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Gearcheck – March 2012

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckMarch 2012 • March 28, 2012

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Zildjian Renaissance and Bounce Ride K Constantinople Cymbals

The the 22” K Constantinople Renaissance Ride is a versatile instrument that works well in small to medium size musical settings. This cymbal features smoother lathing on both sides and a bell that is unlathed underneath, adding stick definition to the instrument. Three rows of over hammering and four large hammer clusters give it a dark spread with overtones and a bit of “trash.” The K Constantinople Renaissance Ride is medium-thin in weight.

The 20” K Constantinople Bounce Ride, a smaller version of the popular 22” model launched two years ago. Like the 22” model, that was developed in conjunction with Kenny Washington, the 20” Bounce Ride features traditional K Constantinople hammering and eight unique cluster hammer marks on top that add just enough “dirt” to the sound. The new 20” model has more pronounced lathing and tonal grooves to produce plenty of dark wash and sustain. The K Constantinople Bounce Ride is medium-thin in weight.

Graph Tech’s PrePlay Hand and Instrument Care Product

PrePlay is the first product in the new CHOPS line of professional hand care for musicians.

Acid from sweaty hands can attack an axe and deteriorate a guitar’s finish, shorten string life and eat away at precious hardware. PrePlay is formulated to balance skin pH on contact; thereby neutralizing the acid and protecting the instrument. The lubricating nature of this product also adds slide, glide and comfort feel to the neck.

PrePlay contains natural ingredients and oil extracts including sandalwood, lemongrass, black tea, mallow, clove, Irish moss, rosemary and chamomile. PrePlay has a fresh, clean citrus smell and is fast absorbing and non greasy. PrePlay comes in a 30ml pump action bottle that contains up to 200 uses.

Retail price: $19.95.

Tycoon Percussion Bata Drums

Tycoon Percussion recently introduced its new series of Bata Drums. Traditionally, Bata drums are used in ceremonial scenarios and are played in groups, where a “call and response” pattern is exchanged between the members. Constructed in Tycoon’s own factory in Thailand, these drums are made from the finest sustainably-harvested Siam Oak wood, and are individually hand-made and tested, promising only the highest sound quality and durability. Each individual drum also features a premium water buffalo skin head clasped on the drum by chrome colored hardware. The Bata drum is just one of the numerous authentic and top-quality traditional instruments offered at Tycoon Percussion. Available in 3 different sizes: 18.5” tall 22” tall, & 27” tall.

Anthem A-2500 Trumpet

The A-2500 trumpet features a .460 bore, a 4 7/8” hand-hammered brass bell, a red brass leadpipe, hand lapped stainless steel pistons, an adjustable 3rd valve ring, and a beautiful epoxy clear finish. The 7C mouthpiece is plated at Anderson plating in Elkhart, Ind. The A-2500 case has also been re-designed and features 4mm thick durable ABS plastic, with a plush interior and stackable rubber feet.

Crossover Pieces for Saxophone by Peter Lehel

This new book from Advance Music offers the saxophonist a most varied stylistic palette of concert pieces in combination with comprehensive and illustrative information on the structure of the compositions with regard to composition techniques, melody, harmony , and ideas for improvisation. Additionally, the book presents essential and creative exercises based on the individual pieces, which aim at improving the saxophone players’ performance and at helping them delve deeper into the secrets of music. Features include a playalong CD, creative exercises, explanatory notes on all the pieces with regard to melody, harmony, and rhythm, ideas for improvisation, and ideas for composing.

Pro-Mark Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez Signature Drumstick

The Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez Signature Drumstick is 16” long x .500 in diameter with a wood tip. The stick has a smaller, versatile tip that is perfect for jazz and fusion and is also great for pop or R&B. They’re designed with Hernandez in mind. The Grammy-winning drummer has performed with McCoy Tyner, Carlos Santana, Steve Winwood, and as part of Tito Puente’s “Tropi-Jazz” All Stars.

LP Egg Shaker Trio and Conga Shaker Trio

Each LP Egg Shaker Set and Conga Shaker set includes three shakers, featuring a different fill formulation that produces a different volume level. The white shaker is the softest and is ideal for acoustic studio applications. The blue shaker is a multi-purpose medium volume shaker that can be used in a variety of applications and the red shaker produces a particularly loud, coarse sound that is perfect for live performances.

The patented LP Egg Shaker Trio and Conga Shaker Trio are filled with non-toxic steel shot.

Retail price: $11.99 (egg shakers) and $14.99 (conga shakers).

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