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Gearcheck – September 2015

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckSeptember 2015 • September 1, 2015

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The Lee Oskar Quick Start Kit

Lee Oskar Harmonicas are geared for instrumentalists and singer/songwriters who can readily use the harp for making melodies, developing hook lines and overall, enhancing their musical variety and artistic expression. The kit includes four harmonicas in the following tunings: Major Diatonic (Key of C) – for Folk, Country, Blues, Rock, and Pop Music. Melody Maker (Key of G) – for R & B, Country, Reggae, Pop, Jazz, Latin, Afro, and Ska Music. Natural Minor (Key of Am) – for Minor Blues, Reggae, Ska, Latin, Funk, R & B, Hip-Hop Music. Harmonic Minor (Key of Am) – for Gypsy, Yiddish, Asian, East European, Tango, Reggae Music. These Kits come with a soft cloth pouch to hold the four harmonicas, a harmonica holder and a 16-page instructional booklet that is supported by the educational website.


Korg PitchCrow-G

Korg releases the new PitchCrow-G, a smaller, sleeker, and more accurate clip-on tuner that easily attaches to any headstock and is perfect for all skill levels. The guitar and bass modes, strong ball joint clip, full color LCD display, and 24 hour battery life provide for a streamlined tuning experience. For fine tuning in the studio or in a performance setting, the PitchCrow-G provides tuning accuracy of up to ±0.1 cents, eliminating even the slightest pitch discrepancy.  In addition to the conventional chromatic mode, there is also a dedicated guitar mode and bass mode. In each mode, the string number is shown beside the note name, allowing even the beginner to tune with ease.


Levy’s MSJ1

New from Levy’s, the MSJ1. Available in rust, brown and black. These, slim 1 ½” wide straps are made with a plush and supple suede top, with a ribbon of complementary jacquard weave fabric applique.


MusicNomad 3-Piece Guitar Care Pack 

The three-piece kit consists of a smaller bottle of their Guitar ONE (2 oz.), F-ONE Oil (1/2 oz.), and a 12” x 12” premium microfiber polishing cloth. Guitar ONE is an all-in-one spray that cleans, polishes, and protects guitar finishes. F-ONE is an all-natural combination of oils that cleans while it conditions the fretboard. It’s free of lemon oil and petroleum, so it won’t dry out the fretboard. The premium cloth polishes the guitar without the worry of scratching. It’s lint free and safe on all surfaces.

OMG Music Henry Heller David Hale Series

Henry Heller introduces the new Artist series featuring designs by David Hale, owner of Love Hawk Studio in Athens, Georgia. These 2” deluxe cotton guitar straps with garment leather ends have embroidered and screen-printed designs made by David exclusively for Henry Heller.


D’Addario All Natural Cork Grease and Reed Guard 

This premium cork grease is all-natural – made with a unique blend of natural and organic materials. It provides and retains ample, non-greasy lubrication to keep corks at their best and prevent them from breaking down. Ideal for professionals and students of all levels, the cork grease will be offered to dealers and distributors in multiples of 50, as well as special boxes of 12 that can function as a countertop point of purchase display. Consumers will be able to purchase individual tubes from their woodwinds accessories retailers.

To complement their reeds, including D’Addario’s new Reserve Saxophone and Tenor Saxophone reeds, D’Addario’s new Reed Guard is a stylish, effective way to keep reeds safe and secure. The new reed guards offer a convenient, affordable storage solution for students, educators, and artists. The grooved surfaces prevent reed warping, and the soft elastomer cover is designed to securely yet gently hold any assortment of BH and EH clarinet reeds or soprano and alto saxophone reeds. The reed guards hold four reeds and are available in black, red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. This product accompanies Rico Reed Guards, D’Addario’s current reed storage solutions, and can be ordered in single quantities.


Rovner Rectangular Bore Clarinet Barrel 

Rovner’s patented Rectangular Bore Clarinet Barrel offers a uniquely personalized playing experience for any clarinet player. Woodwind “doublers” will find it particularly supportive of their intonation when switching from saxophone to clarinet. Band directors, too, will find it a cost-effective means of providing greater ease of play by improving intonation for their students, who can adjust the barrel to suit their needs instead of struggling to make adjustments to themselves. Experienced players will notice increased clarity of throat tones, more even scales, better articulation and improved altissimo response. As players change their other equipment, the barrel can adjust to any new set-up with a simple rotation. The barrel is made of a durable, high-performance polymer that is stable in all weather conditions, making it ideal for any type of outdoor performance.  Available in sizes 64, 65 and 66 for optimal tuning. Price: $119


Rotosound Guitar & Bass Care Products

The range includes guitar polish, string lube and lemon oil, all of which are quick and easy to use.

