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Gearcheck – August/September 2017

Jazzed Magazine • August/September 2017Gearcheck • September 5, 2017


Infiniti Hard Rubber Mouthpiece from Bari Woodwinds

These new hard rubber mouthpieces from Bari Woodwinds offer a broad sound and great projection with optimal control. The mouthpieces offer easy playing at the altissimo and lower ranges and are CNC machined from premium materials.

Steri-Spray from AWM

Steri-Spray from AWM is a no-rinse, fine mist mouthpiece cleaner and case freshener, designed to keep your band room germ-free. The spray is safe for use on all surfaces,  contains no dye or alcohol, and is made in the USA.  Steri-Spray is available in both 2 oz. and 8 oz. sizes.

Bill Evans Signature Mouthpiece Limited Edition

The Bill Evans Signature Mouthpiece is a gold-plated and hand-made saxophone mouthpiece made by saxophone legend Bill Evans. The mouthpiece is the only one Evans has used since he started his career in 1980 with Miles Davis.

FAXX Mouthpiece Cushions

These mouthpiece cushions are created to reduce mouthpiece wear and protect sensitive teeth while performing. The cushions provide easy application and removal with no residue and can be trimmed for a custom fit. Each cushion is .8mm and are available in both black and clear, and three different sizes.

GTA4500 Rechargeable Clip-On Tuner

The GTA4500 rechargeable clip-on tuner from TMP-Pro comes complete with a 410Hz -450Hz pitch range and +/- ,5 cents detection accuracy between AO (27.5Hz) – C8(4186.0Hz). The GTA45000 features chromatic tuning modes for guitar, bass, violin and ukulele, and a fully adjustable, four color high, contrast display. The tuner is compact, measuring up at 1.3” x 1.2” x 3.7,” yet supplies 5.5 hours of continuous use with the included 3.7V/110mAH power supply.

Rovner Proteus Rectangular Bore Clarinet Barrel

The new Proteus Rectangular Bore Clarinet Barrel from Rovner comes in sizes from 62 to 68 for optimal tuning. The rectangular bore improves intonation and allows players to rotate the barrel to help achieve the most dynamic response, and woodwind “doublers” will notice improved intonation, more even scales, increased clarity of throat tones, improved articulation and better altissimo. MSRP: $89.00

MasterTint from GluBoost

GluBoost has unveiled MasterTint, the company’s newest product designed to make colormatching easy without solvents. MasterTint offers ultra pure, high-quality hues for in-repair color matching and are available in three different collections – vintage (brown, yellow and amber), modern (red, yellow and blue), and black and white (three blacks and one white).   

Stagehand Drink Holder from String Swing

The new Stagehand Drink Holder from String Swing fits all microphone, music, and cymbal stands ranging from ½”-1” in diameter. The drink holder is ideal for holding cans, cups, bottles and more while performing onstage.

Select Jazz Tenor Mouthpiece from D’Addario Woodwinds

The Select Jazz Tenor Mouthpieces from D’Addario Woodwinds are milled from solid rod rubber using D’Addario’s precise computer-controlled mouthpiece-making technology. These mouthpieces capture the classic sound and response of vintage mouthpieces and are available in tip openings 6, 7, 8, 9, making them ideal for professional players or students.

Aria Forte from Aria Lights

Aria Lights, Inc. has released Aria Forte, a new rechargeable high-brightness LED music stand light with an 8-hour run-time for professionals. The stand also offers more than 36 hours of light on half-brightness, meaning that musicians can use it for multiple concerts and rehearsals without recharging.  The stand’s lithium polymer battery provides fast charging, and Forte can be plugged in or recharged via a USB port.

Power Groove Pure Nickel Line from S.I.T. Strings 

 The S.I.T. (Stay In Tune) Strings Company has expanded its Power Groove Pure Nickel line of electric guitar strings to include various hybrid sets and heavier sets. The two newest sets will include a Heavy Bottom .010-.052 and a heavier .012-.052 with a wound third string.  While these strings were originally designed  for vintage guitars, more players are starting to use them for modern guitars. More options, such as a 7-string set, will be available later this year.

Super Slinky Bass Guitar Strings from Ernie Ball

These bass guitar strings from Ernie Ball are tailored to fit short scale (~30”) basses. The strings offer a superior slinky feel and consist of  nickel-plated steel wrapped around a tin-plated high carbon steel core that complements all electric bass types and playing styles. Each set is packaged in an ultra-low humidity environment, and the strings are available in gauges .040, .060, .080 .100

Dry N’Glide from Graph Tech Guitar Labs

Dry N’Glide is a non-gritty hand talc for musicians who are playing in hot and humid conditions.  Users can smoothly apply the talc with a roller ball, preventing buildup on fret boards. The talc’s pH balances acidic hands, stopping instrument strings and hardware from corroding.

