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Gearcheck: March 2017

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckMarch 2017 • March 20, 2017

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Brass & Woodwind

S.E. Shires Commercial Jazz Trumpets

S.E. Shires has incorporated the best aspects of prized vintage horns with modern centering and intonation. This new line of commercial trumpets features the broadest bell taper which produces a wide variety of tone colors easily produced throughout the range of the instrument. Narrow bracing contributes to the instrument’s superlative response and ease of attack. Additionally, various bore options and an extra lightweight bell creates a very responsive horn with a large projecting sound. The three models include a .454 medium bore BH trumpet, a .462 large bore BH trumpet, and a .465 extra-large bore trumpet. Amazingly open and efficient, the sound is colorful and flexible with strong slotting in the upper register.

David Perrico Signature Fugelhorn from Phaeton

Trumpet virtuoso, David Perrico, collaborated on the design of the PHTF-LV 2900 Flugelhorn. The model is available in a brushed brass finish with bright matte brass contrasting trim. A hand-rubbed saddle brown all-leather gig bag comes included. Suggested retail: $2,450.

Dakota Saxophones SDA-XR 42 Alto and SDT-XR 52 Tenor

Dakota Saxophones SDA-XR 42 Alto and SDT-XR 52 Tenor are two new models designed to combine all the features of Dakota Saxophones XR and XG series.Features include a large 6.26 inch graduated tenor bell size, and a large 5.32 inch alto bell size with low profile key cups/pads, fast taper neck design, double key arms, and a triple position neckstrap ring on the tenor. The body/bow/bell are plated in a semi matte dark olive onyx finish over bronze alloy. The inside of the bell is a contrasting bright black onyx. All keys and trim are 100 percent raw bronze alloy with no lacquer finish. The necks of both models are finished in silver triple plate with hand engraving in the classic tradition of French artisans. Stainless steel long rods are designed to provide instant closure and rapid response.


Majestic Thin Shell Brass Snare

Brass, with its brilliant tone and sensitive warmth, is the new highlight of the Majestic Prophonic Series family of orchestral snare drums. Crafted entirely from 1mm brass, this incredibly responsive drum features the thinnest shell of its kind on the market today with a double beaded design for strength and a traditional orchestral metal drum look. The special fold-back of the formed bearing edge ensures shell integrity and the glancing snare bed is slightly deeper than most for optimum cable response. Extraordinarily sensitive in character, this drum speaks quickly and is a superb instrument for the pianissimo to mezzo-forte dynamic range. Appointments include the Majestic Prophonic Multi-Link throw off system, die cast hoops, a unique combination of 4 different cable types, Remo Fiberskyn Diplomat batter head and a Diplomat Hazy Resonant snare side head. And, as with every Majestic Prophonic Snare Drum, the acclaimed Majestic Prophonic Snare drum case is included at no extra charge. Brilliant tone and an extremely quick response make this brass shell Prophonic the go- to snare drum for any orchestral professional or ensemble. MSRP: $1,267

Gon Bops DDLR Tambourine and Shakers

Gon Bops DDLR tambourine and shakers are designed by percussionist Daniel de los Reyes − percussionist with three-time Grammy Award-winning Zac Brown Band − the DDLR tambourine and shakers offer a warm fresh sound with plenty of projection.  The DDLR tambourine was is designed with a full, thick sound and comfortable weight distribution. Offered in both single Stage Shaker and double Arena Shaker models, DDLR Shakers will cut through in any situation, offering rich sound quality to enhance any musical situation. Both have an earthy, distressed look.  

Vic Firth Modern Jazz Collection

Vic Firth Co. has released five prototype models; the MJC1, MJC2, MJC3, MJC4, and MJC5 branded as the Modern Jazz Collection. Each model is designed with unique characteristics. Artists included in the collaborative designs were Jeff Ballard, Greg Hutchinson, Joe McCarthy, and Lewis Nash.

Sabian Artisan Elite

Handcrafted at every step using elements of cymbal-making even the most traditional cymbal companies have abandoned, new Elite cymbals take Artisan deeper, darker, dirtier. Extensive multi-peen and high-density hammering is one of the factors that contribute to the Elite sound, resulting in tone that is lower-pitched and drier than other Artisan cymbals. Their unique lathing and flatter, lower profile bell also result in woody bell tone that is more integrated into the overall cymbal sound than other Artisan models. The lathing also delivers articulation that gets close to that of a raw cymbal, while allowing the cymbal to open up to a degree. Essentially it’s a blend of open tone from the lathed sections with dry articulation from the un-lathed. The feel is also softer – but just soft enough to allow the surface to absorb stick without over-absorbing energy. Artisan Elite are offered in 20” and 22” models, and 14” and 16” hats, in natural finish only.

Paiste Color Sound 900

Paiste Color Sound 900 series provide luminous translucent colors to preserve the natural appearance of grooves and hammer marks and present a vibrantly radiant appearance.

