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June / July 2007

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckJune 2007 • June 20, 2007

Death of a Bebop Wife from Cadence
A new publication by Cadence Jazz Books tells the compelling life story of pianist Al Haig, one of the jazz greats in the vanguard of the bebop revolution, written by Grange (Lady Haig) Rutan.

Over 15 years in the making, this is the “uncomfortable and often horrifying story” of a jazz life as researched and told by a wife who survived an experience that left many devastated, and, in one case, dead. In a narrative as unique as the subject itself, Grange (Haig) Rutan of Montclair, NJ, boldly tells all in a cathartic account of Al Haig’s life that is as unflinching as it is objective, leaving the reader able to experience from an omnipresent vantage point the humor, triumphs, tragedies, and the many sides and contradictions of Al Haig.With 544 pages including photos, full discography, and an index, Death of a Bebop Wife retails for $28 plus shipping.

Phaeton FX Trumpets
PLJA Music’s advanced Phaeton FX trumpets are designed to offer the finest mechanical and aesthetic design providing balance, brilliance, articulation plus tonal focus with absolute control.

The Phaeton FX trumpet offers a number of innovations developed by the manufacturer’s acoustical engineers, including three sets of interchangeable bracing machined from bronze, stainless steel and annealed brass. The player now has the option of fine tuning his or her instrument to suit personal taste and performing requirements. The beefed up one-piece mouthpiece receiver adds a new dimension of control at the point of critical tone production.

Rifle-drilled openings in both horizontal Phaeton style braces reduce weight while adding essential response in every register. A faster tapered lead pipe with a larger bore adds more dynamics when needed. Coupling this with a larger bell makes it impossible to over-blow this horn. Reversed tuning slides and lead pipe provide for smooth, uninterrupted airflow. A short piston stroke design provides speed.

The Phaeton FX trumpet is made of one-piece yellow brass with wire bead. Features include 128 mm bell size, 11.9 mm bore, 1.122 kgs weight, slides of yellow brass with inside-solid nickel silver, mouthpiece receiver machined of solid stock brass, bronze/barrel springs, Monel pistons with red brass ports, brush brass finish, weighted top/bottom caps, and finger buttons of solid brass.

Daisy Rock Sparkles
Daisy Rock has announced the addition of new Blue Sparkle and Silver Sparkle finishes to its Pixie Acoustic Guitar Series.

Daisy Rock’s Pixie Acoustic Guitar features a durable composite oval back body design with a spruce top, Grover tuners, and a 25

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