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GearCheck – January 2014

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckJanuary 2014 • January 6, 2014

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Sabian Safe and Sound Cymbal Cleaner 

Sabian’s Safe and Sound Cymbal Cleaner is specially formulated to effectively clean your cymbals while protecting their performance. This is a fully organic cleaner that is scent free, acid free, solvent free, and biodegradable.


Phaeton PHT FX-1100 Trumpet

The PHT FX-1100 was designed to achieve excellent balance, brilliance, articulation, tonal focus, and control. Phaeton’s patented multiple bracing system adds a dynamic dimension for personal fine tuning. The trumpet offers an exclusive innovation which includes three sets of interchangeable vertical braces machined from solid Bronze, Stainless Steel and  Brass. Rifle-drilled ports in both horizontal Phaeton style braces reduce weight while adding essential response in all registers.

The new solid brass “one piece” heavy mouthpiece receiver adds a new dimension of control and sustain. The trumpet includes a new large bore fast taper lead pipe which offers more dynamics.


Légère Reeds Signature BH Bass Clarinet Reed

On the heels of Legere’s BH Clarinet, Tenor, Alto and Soprano Signature reeds comes the BH Bass Clarinet Signature. The Bb Bass Clarinet Signature is a very responsive synthetic reed that performs in all registers with depth and color. Available and in stock now.


Dean Markley Signature Series Strings for Bass

The Signature Series utilizes a nickel plated steel, slowly wound over a hex core with a unique core-to-wrap ratio. The new series is available in an assortment of gauge sets for four and five string players. Nickel-plated steel provides highly magnetic tones by using a steel core and wrap. The wrap wire is electroplated with pure nickel.


Henry Heller 2” Guitar Straps

Henry Heller introduces their new 2” sublimation printed polyester guitar straps with original Henry Heller designs. All straps are adjustable to 66” and feature stitched microfiber ends with 21 new designs.  Available exclusively from OMG Music.


ReedGeek Tool for Woodwind Players

The ReedGeek “Universal” reed tool allows woodwind players to quickly and easily flatten the table of their reed as well as make adjustments to their sound and response. The tool is made from machined steel with an array of edges that allow for quick adjustments, including flattening the back of the reed as well as balancing the rails and thinning strategic places on the vamp of the reed.  ReedGeek can correct issues of moisture. It can be used on all sizes of single and double reeds, and has even been shown to be effective for use on certain synthetic reeds which may also need adjustments.


Sax Dakota XG Series

The new Dakota XG Type Alto and Tenor saxophones are available in two custom metallic finishes: Hand Rubbed Antique Bronze throughout or Matte Black Body with Silver Plate Bell/Bow/Neck contrasted with 18K Gold keys/key cups/key guards and trim. Both models reflect the original innovative design and specifications for all Dakota Saxophones. Features include oversized graduated bells (5.32” alto, 6.26” tenor), double key arms for all bell key cups, 77-percent copper content brass alloy, fast taper neck design, solid stainless steel key rods, low profile key cups and pads, tempered black oxide springs, and more.

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