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Gearcheck: October 2014

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckOctober/November 2014 • October 24, 2014

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Musician’s Accessory Tray from Grover Pro

The Musician’s Accessory TrayTM is made from industrial-grade closed-cell foam with a work area is 22.5 x 14”. Rails around the perimeter  that are 1” high prevent objects from rolling off the sides. The tray can instantly convert a music stand into a versatile table by securely sliding onto a standard music stand. Though it is specifically designed to fit the standard Manhasset Model 48 music stand, it will fit other tilting stands as well. 

Roland TD-1K V-Drums

The TD-1K features 15 ready-to-go drum kits for playing many styles. Unlike typical entry-level sets, the cymbals in the TD-1K incorporate the advanced expressiveness that is a hallmark of all V-Drums. The crash and ride include bow/edge sounds, support for cymbal chokes, and have a natural swinging motion when played. The hi-hat provides organic sound variation from tightly closed to fully open, and users can play heel splashes and other traditional techniques as well.

The TD-1 sound module includes a wealth of built-in functions to encourage learning and enhance practice sessions, including a metronome and Coach Mode. A variety of internal audio songs allow users to enjoy playing along with a complete band. Pad configurations for the TD-1K include a snare, three toms, crash and ride cymbals, and a hi-hat with an accompanying control pedal. The kick pedal’s all-in-one, beater-free design provides far quieter performance in the playing room than a traditional pad/pedal combo, an important benefit when playing at home. 


Alesis Pro X Hi Hat

The Pro X Hi Hat is a patented dual-cymbal hi-hat controller with true open, half open, closed, “chick”, and splash triggering capability. Designed to offer authentic hi-hat playability and trigger response with Alesis’ DM10, DM8, and DM Dock, Pro X HiHat mimics the movement, placement, and feel of an acoustic hihat with the flexibility of an electronic drum pad.

Sabian Fast Hat Pocket Cymbal Bags

With Sabian’s new Fast Hat Pocket, drummers can now transport their top hi-hat without removing the clutch, saving time and avoiding lost hi-hat clutches. The Fast Hat Pocket is available on Sabian’s new Fast 22 and Pro 22 cymbal bags. Both are designed for cymbals up to 22”. The Fast 22 is a backpack-style cymbal bag, while the Pro 22 includes wheels and an easy pull, retractable handle. A special dynamic padding system called Edge Protect is included.


Ibanez Scofield Signature JSM10

The JSM10’s semi-hollow Flamed Maple Body is enhanced by a five-piece maple/walnut neck, carefully shaped to John Scofield’s specs. The JSM10 comes with two Super 58 custom pickups and a Tri-Sound switch for the neck pickup that allows you to select humbucker in series (traditional), parallel (brighter, single coil type tone w/ lower output and hum cancellation) or coil-tapping for a single coil sound. Sure Grip III knobs provide non-slip functionality and an ART-1 bridge provides improved sustain and tuning stability. Includes hardshell case.


Mitchell Element Series Acoustic Guitars

Mitchell Guitars’ new Element Series combine feature solid spruce or red cedar tops with sapele or Indian rosewood bodies. Mitchell’s shifted, scalloped bracing enables each instrument’s top to breathe and resonate. High-ratio die-cast tuners keep tuning stable, while ebony keys and flame maple binding enhance the guitar’s appearance.

Element Series acoustic-electric models are outfitted with Fishman’s new INK preamps and electronics along with a built-in chromatic tuner for added convenience. The guitars are available in two combinations of premium woods: the ME1, ME1CE and ME1ACE feature striped sapele bodies with a solid spruce top, while the ME2CEC model is built with Indian rosewood back and sides and a solid red cedar top. The guitars are available in dreadnaught and auditorium styles, with some models featuring modified Venetian style cutaways.


Kala Thinline Guitars

Kala Thinline acoustic/electric guitars are six-string models available in both steel string and nylon string versions. Both are cutaway models that feature a Shadow SH Performer Pro Tuner NFX preamp with tuner and Nanoflex pickup. Kala originally offered a limited edition of the Thinline guitar series from 2008 to 2010.

Kala’s Thinline guitars offer a performance style cutaway design with a 2.75” body depth, a solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, gloss finish, and rosewood fingerboard. The Steel string model, KA-GTR-SMTS-E comes with Die-Cast chrome tuners while the Nylon String model, KA-GTR-SMTN-E, features Gold classical style tuners. Controls include Bass, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid, Treble, Phase Invert, Chromatic tuner with on/off switch.



VOX Limited Edition Two Tone Custom ACTV

Covered in a retro chic two-tone color scheme, this amp recreates one of VOX’s most coveted and short-lived designs for the AC Series, originally introduced in the 1960s. The classic reissued lineup consists of three models: 4W, 15W, and 30W. The VOX custom AVTV limited Two-Tone amplifiers are available in both blue/cream and maroon/cream two-tone vinyl covering for a limited time at select retailers.


