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Gear Check – May 2017

Jazzed Magazine • April/May 2017Gearcheck • May 1, 2017


Sprays from SoundSynergies

Sprays from SoundSynergies condition instruments in all major music categories against oxidation and corrosion. Different maintenance and conditioning formulas in the sprays prevent oxidation and remove dried oil deposits, grime, and contaminants that trap corrosive moisture on instruments. Because the formulas are hydrophobic, the spray also eliminates condensation and humidity, and prevents the growth of bacteria and mold. The non-toxic spray is both planet– and player–friendly, and will not damage sensitive components, plastics, cork, lacquer finishes or other wood surfaces. Instruments are ready to play within minutes after spraying.

Benny Greb Signature Sticks from Vic Firth

Vic Firth has collaborated with German drummer Benny Greb to make the The Perfect Pair drumsticks. Greb’s signature sticks feature a medium tapper that places the shoulder of the stick in an ideal spot for durability, and the sticks’ tips are teardrop-shaped to create a more focused symbol sound. The sticks are a similar diameter to a 5B from Vic Firth, and additional length is “borrowed” from the neck by moving the tip further up the stick.          


D’Addario Woodwinds Rebrands Plasticover Reeds

D’Addario Woodwinds has announced the rebranding of their Plasticover reeds to include the “by D’Addario” endorsement. These reeds feature a new synthetic coating formula to create cane and synthetic hybrid reeds with enhanced durability. Because these reeds are durable in different weather conditions, they are perfect for outdoor settings and marching bands. Plasticover by D’Addario reeds feature unprecedented consistency as a result of D’Addario’s state-of-the-art machinery and reed-making process that uses the latest reed-making technology.  With their unique and bright projecting tone, these reeds remain a favorite among jazz, pop, and rock musicians. The newly branded reeds are priced affordably for both students and educators.


AIM Gifts Color Changing Lamps

AIM Gifts has released a new line of 10 laser-etched acrylic, color changing 3D lamps. All 10 lamps are musical instrument-themed, including styles that feature piano hands, violin, trumpet, and saxophone. Each lamp is approximately 10” x 4.5”.

Print & Digital

Shape Beats for Kids, A Simple and Fun Approach to Learning Drums from Alfred Music

Alfred Music has released Shape Beats for Kids, A Simple and Fun Approach to Learning Drums by Tim Carman, a book for children in kindergarten and up. The book presents a simple and fun way to learn how to play drums for small children, complete with play-along examples for each chapter on an included CD. The book accounts for the fact that students may not be able to understand standard notation, and instead uses shapes to teach students basic drumming beats. Price: $15.99.

Hal Leonard’s Opera With a Touch of Jazz

Hal Leonard has released their new book Opera With a Touch of Jazz , the sequel to Classics With A Touch of Jazz, by Lee Evans. The new solo-piano book adds touches of jazz concepts to 18 classic. opera masterpieces.  Opera With A Touch Of Jazz also includes access to solo recordings of Evans playing the entire book’s contents. The recordings are available to be streamed or downloaded using a unique code printed inside the book.

Alfred Music Sing at First Sight Accessory Pack

Alfred Music has announced the release of the Sing at First Sight Accessory Pack. The new Sing at First Sight Accessory Pack includes 32  9” x 12” solfège and rhythm syllable posters for music class decoration and choir rehearsal. The full-color set of posters contains individual posters for all of the diatonic and chromatic Curwen hand signs (labeled with Kodaly solfège), as well as a dozen rhythm syllable posters (on common note values).

Alfred Music Hamilton Arrangement Books  

Alfred Music has released concert band, full orchestra, and choral arrangements from the musical Hamilton.

Jerry Brubaker has selected six songs from the Broadway show in the new concert band (level 3) and full orchestra (level 3.5) six-minute arrangements, including “You’ll Be Back,” “Helpless,” “My Shot,” “Dear Theodosia,” “It’s Quiet Uptown,” and “One Last Time.” Alfred Music has also released the nine-minute Hamilton: A Choral Medley, arranged by Lisa DeSpain, which is available in SATB and SAB voicings with coordinating SoundTrax CD.  Titles include “Alexander Hamilton,” “My Shot,”  “The Schuyler Sisters,”  “The Room Where It Happens,” “Helpless” and  “Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down).”

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