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January 2009

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckJanuary 2009 • January 22, 2009

Six New Titles from Berklee PressSix New Titles from Berklee Press
Funk/RB Guitar provides exercises and licks in notes and tab covering the styles of Kool and the Gang, Prince, James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, Jimi Hendrix, Curtis Mayfield, and others. Guitarists will learn to play leads and build solos; use scales over funk/RB harmonies; create rhythm parts that support funk/RB grooves; and more. The included CD features demo and practice tracks played by the Thaddeus Hogarth Band.

In Eight Essentials of Drumming, Ron Savage helps musicians master vital fundamentals: Ergonomics; Pop/Rock/RB Grooves; Shuffles; Slow Grooves; African-Based Grooves; Jazz/Swing Grooves; Musicianship Skills; and Rudiments. His exercises and explanations will help drummers fulfill their essential roles of timekeeper, backbone and heartbeat, with rock-solid beats and sound technique.

In Berklee Jazz Piano, Ray Santisi reveals the pedagogy that has become core to the schools jazz piano curriculum. His unique blend of theory and application gives pianists a deep, practical understanding of how to play jazz, applying its concepts to standards and Rays own compositions. The accompanying practice CD illustrates these concepts, supporting beginning through advanced levels.

In Producing and Mixing Contemporary Jazz, producer/engineer/educator Dan Moretti leads readers step by step through the producing and mixing processes. They will learn how different techniques from mic placement to EQ help create authentic-sounding and inspiring jazz mixes. The accompanying DVD-ROM provides practice tracks and reference recordings to practice matching finished mixes in a wide variety of jazz styles.

Peter Spellmans second edition of The Self-Promoting Musician, educates readers about how to take charge of their musical careers with do-it-yourself strategies. He teaches in detail how to: write a business plan; create press kits; sharpen your business chops; use the Internet to promote your music; customize demos for maximum exposure; get music played on the radio; and more.

Mia Olsons Musicians Yoga, helps players become more focused for performance using yoga. She covers proper posture and movement. Meditation approaches, breathing techniques, and yoga postures are explored in detail with many photos throughout.

Jody Jazz Mouthpieces
Jody Jazz’ DV NY is said to be suitable for all styles of playing. The DV BASS, for bass saxophone, delivers ease of play and a deep dark warm tone. The DV BASS features a medium chamber with PHI proportions. Both new mouthpieces are manufactured with machines from Virgin Brass, are hand finished and plated in 24 karat gold.

Gretsch’s G-5000 Solid Series
For the first time in recent memory Gretsch will offer single-ply wood snare drums. Gretsch’s G-5000 Solid Series feature a single-ply, solid snare drum and are available in either solid maple or solid walnut. Each shell includes solid maple reinforcement hoops to ensure shell roundness, and shells are finished in clear Nitro Cellulose gloss lacquer. These snares include 30-degree bearing edges, die-cast hoops, 20-strand snare wires, and coated Permatone batter head with underside dot. All models are available in either Lightning or Dunnett throw-off and butt plate. Prices range from $1,740 to $1,875.

Pro-Mark’s New System Blue Sticks
The TXDC51W is made of American hickory. It is 16

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