  • Guitar Polish The polish is specially formulated to keep stringed instruments in tip-top condition. Its cleaning action reduces fingerprinting, streaking, dust and grime in seconds, restoring an instrument’s shine and luster. The polish continues to work after application protecting guitars and basses from dust build up, helping to keeping them in pristine condition.
  • String Cleaner Lube  This silicone based lubricant aids friction reduction as well as helping to prolong string life and the brightness of the string tone. Used correctly it can speed up playing, make sliding effortless and pull offs easier, as well as improve fretting accuracy. String cleaner lube can help make strings smoother, increasing fluidity of playing.
  • Lemon Oil  Lemon oil is a natural cleaner and conditioner that will keep the fret board of prized guitars and basses looking fresh and playing at their best. Made from the finest ingredients it helps remove dirt, grease, and wax build-up on instruments and combat the drying and cracking of the wood.

Hohner Red Dragon and White Cobra Tagged Harmonica 

Hohner’s newest harmonicas look strikingly different featuring brightly colored combs and patterns that were inspired by street art and skateboard decks. The Red Dragon and the White Cobra Tagged Harmonicas are available in the key of C, G, and A.

Cases & Bags

SKB Dual Layer GoPro Cases

All four GoPro cases feature camera pockets that will accommodate any generation of GoPro camera including the Hero 4 version. The single and dual cases have a single layer of foam that can hold additional batteries (any size) as well as accessories. The larger cases offer storage for additional cameras as well as a lower layer for accessory storage. The foam interiors are constructed with high-quality Stratocell foam with a contrasting red capped Cellu-Cushion polyethylene foam top. 

Drums & Percussion


Vic Firth Co. Steve Gadd Padd and Steve Gadd Signature Sticks

The Gadd Padd features a 3/16” thick black silicone rubber pad, mounted to a round 8” sturdy wooden base. This single sided pad features a non-skid rubber base and is decorated with the special commemorative 70th birthday logo. Built to Steve’s desired specifications, this pad travels easily for the player on the go. (#PADSG; MSRP = $60.05). Featuring a new and improved black finish and labeled with the special commemorative 70th birthday logo in eye-popping chrome, this classic barrel tip stick was the first Vic Firth signature stick and remains one of the world’s most popular models! Available in wood or nylon tip. (#SSG; L = 15 3/4”, Dia. = .550”; MSRP = $17.35. #SSGN; L = 15 3/4”, Dia. = .550”; MSRP = $17.85).


Manhasset Percussion Trap Table

The MANHASSET® Percussion Trap Tables feature large 14” x 18” tables with carpet padding included for quiet handling of percussive instruments. Three of the edges are raised to keep percussive instruments from rolling off of the table. Both models include the famous MANHASSET® shaft with Magic Finger Clutch to allow for easy height adjustment and dependable use.

The model #2200 MANHASSET® Percussion Trap Table has the standard Symphony base for excellent stability and performance and has a retail price of $162.95.

Pianos & Keyboard


Yamaha Clavinova CVP-700

The powerful, award-winning new lineup includes the CVP-701, CVP-705, CVP-709 and the CVP-709GP. At the heart of each model is Yamaha’s Real Grand Expression sound engine, which harmonizes the three key elements of sound, touch and pedals to provide the definitive, immersive experience of playing a real grand piano.

For the first time, the Yamaha CVP Series features the sampled sounds of two world class concert grand pianos—the Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial—further redefining the expressive capabilities and dynamic range for digital pianos today.

The CVP-701, CVP-705 and CVP-709 (MSRP range: $5,399 to $20,999) will be available in July in black walnut wood finish or polished ebony. The CVP-709GP (MSRP: $20,999) offers customers a 4-foot 6-inch baby grand cabinet with an enhanced sound system.



Fishman Fluence Modern 8-String Humbucker Pickup

Like all Fluence pickups, the new Modern Humbucker 8-String pickups have two voices. The Alnico version offers full, round, boosted, with articulation and dynamics in Voice 1, and a Fluence-exclusive crisp, clean and fluid tone in Voice 2. This combination makes the Modern Humbucker 8-String Alnico perfect for the bridge position. Voice 1 of the Ceramic 8-string model delivers the ideal ceramic active tone––crisp, searing, big yet tight. The modern passive attack of Voice 2 provides organic, high output, passive ceramic tone for exceptional distortion. This model is ideal for the neck position.

Fluence Modern HB, 8-String, Alnico, Black Plastic: $181.75 MSRP, $139.95 MAP. Fluence Modern HB, 8-String, Ceramic, Black Plastic: $181.75 MSRP, $139.95 MAP. Fluence Modern HB, 8-String, Set of 2, Black Plastic: $324.61 MSRP, $249.95 MAP

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