The Humidipak Restore Kit by D’Addario

The Humidipak Restore Kit by D’Addario uses Boveda’s patented two-way humidity control technology to add moisture at an accelerated rate. After the instrument and case reaches 45-55% relative humidity, players can use the company’s standard Humidipak. The Humidipak Restore Kit includes three packets – one for the headstock and two for the soundhole. Price: $41.80    

Titanium Bridge Pins from D’Addario Accessories

D’Addario Accessories has added the D’Addario Titanium Bridge Pins to their line of premium bridge and end pins. These titanium bridge pins provide a more rounded tone and increased sustain, and are a direct replacement upgrade for any acoustic guitar to enhance the overall appearance. Pins come in packs of six. MSRP: $109.95


New Loog Guitars

These new Loog guitars, which are designed for children three and older, come fully assembled and ready to play. Each guitar includes a new app that features video lessons, chord diagrams, a tuner, and a digital songbook with songs from artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, and Bruno Mars. They have a street price of $79. In addition, the Loog Pro is an upgraded version of the original Loog and uses a new pickup, a new all-maple neck, a new bridge and other enhancements that dramatically improve its sound, intonation, and playability. The Loog Pro is available in acoustic and electric models, which retail for $179 and $199, respectively.

Huntington Bass from Supro

The Huntington is a short-scale bass from Supro that combines the classic body shape of the early ‘60s Ozark model with passive electronics the Supro Pocket Bass of the same era. The Huntington bass comes in three models: the single pickup Huntington I model, the dual-pickup Huntington II model, and the three-pickup Huntington III model. All models have an optional piezo bridge and a choice of unique metallic and transparent colors over a choice of mahogany, swamp ash or alder tonewood for the bass body. The bass’ smooth maple neck boasts a black satin finish, and the bass’ gold foil pickups mimic the original “Clear-Tone” pickups from the vintage Supro Violin, Taurus and Pocket Bass models.

Yamaha BB Bass Series

The nine new Yamaha BB series basses offer better playability in smaller guitar bodies. The new models feature an Alder/Maple/Alder construction that puts maple at the center of the body for quicker sound transmission from the strings. The 6-bolt miter neck joint improves stability and increases the efficiency of vibration transmission to the bass’ body for a more resonant feel and tone, and the custom-wound pickups help to achieve higher output gain.

The new models also feature standard sized pickups for more convenient customization or replacement, a first for the BB series. Other small modifications to the series include contour changes and body weight reduction.

Cases and Stands

TKL Acoustic Guitar Cases

TKL Products Corp. offers a range of cases, including Concept MC and Zero-Gravity models. All of these models are designed to fit most every vintage and contemporary acoustic guitar on the market. The Concept series cases are perfect for collectors and professionals because of their Rigidlite exterior with a Cushion-Soft, Secure-Fit interior. TKL’s Secure-Fit process guarantees a perfect fit and the best protection for every guitar type and body style. The Zero-Gravity case proves to be lightweight but strong with a T-Cord 600 exterior and a reinforced core. The Cushion-Soft and Secure-Fit interior help to cradle instruments for the most well-traveled musicians and local troubadours. Both series come with a limited lifetime warranty.

BAM French Horn Case

The new French horn case from BAM features a three-layer structure with an AIREX core, making it lightweight and durable. Between the outer shell made of shock-resistant ABS and the interior lined with Panama velvet, this case offers maximum protection for instruments.  Dedicated compartments are molded to fit a mute and two mouthpieces. The case also includes a sheet music pocket and removable and washable inserts to protect against humidity.

Wind Wynder from Manhasset Stands

The Wind Wynder from Manhasset Stands holds music books, pages, or sheet music on a stand or with a hard music folder on a music stand. The design of the stand offers portability and ease of use in drafty conditions.  With two clips attaching on each side of the stand and a monofilament line, musicians can turn pages as normal, even when things get windy.  The stand comes with a velour pouch for storage.

Drums and Percussion

New Drumsticks from Promark by D’Addario

Promark by D’Addario has launched the Stephen Creighton Signature Stick. With the introduction of this new stick, Creighton will be added to the company’s percussion artist roster. The stick will be available in three finish options: standard lacquer, painted white, and ActiveGrip, Promark’s patented, heat-activated grip coating.

Promark by D’Addario has also released the new FireGrain line of drumsticks, a series of drumsticks that uses a heat-tempering process that transforms ordinary hickory drumsticks into durable precision tools.  These FireGrain sticks allow drummers to hit harder and play longer without any excess vibration and keeping with the original weight, balance, and feel.

