Godin’s long-standing reputation of quality and vision is put on display with this new model – built entirely in Canada.

$1,795 USD MAP price.

Chrissie Hynde and Joe Strummer Signature Models from Fender

Fender’s Chrissie Hynde Telecaster comes complete with an alder body finished in Faded Ice Blue Metallic RoadWorn lacquer; vintage-style ‘50s single-coil Tele pickups voiced to match Chrissie’s original set; a 6-stainless steel barrel saddle bridge; and much more in an incredibly faithful recreation of one of the world’s most iconic guitars, Hynde’s treasured ‘65 mode.

The Joe Strummer Campfire model is a small-body acoustic-electric guitar inspired by the legendary campfires that he held at Glastonbury Festival. Boasting a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides, the Campfire reflects Strummer’s legendary aesthetic with its matte black finish, nickel hardware and star inlays. Available March 2021.

Henna Dragon Ukuleles from Luna Guitars

Luna Guitars’ Henna Dragon Ukulele Series is available in three body sizes with varying tonal depths. These Henna Dragon Ukuleles have a laser-etched henna dragon design and a slotted headstock that’s reminiscent of a classical nylon-stringed guitar. Luna includes a built-in pre-amp to convey the warm tones of the all-mahogany body. The three body sizes offer different scale lengths: the 15-inch concert, the 17-inch tenor, and the 20.2” baritone. Each ukulele is built with an all-mahogany body that provides a vibrant, warm tone that varies in depth depending on the instrument’s size. The henna dragon design by UK henna artist Alex Morgan is delicately laser-etched onto the mahogany top, which has an open-pore natural finish that further improves the instrument’s resonance. Gig back included. Available in April, starting at $169.

Drums & Percussion

Zildjian K Sweet Series Now Available as Cymbal Pack

In response to customer demand, the Avedis Zildjian Company is pleased to announce its K Sweet series cymbals are now available in a new cymbal pack, offering 15″ Hi-Hats, 17” & 19” Crashes, and a 21” Ride.

Pushing the iconic Zildjian K sound in a new, sweet and responsive direction, these cymbals are great for all types of music. This full set up includes some of our favorite K Sweet models, including oversized 15” Hi-Hats, with a thin top and an extra heavy bottom offering a great wash without sacrificing a satisfying and solid “chick”. The 17” and 19” crashes are extra thin in weight for a fast response with unlathed bells that create nicely balanced high frequencies. The medium-thin weight 21” ride is thin enough to be crashable but with great stick definition and a clear bell tone.

“The response to the K Sweet Pack so far has been awesome,” says Andrew Tamulynas, Zildjian brand manager for Cymbals and Drumsticks. “We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from drummers on social media, as well as from retailers who voted the K Sweet Pack the best cymbal product of 2020. We’re so happy that everyone is as excited as we are about the new K Sweet pack!”

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