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Gearcheck: October 2017

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckOctober 2017 • November 7, 2017

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Brass & Woodwind

New Instruments from Opus

The gold lacquer Compact/Mini Tuba in B flat (Model 972LR-B flat) from Opus Musical Instruments features a Cupronickel tuning pipe, a 304mm (12”) bell, a18.9-19.9mm (0.748”-0.787”) bore, and is 635mm (25”) long.  MSRP: $4,800.

The gold lacquer Marching Tuba (Model 952LR-M) features a cupronickel tuning pipe, a 482mm (19”) bell, a 17mm (0.67”) bore, and is 1092 mm (43”) long. MSRP: $1,800.

JP333 Rath Trombone

This step-up trombone is a collaboration between John Packer and the trombone guru Michael Rath that includes a .562 bore, 80:20 brass construction, double adjustable rotors and a JP pro case. From the original JP231Rath .525 bore straight tenor to the JP332ORath .547 F attachment, the quality mixed with the John Packer price point has enabled dealers and band directors throughout the US and the rest of the world to get students into a great horn at a great price point.


XO 1602S-LTR Lightweight BH Trumpet from KHS America

The XO 1602S-LTR lightweight BHtrumpet features a .460” medium-large bore size, a nickel-silver mouthpiece receiver, a reverse rose brass leadpipe, and yellow brass valve casings, balusters, and tuning slides. The 1602S-LTR is a lightweight instrument that projects a full, rich sound with low resistance that gives players another voice to express themselves in any musical setting.

The Las Vegas Model from Phaeton Trumpet

The PHT-LV 1200 Las Vegas model trumpet from Phaeton Trumpet features an exclusive ‘conical bore’ .460 at valve cluster to .470 beyond main tuning slide, and was designed by trumpet artist David Perrico. The trumpet also offers large heavy finger rings, advance taper lead pipe, monel pistons, and a heavy brass receiver, and comes with a custom designer case.                                                                                          


Power Grips from Dava

The Power Grips from Dava are the latest addition to the company’s line of guitar picks, which feature Dava’s exclusive rubber grip. The picks are made from delrin, making them thicker and more heavy-duty.  The picks come it packs of six and retail for $7.50.

Gaffers Tape from American Recorder Technologies

This gaffers tape from American Recorder Technologies offers heavy-duty, 12 mil vinyl-coated cloth tape that has been designed specifically for the entertainment and music industry, making it ideal for musicians, DJs, roadies, grips, lighting techs and audio techs. With the tape’s special natural rubber adhesive, the tape will not leave a residue once removed, and is also UV resistant and offers protection from abrasion and sharp edges. The tape is available in 50-yard, full-sized rolls and 8-yard mini rolls, as well as in seven different colors: black, white, gray, florescent green, florescent yellow, florescent orange and florescent pink.  Starting at $7.99.

The Mouthpiece Manager

Rovner has debuted The Mouthpiece Manager, a small stand made to hold up to 12 clarinet or sax mouthpieces of any size. Ideal for any instrument workshop table, the stand is hand washable and stackable when not in use. MSRP: $24.95. 

D’Addario Accessories Maintenance Kits

D’Addario Accessories has debuted tool kits available for guitar and bass maintenance and a general care & cleaning kit. D’Addario Tool Kits are the convenient way to keep your instrument maintenance gear in one portable location. Each case contains individual component compartments, pockets for extra strings (not included), and magnet to hold screws, nuts, washers, and other hardware pieces.

ReedGeek’s G4 ‘Black Diamond’

ReedGeek’s newest universal woodwind reed tools and saxophone sound stabilizers is the G4 “Black Diamond,” a tool for reed adjustment & maintenance on both natural and synthetic reeds, designed to help all woodwind easily players achieve better reed performance.     

Brass and Woodwind Care Kits from On-Stage

These Brass and Woodwind Care Kits contain everything students and professionals need for care and maintenance of their instrument. The BSK5600 and OBK5600, for bassoon and oboe respectively, come complete with key oil, duster brush, cork grease, cotton or hanky swabs and finish-specific polishing cloths. The BCK5600, for bass clarinet, features cork grease, key oil, polishing cloth, genuine chamois clarinet neck swab and rainbow body swab, while the FHK5600, for French horn, includes rotor oil, lacquer cloth, synthetic five-foot snake, mouthpiece brush, tuning slide grease, duster brush, and replacement rotor strings.

Fret Butter Fretboard Cleaner

Fret Butter is solution for stringed instrument fingerboards that hydrates the wood and removes grime and oxidation from frets in one simple application. The result is a clean hydrated fingerboard with shiny frets and a satin smooth finish protecting against sweat, acids, metal corrosion, and string abrasion. The Fret Butter cloth is an applicator and is used to apply the Fret Butter to the fingerboard and frets.

