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Gearcheck – September 2018

Jazzed Magazine • August/September 2018Gearcheck • September 4, 2018

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Print & Digital

The Essence of the Blues from Alfred Music

The Essence of the Blues sheds light on one of the most important forms in 20th century music. From jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop, country, and other genres, the sound of the blues has had an enormous impact on modern music. Perfect for rehearsals or classroom, there are six instrumental books, transposed for alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, trombone, flute, and clarinet.

The Essence of the Blues contains 10 etudes focusing on various types of the blues, as well as an in-depth analysis of blues styles, vocabulary, and music theory. Each etude includes specific techniques used by some of the all-time best jazz/blues musicians, including Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, BB King, Stanley Turrentine, and others. All phrasing and articulation included, enabling the musician to precisely learn jazz style. Price: $24.95.

Hal Leonard’s George Benson – The Art of Jazz Guitar

The George Benson – The Art of Jazz Guitar book includes guitar tab and new, accurate transcriptions, along with 10 chapters and over 30 examples for students to follow while watching the corresponding video lessons. For video access, each book features a unique code giving students access to the videos via the Hal Leonard MyLibrary website. The videos are available to be streamed or downloaded directly to devices. Price: $19.99.

The Scale Syllabus from JazzBooks

The Scale Syllabus has become an iconic reference for jazz players, appearing in hundreds of publications over the years. This play-a-long provides practice tracks for each scale so that you can get the various sounds in your ears and under your fingers! Theory comes alive when you can actually hear the various sounds. As a bonus, David Liebman provides masterful examples of how each sound can be approached.

Cases & Stands

New Stands from On-Stage

Mighty yet maneuverable, the On-Stage SMC5000 holds 8-10 stands, turns on a dime and boasts a small footprint of 24.5” to 21.75” for easy storage and transport. Complete with high density EVA handle grips, an all but zero turn radius and treaded, non-slip wheels for formula one performance, the SMC5000’s black powder coat finish compliments performance spaces as effectively as its 80 lb. capacity moves the music.


Faxx Reeds

American Way Marketing has introduced a new line of Faxx synthetic double reeds. This synthetic Hybrid European Scrape reed is designed to be less resistant, allowing for ease of playability.  Available in strengths of medium soft, medium, and medium hard.

D’Addario Select Jazz Marble Mouthpiece

The D’Addario Select Jazz Marble Mouthpiece features a medium chamber and facing length, and is milled, not molded, from solid rod rubber using D’Addario’s precise computer-controlled mouthpiece-making technology. These limited-edition Select Jazz marble mouthpieces are for alto and tenor saxophone.

Dava’s Power Grips

Dava Power Grips are thicker and stiffer than Dava’s Grip Tip model, and have Dava’s proprietary rubber grip and distinctive look but now provide extra bite and attack for musicians who need a rock solid feel. Power Grips come in a choice of materials, including delrin, nylon, and poly-gels.

New Mouthpiece from JodyJazz

The JodyJazz Giant Tenor mouthpiece combines the outside shape and look of a hard rubber mouthpiece with the precision of hard anodized aluminum. The Giant was developed to offer a warm sounding, high-performance metal mouthpiece. A new facing curve results in smooth response with no dead spots and the large chamber (hand finished to ensure the absolute best quality) produces a warm, beautiful tenor sound. The Giant Tenor is free-blowing, but with a touch of resistance to allow for more individualized shaping of the sound. It produces an extraordinarily big, full, rich and timeless sound.

BG Franck Bichon’s New Cleaning Accessories

BG Franck Bichon’s new line of quality BG products for brass wind instruments include a full line of swabs and care products designed especially for all brass products including tuba, trombone and trumpet. All the new BG products show the same care and reliability you have come to expect from all BG products but are specifically designed for brass. The new line of products, including soft microfiber swabs, are all handcrafted in France.

Kyser’s New Accessories

Kyser instrument care products are now available as convenient disposable wipes packaged in individually sealed envelopes that won’t leak or dry out. The small 4”x3” sealed wipe envelope is just the right size to fit in your guitar case or gig bag and hit the road. Each product contains 10 sealed wipes that unfold to be 6”x9” and contain the perfect amount of liquid to keep your instrument looking and sounding great. String Cleaning (with a new and improved scent) will keep strings clean and fresh sounding, Polish will shine up any wooden instrument, and Lem-Oil will clean and condition fret boards and bridges.

A set of Kyser’s G4V Ultramodern Light Guitar Strings has gauges of .009 inch E string, .012 inch B string, .016 inch G string, .024 inch D string, .034 inch A string, and .044 inch low E string that are easy.  Street price: $7.