Hughes & Kettner 30th-Anniversary NOS Limited Edition TubeMeisters

For Hughes & Kettner’s 30th anniversary, the company is producing a Limited Edition 30th-Anniversary Series of its groundbreaking TubeMeister range. The amps – which are set to be available as TubeMeister 18 Head and TubeMeister 36 Head models – all feature Soviet “New Old Stock” EL84 power tubes that were built long before Hughes & Kettner was founded.

The tubes comply with military-grade specifications for the aircraft industry (which require the highest levels of reliability and the strictest tolerances), and are built to last for a lifetime. According to K&K, they deliver noticeably more output than standard EL84s. As with all TubeMeister amps, the anniversary models feature Red Box DI output, a flexible Power Soak, and the trademark blue-lit logo.


Archon Amplifier from PRS Guitars

A new 50-watt version of PRS Guitars’ Archon Amplifier maintains the original 100-watt version’s lush gain and unique clean channel. With 50 watts (switchable to 25), the Archon 50 breaks up at a lower volume, resulting in a more classically driven tone than its predecessor. The added option of 6L6 or EL34 power tubes allows players to further personalize the tone and feel of the Archon 50/25. Now offered as a head or a 1×12 combo.


Fender ‘68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb

The ’68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb Amp pays tribute to the classic look, sound, and performance of Fender’s late-’60s “silver-face” amps. In a new twist, both channels boast reverb and tremolo, and the “custom” channel has a modified Bassman® tone stack that gives modern players greater tonal flexibility with pedals. The amp also features quicker gain onset and reduced negative feedback for greater touch sensitivity. The ’68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb also boasts a dual 10” Celestion® TEN 30 configuration and 35 watts of all-tube power.

Pedals & Effects


Boss RC-1 Loop Station

The RC-1 is designed as the entry-level model into Boss’s loop recording technology. Built to record loops and nothing else, and housed in the durable Boss compact pedal case, the stripped-down RC-1 is designed so record, overdub, play/stop, undo/redo, and clear operations are all accomplished with one integrated pedal, while the loop level is controlled with the panel’s single knob. The unique circular loop indicator features 24 multi-colored LEDs, providing instant feedback on the operation mode and cycle status of the current loop. The RC-1 offers high-quality sound with up to 12 full minutes of stereo recording time. The pedal can be powered with an optional PSA-series AC adapter or a single 9-volt battery, which offers up to 4.5 hours of operation.


The Aggressor from MOD Kits DIY

The Aggressor is high gain distortion pedal kit that delivers contemporary distortion. The distortion effect goes from subtle break up to over-the-top distortion at maximum gain. The Aggressor features true bypass, LED indicator and a versatile tone control with a scoop/bump switch that shifts the mid-frequency response. MODTM Kits and Assemblies are designed to give novice and experienced musicians the opportunity to build or modify their own amps, effects pedals and guitars. All effect pedals and amplifiers come with a pre-drilled enclosure and all necessary parts are included.


Electro-Harmonix Nano Looper 360 Pedal

The small NanoLooper 360 offers a total of 360 seconds of loop recording time, which can be divided into 11 different loops. With uncompressed audio, 24-bit A/D/A and a44.1kHz sample rate, the 360 Looper delivers high quality sound and unlimited overdubbing with no degradation in fidelity. The user interface, featuring two knobs, three LEDs and a single footswitch, offers intuitive control of functions such as recording a loop, overdubbing, undo-redo, and erasing a loop.


Decibel Eleven Dual Voltage Hot Stone Power Supplies

The Hot Stone™ Deluxe from Decibel Eleven™ features eight isolated and two split outputs for a total of 10 that can be used simultaneously. Two of the outputs are high-powered 400mA sections at 9V and 12VDC. This gives the user the capacity to feed high-current pedals like Eventide, Strymon, TC Electronic Nova, four-button Line 6 modelers and many others.

The Hot Stone SMD features six isolated outputs with a total of eight available outputs that can be used at the same time. The Hot Stone SMD also has two high-powered outputs, 400mA sections at 9V and 12VDC. 


TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini and PolyTune 2 Noir

The new PolyTune 2 Mini takes TC Electronic’s innovative polyphonic tuning technology and fits into the company’s recent “Mini” pedal enclosure. The pedal features an upgraded display with 109 ultra-bright LEDs and a new super-precise strobe tuner mode. The pedal offers a 0.1-cent tuning accuracy. PolyTune 2 Mini still features the original Chromatic Tuning Mode, while the MonoPoly technology automatically detects if you’re tuning one-string or several strings at the same time, Drop-D and Capo tunings, flat tunings, and True Bypass. The “Noir” model comes in black.

Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster

The Pickup Booster pedal returns with a few extra twists and a new look. With its Class A, low-noise circuit design, the Resonance Switch allows those with single-coils to flip a switch for a vintage humbucker sound or switch again for high-output humbucker tones. Compared to the original Pickup Booster the Gain control can now be turned down to unity (0dB), and includes a new discrete push-pull output stage. Each Pickup Booster is assembled in Santa Barbara, California and is True-Bypass.