Amplification and Effects

I.Q. Compressor from J. Rockett Audio Designs

The new I.Q. Compressor from J. Rockett Audio Designs is an EQ/Compressor with a pre-compression EQ that allows users to choose which frequencies they want to be compressed harder based on their respective gain setting. It features six band graphic EQ, volume and mix knobs, I/O jacks at the head of the pedal, 9V DC operation, and is about 4” x 2.50” in size. Street price: $229

Piano and Keyboard

Mobile Pianos from Artesia

Artesia has released new additions to their line of mobile pianos, including the PE-88 mobile ensemble, AM-1 semi-weighted, AM-3 hammer action, and A-61 61 key. Each model features an on-board stereo sound delivery systems, full connectivity with USB to Host/USB MIDI plus audio in, and audio out ports, as well as 3D sampled voices for players to use. Both semi-weighted and weighted hammer action models can power up via battery or the included power adapter, and all models come with a sustain pedal, music rack and various software bundles. 

Print and Digital

The Pat Metheny Real Book from Hal Leonard

Hal Leonard has teamed up with groundbreaking jazz artist Pat Metheny to release The Pat Metheny Real Book. The book includes 147 Metheny songs arranged for all C instruments, all of which were compiled and gig-tested by Metheny himself.

Song include “April Joy,” “Better Days Ahead,” “Bright Size Life,” “Farmer’s Trust,” “(Go) Get It,” “H & H,” “Have You Heard,” “Jaco,” “James,” “Lakes,” “Last Train Home,” “Midwestern Nights Dream,” “Phase Dance,” “Question & Answer,” “The Red One,” “So May It Secretly Begin,” “ Sueno Con Mexico,” “Uniquity Road,” “Unity Village,” and “Whittlin’.” Special features include a preface by Metheny and an easy-to-use spiral binding. The book is 270 pages and retails for $24.99.

The 11 Contracts That Every Artist, Producer, and Songwriter Should Know

Steve Gordon has released his new book, The 11 Contracts That Every Artist, Producer, and Songwriter Should Know to assist musicians with the legal aspects of the music business. Gordon is an entertainment attorney specializing in music, television, film, and video, and his new books aims to help artists understand binding agreements and negotiate favorable deals.

In the book, Gordon presents sample agreement and then explains the nuances of both the legal and business side of each arrangement. Subjects covered in the book include management agreements, indie label deals, sync licenses, producer agreements, music publishing deals, composer agreements, live performance contracts, music video production contracts, investment agreements, and business actions artists can take without an attorney.

Included with the purchase of the book is online access to videos of Steve Gordon discussing music clearances and licensing, as well as Gordon and attorney Bob Celestin analyzing management, artist, publishing, and producer agreements.

A Turkish Concerto for Trumpet from Schott Music

A Turkish Concerto for Trumpet from Schott Music is a concerto in three movements that includes parts for both C and BH trumpet. Written by Fazil Say, the concerto was inspired Say’s Turkish origins, which can be seen in the characteristic metrical shifts and Eastern-inspired harmonies.

New Releases from Alfred Music

Alfred Music has released the Copyright Handbook for Music Educators and Directors, a book detailing key aspects of copyright law that affect music educators and directors in the United States. This book was offers specific answers to the most common questions from educators and directors in an easy-to-find format.  Topics range from the use of audio, video, and print music and lyrics, to performance rights, composing and arrangement, and how to determine if a work is protected by copyright. A glossary of terms and index help to organize information and educate teachers. Price: $19.99.

In addition, Paul Wertico’s Turn the Beat Around, A Drummer’s Guide to Playing “Backbeats” on 1 & 3, a book that examines “backbeats” in a new light. The book provides drummers with innovative ways of expanding groove vocabulary, solidifying time, and mastering coordination and limb independence.  In the book, Wertico names these reversed beats frontbeats. Price: $19.99.

Alfred Music’s new release, The Professional Pianist: Classical Solos, is a collection of 40 piano masterworks in their original form. The book is the is the newest addition to the Professional Pianist Series from Alfred. The new book for late intermediate and early advanced pianists was edited by Albert Mendoza and includes only short pieces instead of flashy, concert-like pieces to make for better background music. Each piece has been carefully engraved for easy reading, and includes approximate performance time to use when planning events. Price: $19.99.

A Manual for the Modern Drummer from Berklee  Press

A Manual for the Modern Drummer by Alan Dawson and Don DeMicheal, originally published in 1962, helps players to learn jazz drums from one of the classic texts of jazz drumming. Students can learn approaches to timing, the importance of the ride cymbal and hi-hat, and extensive exercises for independence and for integration of hands and feet. The book also includes several articles about jazz styles and history by DownBeat magazine editor Don DeMicheal, and a series of his insights about the soloing styles of some of the jazz greats: Chick Webb, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Philly Joe Jones, Max Roach, Art Blakey, Jaki Byard, and others. Price: $14.99.

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