New Soaker Cups from Jones Double Reed Products

The new A210 Jones Soaker Cup utilizes the same plastic cup as the A110 (Soaker cup with orchestral music stand clip), yet offers a clip to hold the cup that is small enough to use with the small shaft folding music stand. This product is perfect for students attending camps, music festivals, private lessons, as well as at home where many students utilize the folding stands. Teachers and parents will be pleased with their students keeping their water cup off the floor where they often spill. Price: $14.49

The RockCare StringJet 64

The RockCare StringJet 64 improves the longevity of your strings and preserves their original tone. Perfectly suited for 6-string guitars and 4-string basses it can be used for any stringed instrument, acoustic or electric, with a max-distance of 57mm from highest to lowest string. Its soft micro fiber cleaning pads will rejuvenate your strings and clean them all around. The StringJet 64 can be used just on its own or together with any liquid string cleaning agent. Each StringJet 64 comes with two extra replacement cleaning pad sets.

Evans Dixson Bass Drum Lift

The Evans Dixson Bass Drum Lift is a simple yet effective tool for raising a bass drum off the floor, improving resonance and beater striking location. By lifting the drum off the floor with this product, and removing excessive clamping force on the hoop, it allows the bass drum to resonate more naturally, producing a better tone. It is designed to work with bass drums ranging in 16 – 24” in size.  By providing a 2-3” lift, the Bass Drum Lift improves resonance and provides the absolute best quality of sound to any bass drum.Price: $80

WP Organ Pedal Holster

The WP Organ Pedal Holster helps to mount a keyboard’s sustain pedal next to an organ’s bass pedals for players who use both during one performance. The pedal is ideal for gospel, pop, rock, blues, jazz and R&B players.

Promark’s Maple Drumsticks

Promark Drumsticks’ new maple drumsticks are a part of their Select Balance line. Compared with hickory, maple is a softer and lighter wood, allowing for a larger diameter drumstick without the added weight. These new models feature the Rebound design of Select Balance models – a long, 3” taper for optimized finesse and agility, but with the addition of a round tip for a bright, full tone that is articulate on drums and cymbals. Rebound 7A, 5A, 55A and 5B models will be available in both standard length (16”) and long versions (16 ½”) – $17.50 MSRP ($9.99 MAP). 

Beam B-01 Clip-On MetroTuner and Tone Generator

The Beam B-01 MetroTuner and Tone Generator is a multi-featured tuner, audible metronome, and five-octave tone generator. The tuner is calibrated for guitar, bass, violin, ukulele, and banjo and has large color display. The metronome speed can be varied from 30 to 280 beats per minute, has 8 rhythms and a volume control. It includes a USB rechargeable built-in battery and a unique magnetic swivel joint allowing it to be mounted by itself onto any ferrous music stand. 

New Colored Straps from BG Franck Bichon 

BG Franck Bichon has added red and white neck straps to their line of the conventional BG neck straps, while still maintaining the traditional black models. All of the straps are handcrafted by superb craftsmen in France.

Brass & Woodwind

   Sax Dakota’s New Tenor and Alto Saxophones

This new saxophone model combines all features a large 5.32” graduated bell size, “low profile” key cups/pads, “fast taper” neck design, and double key arms & triple position neck strap rings. The body/bow/bell are plated in a semi-matte black onyx finish over an exclusive bronze alloy. Inside of bell is bright black onyx. All keys/trim are 100 percent raw bronze alloy, and the neck is finished in brilliant silver plate with elaborate engraving.

New John Packer Sousaphone

The JP2057 sousaphone from John Packer can turn from a mellow bass instrument, to a roaring forward-facing monster, suitable to blast any bass line that is needed, whether in a marching band, traditional jazz band or early big band. The leadpipe is detachable, and is assembled from three separate parts, allowing the player to choose the most comfortable mouthpiece position. Available in silver and lacquer with a .687” bore and a 26” bell the JP2057 sousaphone comes complete with an ABS hard case and a JP mouthpiece.

Cases & Stands

Mono’s M80 Stealth Electric Bass Case

The M80 Stealth Electric Bass case from Mono was created to give bassists mobility. With its streamlined profile and comfort-focused features, this is perfect for the commuting gigger or bassist on shorter trips. The Stealth Electric Bass case is tailor-made for electric basses and will fit standard electric bass sizes such as Fender’s Bass VI, Deluxe Jaguar Bass, Jazz, Precision (P-bass) and Starcaster basses, as well as Carvin, G&L, Yamaha and Rickenbacker basses. The case features smart integrated storage, including a side laptop compartment and hidden pocket for quick access to valuable items, as well as ergonomic backpack straps and mesh padding to offer perfect support for your back. The M80 Stealth Electric Bass will retail for $199 and will be available this fall.

Jakob Winter’s French Horn Cases

These French Horn cases from Jakob Winter are lined with high quality black cotton velvet and are heavily padded for optimum protection. The cases also feature two carrying straps and a polystyrene insert.

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