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JBL Bags’ EON700 Transport & Storage Solutions

Christian Wissmuller • Gearcheck • November 19, 2021

JBL Bags is excited to announce the new JBL EON700 series covers and bags, following the much-anticipated release of the EON700 series Nov.16.

The JBL Bags series consists of slipcovers, tote bags and convertible covers for all the new EON700 models.  Whether you want to secure your speaker or conveniently take it on a quick trip, JBL Bags has you covered.

JBL Bags is the official provider for JBL Professional speaker transport and storage solutions. We provide premium bags, covers, cases and stands for most JBL Professional speakers in various levels of protection to protect and fit any traveling live sound need, including USA-made stackable flight cases.

“Keeping your gear protected for performance and storage is essential, so a lot of thought and detail went into the design of the EON700 series bags and covers, including the live-in feature of the covers to allow full access to controls while the cover is on,” said Rob McCoy, Product Management Director. “There was a lot of excitement about the new EON 700 series, and there is no better way to protect or transport them than our bags and covers.,”

The EON700 cover is constructed of black, water-resistant fabric with a soft padded interior to keep your speaker protected during transport and storage.

The tote bag creates easy accessibility for loading and unloading your JBL speaker with dual zippers at the top of the bag, making it the perfect accessory for your gig set-up.

When you’re in a hurry to your next event, the JBL Bags slipcover features a top handle cutout flap, which allows you to carry the speaker while it remains inside the cover, making it perfect for quick trips.

For added accessibility, JBL Bags created the convertible speaker slipcover. Simply unzip the sides, roll up the flap and attach it at the top via hook-and-loop connection strips to secure the cover. The convertible slipcover features an additional side cutout panel allowing for full functionality of the speaker while keeping it protected.

The JBL Bags EON700 Series offers high-quality solutions for anyone looking to protect their EON700 on the go and for storage when the speaker isn’t being used. Explore the series here.

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