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Gearcheck: March 2019

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckMarch 2019 • March 14, 2019

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Print & Digital

New Books from Joel Rothman

Drumming Outside The Box and New Directions in Jazz & Rock Drumming are books for advanced students as well as professional players. Each book contains material that extends the bounds of drumming for jazz and rock playing.

Drumming Outside the Box represents a sea change in the way jazz and rock time is usually played. Instead of simply keeping a steady beat there’s a constant interplay between the cymbal and snare that brings a totally new sound and feel to the time.
New Directions, on the other hand, deals with a totally new way of playing breaks and solos. While the time signature remains in 4/4 throughout, the breaks are encased in quintuplets, sextuplets, and septuplets. Price: $19.95 each.

The Charlie Parker Omnibook Vol. 2 from Hal Leonard

The Charlie Parker Omnibook – Vol. 2 celebrates “the Bird” with an additional 60 incredible solos, building upon the first volume in Hal Leonard’s omnibook series.  This collection features an entirely new lineup of some of the greatest music from this bebop legend, including “Hot House,” “Mango Mangue,” “Oh, Lady Be Good!,” “Out of Nowhere,” “Salt Peanuts,” “Sweet Georgia Brown,” and more. Editions are available for EH, BH, and C instruments.

Brass & Woodwind

New XO Brass 1634 Trombone

This balanced lightweight .508” bore trombone from XO Brass follows in the footsteps of the 1632 model with a classic sound reminiscent of vintage instruments, with modern, innovative manufacturing techniques. Features include nickel outer slide tubes with rounded nickel silver crook, chromed inner slides, 24K gold-plated balance, and XO ultralight case.

New Trumpet from Conn-Selmer

Conn-Selmer’s C190SL229 Stradivarius C trumpet features a newly-designed #25 M leadpipe that provides stability of intonation and slotting of note, as well as a Vincent Bach “Symphonic Series” 1 ½ C mouthpiece, which is the most popular combination for a Bach C trumpet. The regular weight #229 yellow brass bell has focused projection with the ability to color the sound, and the two-piece valve casing offers better feedback to the player and more overtones in the sound. Includes a deluxe woodshell case.


ClariKlang from ReedGeek

ReedGeek’s newest Klangbogen is the ClariKlang. This resonance bow is the latest reed and bore stabilizer designed to fit all clarinets. The ClariKlang greatly increases the efficiency of their reed by stabilizing the energy transfer through the mouthpiece and barrel of the clarinet, and also promotes more correct playing by allowing the player’s embouchure to stay relaxed while fostering a more stable tongue-level position. Designed to fit traditional inverted two screw ligatures and select Rovner Models by attaching to the current ligature screw and positioned accordingly, the ClariKlang can also be used on bass clarinets with Selmer-style two-piece screw fixture tuning necks. Available in brass, silver and 24kt gold plate. $84.95-$120

New Mouthpieces from JodyJazz

The Chedeville RC Series saxophone mouthpieces feature a round chamber which creates a warm beautiful saxophone tone with excellent control and intonation. The medium length classic “Chedeville facing curve” produces a warm yet strong, full tone with playability that is unsurpassed. The Chedeville RC Series Saxophone Mouthpieces will be available in Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone models, in a comprehensive selection of tip openings. The MSRP for the new Chedeville RC Series Saxophone mouthpieces are Soprano $450, Alto $450, Tenor $475, and Baritone $495.

Mute Caddy

The Mute Caddy is for musicians who put their mutes on the ledge of their music stand or find themselves scrambling around the floor for their mutes during performances, recording sessions, or rehearsals. The Music Caddy holds mutes so musicians can access them easily, and is sturdy, attractive, easy to transport, and affordable.

New Strings from S.I.T.

S.I.T Strings has released multiple 6-string versions of their Foundations bass strings adding to the already popular Foundations bass line. The strings are available in both nickel and stainless-steel. The new strings include: Custom Light Nickel .030-.120 (FN630120L), Medium Light Nickel .030-.125 (FN630125L), Custom Light Stainless .030-.120 (FS630120L), and Medium Light Stainless: .030-.125 (FS630125L). $30.

New Mouthpieces from JJ Babbitt Company

The JJ Babbitt Company, Inc. celebrates its 100th anniversary by introducing the Otto Link FL (Florida) mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. This limited production mouthpiece has a sleek 24K gold plated finish and is available starting in 2019, the company’s centennial year. Craftsmen from JJ Babbitt then implemented a combination of minor adjustments in virtually every aspect of the mouthpiece to capture the unrivaled Otto Link sound.

Also new is the NY (New York) Meyer mouthpiece for alto saxophone. Players have requested this free-blowing Meyer mouthpiece with superb control and playability. The hard rubber NY model completes the Meyer line.

The TromboneBuddy

The TromboneBuddy trains muscle memory by introducing “magnetic position marks” to the slide. Students quickly develop accurate and consistent technique via the trainer, which is both ultra-light and easily clips on and off any trombone. Students feel where the slide positions are to directly program the arm’s muscle memory. Students can quickly and accurately learn the positions without having to un-learn the bad habit of watching the slide.  Since the trainer clips on and off in seconds, and is very light and doesn’t get in the way, there are a of myriad ways to incorporate it into a teaching program. To accommodate different trombones, each position location can easily be fine-tuned.

Fishman’s New Bass Pickups

Fishman’s new Soapbar multi-voice bass pickups bring the revolutionary multi-voice performance, dynamic range, and articulation of Fluence technology to 4-string and 5-string bassists. The initial Fluence Bass offering is the Soapbar, which is available packaged as individual pickups or in sets of two for 4-string and 5-string basses. Like all Fishman Fluence pickups, the Soapbar is multi-voice and can be powered by a standard 9V battery or an optional Fluence rechargeable battery pack. Fluence Soapbar bass pickups are available now at all Fishman Fluence dealers and as original equipment in the Schecter SLS Elite and SLS Evil Twin model basses. MSRP: $259.95

Electro-Harmonix Electric Guitar Strings

Electro-Harmonix electric guitar strings are custom-designed to EHX’s specifications and made in the USA by a premiere string manufacturer. Each wound string is precision wrapped with round nickel-plated steel onto a high carbon, hexagon-shaped steel core. The plain strings are made from the same high carbon steel as the hex cores. The high-quality steel and computer controlled winding process results in strings that intonate accurately, are better at staying in tune and vibrate evenly for maximum sustain.

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