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GearCheck – August 2019

Jazzed Magazine • August/September 2019Gearcheck • August 28, 2019


Clevelander’s Symphonic Series Mallets

Clevelander’s Symphonic Series mallets are designed for college students, amateurs, and professionals alike. This series includes the well-known bamboo timpani mallets, and finely crafted keyboard mallets.

Chedeville’s Umbra Series Clarinet Barrels

The Chedeville Umbra Clarinet Barrels have been designed to give your clarinet sound more warmth, depth, and body, and also to provide better intonation and less resistance. The Chedeville Umbra Barrels are made entirely from the same proprietary “Chedeville Rubber” material that gives the beautiful warm sound to the Chedeville Clarinet and Saxophone mouthpieces. All the mouthpieces made from this proprietary hard rubber bear the “CHR” mark, as do the new Chedeville Umbra Clarinet Barrels. The Chedeville Umbra Barrel adds less weight to the overall playing experience when compared to the traditional barrel. They are available in 64mm, 65mm, 66mm, and 67mm lengths. MSRP: $199

EH Clarinet European Cut from Légère Reeds

Légère Reeds’ EH Clarinet European Cut incorporates all the qualities that make its bigger brother such an amazing reed to play. It was designed with the professional clarinetist in mind, and is a revolutionary improvement over the current Classic Cut EH reed. This will be the first reed to feature Légère’s new label printing technology. Strength and reed name will be printed directly onto the reed.

Print & Digital

The Jazz Rhythm Section from Rowman

The Jazz Rhythm Section introduces the basics of this very important part of the jazz ensemble. They are the foundation of any jazz group, so improving the rhythm section will result in a stronger sounding band. This book is intended to be a practical guide with chapters on each of the primary instruments in the rhythm section: bass, drums, piano and guitar. Key topics include equipment and setup issues and performance practice, including tips on constructing walking bass lines, learning voicings and comping rhythms and creating drummer’s setup fills. Additionally, there is a chapter on the rhythm section itself that details all of the inter-relationships, suggestions for count-offs and metronome exercises that will help improve your band. The Jazz Rhythm Section is intended for novice directors, but directors of all levels will benefit as well.

Tony Bennett – All Time Greatest Hits from Hal Leonard

Hal Leonard and Tony Bennett are coming together to bring Bennett’s biggest songs to the sheet music world with two editions of Tony Bennett – All Time Greatest Hits. Available for both Piano/Vocal/Guitar and Hal Leonard’s E-Z Play Today formats, Tony Bennett – All Time Greatest Hits features all of Bennett’s major classics from the 2011 album of the same name. Songs featured include: “The Best Is Yet to Come,” “Cheek to Cheek,” “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore,” “Everybody’s Talkin (Echoes),” “Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words),” “For Once in My Life,” “The Good Life,” “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” “I Wanna Be Around,” “It Had to Be You,” and more. More exciting books are planned for release soon, including the Tony Bennett Sheet Music Anthology, a PVG folio of 100 of Bennett’s top tunes. The PVG folio of Tony Bennett – All Time Greatest Hits is available for $17.99, while the E-Z Play Today folio is available for $14.99.

Cases & Stands

Hercules Plus Series

Hercules Stands’ new Plus Series features an upgraded AGS yoke designed to fit a wider range of instrument necks. They come with specially designed “N.I.N.A.” (Narrow Neck Instrument Adjustment) cuffs to ensure all instrument types are safely locked. In addition, the re-imagined footpad of Hercules PLUS Series Guitar Stands maximize friction to better prevent sliding, and the new “Instant Height Adjustment Clutch” allows for super quick, easy, and secure positioning.

Stringed Instruments

JH500 and JH600 Violins from RS Berkeley

Jascha Heifetz Violins from Meisel are authorized bench copies of the original violin of 1740 by Giuseppe Guarneri (del Gesu), which was obtained by Jascha Heifetz in 1922 and played by him for 65 years in concert and recording sessions. Jascha Heifetz Violins feature beautifully figured Bosnian maple for the backs, sides and necks, while the tops are made of straight grained European spruce. Two models are offered – JH500 and JH600.

Brass & Woodwind

Hunter’s 6403EB BH Clarinet

The 6403EB BH clarinet shares the same features as the Hunter 6403E – the Hunter 6403E has a durable plastic body, drop-forged, nickel-silver keys with inline jump side keys, and plays with very good sound and key action. The difference comes in the clarinet’s plateau (covered) keys that are specifically designed for the younger player-or anyone who may have difficulty covering the standard open-hole ring keys. The Hunter clarinet comes complete with a case, mouthpiece, cap and ligature, and care products.

Print & Digital

Excelcia Music Publishing’s First Band Music Release

Excelcia Music Publishing’s first band music release comprises 50 new and inspiring concert band pieces. The release includes pieces by well-known favorites, including Sean O’Loughlin, Carol Brittin Chambers, Larry Clark, and Carl Strommen.
These new releases offer educators high-quality choices ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced. Each score and its accompanying parts are set for ease of reading and include unique features to facilitate rehearsals.

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