Brass & Woodwinds


Selmer 400 Series Student Saxophones

The full rib design of the 400 Series makes for a deep, rich tone and provides a bit of resistance to help the student develop proper embouchure and breath-support. The double-bracing on the lower keys helps protect the keys from getting bent and helps ensure a proper seal from the pad. The 400 Series saxophones feature a rose brass neck and angled key-stack for the left hand pinky. Both models are available exclusively from local Conn-Selmer retailers and are not available on the Web.


Vandoren V-Neck Straps

Vandoren’s new V-Neck Straps are available in two varieties: the V-Neck and the V-Neck Deluxe. They are designed to distribute the weight of the instrument with no pressure points, no tension, and no strain on the neck, reducing pressure on the spine and the front of the neck, reducing pain, tension, and fatigue.

The “V” height adjuster allows for easy but stable adjustment and the plastic coated steel hook holds the instrument securely, protecting the hook ring, but still allowing for easy switching between saxes. Both styles of strap are available in three sizes (S, M/L, and XL) to accommodate players of all heights. The V-Neck Deluxe has a neck cushion made from shape memory foam, perforated microfiber to cool the neck, and a soft leather exterior.


Zonda Single and Double Horns

Zonda horn models comes standard in yellow brass with mechanical linkage. The Single has a medium bell throat and a rose brass lead pipe, while the Double has a large bell throat, yellow brass lead pipe, and features a Kruspe wrap. Horns ship with an ABS hardshell case, premium oils, and Zonda cleaning cloths. Retail: $1,435 (Single horn in F), $2,435 (Double horn in F/Bb).


Tascam DR-44WL Portable Recorder

The new Tascam DR-44WL is a 4-track recorder that includes WiFi for transport control, file transfer, and audio streaming to a smartphone or PC. New built-in stereo condenser microphones feature shockmounting and are mounted in a true XY pattern for perfect stereo imaging. A pair of XLR inputs is also available for 4-track recording, and all four feed an improved microphone preamp and AD/DA stage. A free app for iOS and Android devices controls the transport for remote recording start and stop. 

Galaxy Audio Any Spot Traveler Transmitters

Galaxy Audio has added two new transmitters to their Any Spot Traveler line. The AS-TVBPT is a Pendant Style Body Pack Microphone, while the AS-TVH2 is a Compact Condenser Handheld Microphone.

The AS-TVBPT can be worn around the neck and is frequency agile, offering 96 selectable channels & features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will carry a charge up to 16 hours. The AS-TVH2 Compact Condenser Handheld features a switchable “Push to Talk/Push to Mute” button, 96 selectable channels, & backlit LCD display. The AS-TVH2 runs on two AA batteries and will run for up to 16 hours.


Zoom iQ6

The compact and lightweight iQ6 turns any Lightning-equipped device into a field recorder. It features two unidirectional condenser microphones in an X/Y configuration _ the same elements used in the Zoom H4n Handy

Recorder _ and comes with an extended Lightning connector and removable spacer that allow it to be used with most iPhone, iPod, and iPad cases. The mic angles can be adjusted between 90 degrees for a tightly focused image to 120 degrees. Advanced features include an analog-type Mic Gain wheel for precision adjustment of input level, plus three-segment LED meters for visual monitoring and a dedicated headphone/line out jack. It can be used with most iOS apps that support audio input from an external microphone, including Zoom’s free Handy Recorder app, which adds editing capabilities and effects such as compression, EQ, and reverb while also enabling uploads to SoundCloud.


Korg AudioGate DS-DAC

Korg’s DS-DAC AudioGate USB Audio Playback system consists of Korg’s proprietary and recently upgraded AudioGate 3 software, plus a choice of the DS-DAC-100 or DS-DAC-100m hardware interfaces. Both are USB digital-to-analog converters that will allow any Windows (ASIO) or Mac (Core Audio) user to play back audio with the highest possible fidelity (DSD 2.8 MHz or 5.6 MHz).

With AudioGate software, the audio passes through without the hardware filtering or modulation present in other available D/A converters, thereby eliminating potential noise and distortion. In addition to a 1/4” stereo headphone output, XLR and gold-plated RCA outputs are included. Retail: $599.99 and $349.99.

Print & Digital


Volume 34 Jazz Ensemble and String Orchestra Music from Kendor

Volume 34 String Orchestra Music features 18 new pieces at the grade 1-4 level, many of which are available on SmartMusic. The Volume 34 Jazz Ensemble music features 16 new charts from Kendor Music and 15 new charts from Doug Beach Music, many of which are also available on SmartMusic. Free full-length recordings, sample full scores, and descriptions, as well as SoloMate recordings are all available at Kendor’s website.


Noteflight Music Notation from Hal Leonard

Hal Leonard has announced the release of two first-of-their-kind new software packages (a three-year and a five-year subscription) that will be available exclusively via music retailers. The two new software packages offer the full range of Noteflight music notation features as well as the unlimited score storage program on Noteflight’s Cloud. Noteflight’s music notation programs are completely cloud-based and device-agnostic, making it possible for users to create and access their musical scores from anywhere. The software includes a full-featured notation editor with orchestral sound library, MusicXML support and more.

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