Color Sound 900 cymbals are based on the range of models in the concurrently launched 900 Series. While they feature substantially corresponding sound and function, the color coating causes a slightly drier sound, shortens the sustain a bit, and results in a more focused attack. The versatile medium weight segment is represented by 16”, 17”, 18”, 19”, 20” crashes, 20” and 22” rides as well as 14” hi-hat and 14” sound edge hi-hat. The powerful heavy weight segment features 16”, 17”, 18”, 19”, 20” heavy crashes, 20” and 22” heavy rides, a 24” mega ride as well as 14” and 15” heavy hi-hats. 10” and 12” splashes and 14”, 16”, 18” chinas round out the series with accent and effect cymbals.

Gon Bops Pandeiro

Gon Bops  8” Model Gon Bops Pandeiro introduces a new professional 8” Pandeiro, designed for maximum comfort during long-term playing. Like the current 10” model, the new Pandeiro is a warm, rich-sounding drum, with precise platinelas providing wonderful articulation and projection. With a custom Gon Bops Pandeiro head, the new instrument is designed to deliver rich open tones and a great slap sound. A dark wood finish, professional carrying bag with shoulder strap, and tuning key are all included.


JodyJazz SUPER JET Saxophone Mouthpieces

JodyJazz, Inc. recently announced the brand-new saxophone mouthpiece series named the SUPER JET. Building on the success of its popular JET Series, the all new SUPER JET is specifically designed for the “smooth jazz” player.

The new SUPER JET Saxophone mouthpiece series has been developed to offer an even brighter, bolder and more powerful mouthpiece than the original JET. It is constructed from virgin brass and is sterling silver plated. It features a new design that delivers a noticeably brighter and more focused sound. It will be available first in the Alto model.  It is available in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 tip opening and comes with a Rico H Ligature, cap and pouch. Price: $350.

Vandoren Releases V16 Reeds for Bari Sax

Vandoren now offers V16 reeds for baritone saxophone. As the thickest of the Vandoren jazz cuts, V16 reeds have been known for decades for a full, husky sound and strong attack for soprano, alto, and tenor saxophone. With the addition, jazz baritone players now have all the same jazz reed options as other saxophonists – V16, JAVA, JAVA Red, and ZZ reeds.

“Bari players have been asking for this for a long time,” said Michael Fenoglio, Vandoren product specialist. “Finding your own voice is an extremely important and personal pursuit for jazz musicians. Vandoren is committed to equipping musicians with everything they need to make that pursuit as seamless as possible. The V16 for bari is yet another step to that end.” V16 bari reeds are available in strengths 2-4.

D’Addario Accessories Chromatic Pedal Tuner

The D’Addario Chromatic Pedal Tuner features a reduce-sized, and light-weight design to preserve valuable space on a player’s pedal board and a vertical-sweeping LED pitch display for a clearer, more intuitive read. Its 32-bit chip has 4x the processing power of a standard headstock tuner for a fast and accurate readout, and it makes the display visually smoother for precise tuning. Additionally, the chromatic pedal tuner features True-Bypass, so when the pedal tuner is activated, it automatically cuts its output signal to eliminate noise during tuning and instrument changes. It has an MSRP $119.95 and will be available May 1.


Jazz Italian Style by Anna Harwell Celenza

With Jazz Italian Style: From its Origins in New Orleans to Fascist Italy and Sinatra (Cambridge University Press, $44.99), Anna Harwell Celenza examines the Italian influences on the development of American popular music. When jazz arrived in Italy at the conclusion of World War I, it quickly became part of the local music culture. In Italy, thanks to the gramophone and radio, many Italian listeners paid little attention to a performer’s national and ethnic identity. Nick LaRocca (Italian-American), Gorni Kramer (Italian), the Trio Lescano (Jewish-Dutch), and Louis Armstrong (African- American), to name a few, all found equal footing in the Italian soundscape. Italians made jazz their own and by the mid-1930s, a genre of jazz distinguishable from American varieties, supported by Mussolini began to flourish in Northern Italy, and led to an influence of Italian-American musicians.


NoteSpeed! is a hands-on program designed to help students learn how to read notes on a staff very quickly.  Organized into seven levels, it begins with the musical alphabet (primer level) and progresses all the way from Low C to High C (Level 6).  NoteSpeed! can be played individually or with two people for a fast, exciting, and competitive game.

Cases and Stands

Noteworthy Music Stands Collection from Manhasset

Manhasset Stands announced the new Noteworthy Music Stands Collection for 2017.  Noteworthy Music Stands are known for creating “Elegant Images for the Artist” combining great style and function.

“The Noteworthy Music Stands Collection from Manhasset Stands has a wonderful assortment of fourteen designs, from musical instruments, to more general musical symbols.  These fine quality music stands are crafted of heavy duty aluminum and are laser cut with designs ranging from baritone horns to violins,” according to Dan Roberts, Manhasset president and general manager.  “Noteworthy Music Stands are built using the famous Manhasset Symphony shaft with Magic Finger Clutch and Symphony base for outstanding stability.  The oversized desk designs provide even more space for reading music, too.  These beautiful music stands are designed to provide many years of dependable performance and aesthetic pleasure,” Roberts continues.

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