Touchtones from Sfarzo

Touchtones from Sfarzo are cryogenically tempered strings that have been manufactured using a high-quality core wire and strong wrap wire, making them perfectly wound strings. The core wire of the strings is cryogenically frozen below -320 degrees Fahrenheit before being slowly brought back up to room temperature, which changes the molecular structure of the string and eliminates most of the impurities. The result is a metal alloy wire that’s made for durability. Price: $18.

Print & Digital

New Publications from Meredith Music

String Instruments: Purchasing, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and More by Sandy Goldie informs readers on important subjects and skillsets that every musician needs to know. Different topics covered in the book include purchasing instruments, instrument accessories, maintenance, troubleshooting, sizing, set-up, and storing instruments.

Practicing with Purpose contains 50 easy-to-use techniques scientifically proven and field-tested to improve musical skills. It includes practice plans for every level with examples from the world’s greatest performers. It’s an indispensable resource to immediately increase musical proficiency.

Stan Getz – Omnibook from Hal Leonard

The latest installment from Hal Leonard Omnibooks offers musicians the chance to play the recordings of saxophonist Stan Getz.  This volume includes 54 Getz songs transcribed for all B-flat instruments, as well as helpful chord symbols, metronome markings, record information, and a biography of Getz.  Songs include: “All the Things You Are,” “Autumn Leaves,” “Billie’s Bounce (Bill’s Bounce),” “Blue Skies,” “Come Rain or Come Shine,” “Con Alma,”  “Desafinado,” “Funkallero,”  “Garota de Ipanema,”  “I Remember You,” “Night and Day,” “A Night in Tunisia,” “One Note Samba (Samba De Uma Nota So),” “Pennies from Heaven,” “Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado),” “Stella by Starlight,” “The Way You Look Tonight,”  “Where or When,”  “Yardbird Suite” and other tunes.

Drums & Percussion

Matthew Strauss Signature Sticks from Promark by D’Addario

Promark by D’Addario has released two signature sets of drumsticks by Matthew Strauss. The Matthew Strauss General Concert Stick features a long, arrow-shaped tip for enhanced surface contact with the drumhead and a full-bodied tone. The 3” taper and persimmon construction give this drumstick a nimble feel with ample rebound. Price: $27.

The Matthew Strauss Staccato Concert Stick features a small, injection-molded nylon disc tip that creates a bright tone and rhythmic clarity from the drum. Both the short front and rear tapers give a forward-balanced feel that propels the momentum of the stick. Price: $29.99.     

Naughty Saucer from Dream Cymbals

The Naughty Saucer is the newest addition to Dream Cymbals’ Re-FX Series. The 14” effect cymbal features a 5 3/4” hole in the center to provide two unique playing surfaces on any drum or cymbal it’s placed on. When used on a drum, the Naughty Saucer simulates the effect of a digital/electronically manipulated drum sound. When placed on a cymbal, it provides the drummer with an instant industrial stack effect. 

New Snare Drum from Majestic Percussion

The Prophonic 14×5 Brass Shell Snare Drum from Majestic Percussion is crafted entirely from 1mm brass, giving it a thin shell with a double beaded design for strength and a traditional look. Other features include the Majestic Prophonic Multi-Link throw off system, die cast hoops, a unique combination of 4 different cable types, Remo Fiberskyn Diplomat batter head, and a Diplomat Hazy Resonant snare side head.   

Cases & Stands

Black Belt Cases from TKL

TKL Cases has developed new models of its lightweight, strong and affordable Black Belt line of soft cases for “parlor” (¾ and ½) student-size guitars and ukuleles. These cases are affordably priced and feature TKL exclusives like a rugged T-Cord 600 exterior, Cushion-Soft lining, Cellulair protective padding, Providence Forge zippers, and a comfort-Grip Series I handle. Available models include  #4675 Traditional ¾-size guitar case, #4650 Traditional ½-size guitar case,  #4649-S Traditional Soprano Uke case,  #4649-C Traditional Concert Uke case, #4649-T Traditional Tenor Uke case, and #4649-B Traditional Baritone Uke case. In addition to these parlor guitar and ukulele models, the Black Belt series offers cases for all types of acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, resonator guitars, lap steel guitars, banjos and mandolins, plus many string, wind and percussion instruments. Prices start at $39.95.

The Hug Tuba Stand from Tuba Essentials

“The Hug” tuba stand from Tuba Essentials is a stand that can hold full size, 3/4 size tubas, euphoniums, and baritones. Made with steel tubing, the stand is adjustable to fit the player while sitting or standing, and promotes good posture while decreasing accidents. Because the stand helps players to overcome any physical challenges, it is ideal for elementary and middle school bands.  Price: $297.

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