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GearCheck – October 2015

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckOctober 2015 • October 27, 2015

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Theo Wanne New York Brothers Alto Sax Mouthpiece

The New York Brothers Alto Sax Mouthpiece has an ideally sculpted medium chamber and roll-over baffle. Designed by Theo Wanne himself, this mouthpiece incorporates the best features of every Meyer vintage, from the 1940s to present. This mouthpiece was manufactured with a special formulation of Harry Hartmann Fiberrod to sound and look just like vintage hard rubbed but does not discolor and smell like hard rubber when exposed to heat and the sun. ($295)

Cases, Bags & Stands


On-Stage Stands Microphone Stands

The MS9210 and MS9212 are the first round-base models added to the company’s expanding Professional Series. Both new models feature a low profile base, yet maintain no-compromise, heavy duty components suitable for professional theater, concert, and broadcast applications. With a 10”, 6-pound low profile base, the MS9210 is an excellent choice for any handheld microphone. Its steel shafts measure 7/8” and 5/8” in diameter like most common portable stands, but its heavy-duty mid-point clutch is robust. The clutch is designed to act as a brake on the upper shaft, even when loosened, preventing the shaft from crashing down while adjusting height. To aid with precise mic positioning, the upper shaft features an oversized knurled locking washer that keeps any attached mic clip exactly where desired. Connection of the lower shaft to the base is via a solid steal machined lug with M20 threading and locking washer. This course threading provides an excellent combination of fast assembly and secure connection, while extending thread wear far beyond fine-thread designs. Finally, superior stability is achieved thanks to a sleek, embossed base with shock-absorbing rubber pads.

The MS9212 shares the pro-level features found in the MS9210, but its 10-pound 12” base provides unmatched stability to handle the heaviest microphones and longest boom arms. The other major upgrade is its oversized shafts. With a lower shaft diameter of 1-3/8” and an upper shaft diameter of 7/8”, the MS9212 displays a sturdy and professional presence on stage and in the studio. A reducer at the top of the upper shaft makes the MS9212 compatible with all standard 5/8”-27 threaded mic clips and boom arms. Both models feature all-metal construction with no external plastic parts.



Tama Superstar Classic

All Superstar Classic features Tama’s signature thin maple shells, along with vintage style low-mass single lugs, and the sustain-enhancing Star-Mount tom mounting system. Triple-flange hoops allow for a more open, resonant sound from the toms and snare, while all-maple bass drum hoops help deliver robust, yet tight bottom-end.

The limited edition “Classic Rock” configuration (CK426RZSBOS) offers even more thunderous low-end, courtesy of a 26” bass drum. Unencumbered by any unnecessary hardware, the shell is free to resonate to its fullest. Two floor toms with fat, beefy tones, add a wider tonal spread, giving this kit an all-around sound that’s both big and powerful. Available exclusively in a Bright Orange Sparkle finish, this kit is as rugged and roadworthy as it is attractive.

Pianos & Keyboards


Roland E-A7 Expandable Arranger

Roland introduces the E-A7 Expandable Arranger, a fully featured, versatile arranger keyboard for musicians needing professional-grade sounds and authentic backing styles. Weighing in at just under 18 pounds, this self-contained, powerful, yet compact 61-note keyboard reduces the amount of equipment needed to play a successful gig. Packed with over 1,500 sounds spanning a variety of musical genres, the E-A7 also comes with an extensive library of backing styles from all over the world.

Further sound expansion is possible via WAV file import and an onboard sampling function that offers the ability to sample the sound of a traditional instrument and use it as part of a musical performance. Entire performances can even be recorded to USB memory, enabling musicians to evaluate their performance.

The E-A7’s sophisticated arranger engine is optimized for live use with over 150 dedicated controls for fast access to the most commonly used functions, resulting in simple operation and fewer mistakes on stage. With a dual-screen design, the E-A7 is highly intuitive to use; backing styles are on the left screen and sounds are shown on the right. This design contributes to a straightforward and stress-free performance. For vocalists, the E-A7 offers a microphone input and dedicated vocal effects bank, including an array of pro-quality reverbs and delays, all of which can be edited to suit personal taste.

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