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March 2008

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckMarch 2008 • March 11, 2008

Yamaha’s “Vizzutti” Trumpet
Yamaha Corporation of America, Band Orchestral Division, introduces the YTR-9335VS Allen Vizzutti Signature Artist Model Trumpet in the key of Bb, developed by Yamaha trumpet artist Allen Vizzutti and Yamaha Artist Services, Inc. Band Orchestral Atelier Director Bob Malone.

Although similar to the YTR-9335NYS New York Artist Model trumpet, the new horn features a number of specialized design features, including brass valve stems and grey finger-button pearls. In addition, the third valve slide stop screw includes a solid screw head, which improves the instrument’s overall feel and response. Similarities to the YTR-9445CHS Chicago Artist Model trumpet include placement of the first valve slide brace, and third valve slide.

The YTR-9335VS was designed to make high-register playing on a classical trumpet design more efficient. Historically, classical trumpet designs tighten up or lose their intonation when played in the extreme high range, which hovers above the usual range of most classical compositions.

A special package of Allen Vizzutti CDs and Yamaha logowear will be available free to anyone who purchases a YTR-9335VS and sends in a rebate card through December 31, 2008. Currently available, the YTR-9335VS will retail for $4,500.

Washburn Guitars Announces New HM SeriesWashburn Guitars Announces New HM Series
Washburn Guitars has announced the addition of the HM Series to their line of electric guitars. The new line includes nine guitars with three different body types, designed from the ground up to be a synergistic dream guitar uniting the best of Parker and Washburn Guitars.

The HM Series from Washburn Guitars utilizes Parker Guitars carbon-glass technology to create an exceptionally fast fingerboard and neck. The stainless steel frets result in a smooth fingerboard to allow heavy metal players everywhere to enjoy an unparalleled playing experience.

The WV540, WM520 and WI550 are all made in the USA at Washburn’s Chicago-based U.S. Custom Shop and feature a mahogany body with a mahogany-set neck and Original Floyd Rose bridge. All three guitars come with Grover tuners, EMG pickups and the Buzz Feiten Tuning System.

The more affordable WV40, WV40V, WM24V, WM24, WI50 and WI50V feature the newly introduced Randall Amplifiers humbucking pickups, which have been specifically created to sonically match and strengthen the performance of any guitar amp tone. The engineers at Randall developed the humbucking pickups to further enhance the experience of playing a solid-body guitar in tandem with a premium amplifier.

The Touring Musician, Jazz Piano Handbook from Alfred
The Touring Musician, a new book by jazz pianist/author Hal Galper and Alfred Publishing, was written to help performers at all levels of experience to take control of their careers. Packed with practical information as well as amusing and enlightening anecdotes, this handbook is designed to guide musicians in applying sound business practices to band travel by evaluating assets; creating an action plan; researching, negotiating, and booking venues; arranging transportation and lodgings; managing personal and tour finances; and getting publicity.

Through this book, Hal Galper, an educator and professional pianist with a virtual Who’s Who of musicians, introduces readers to the successful career development and booking and tour techniques that he witnessed first-hand as a side man and that he later developed himself as a band leader, providing an inside look at the proven strategies used by some of the greatest names in music.

The Jazz Piano Handbook: essential jazz piano skills for all musicians by author Michele Weir was written to provide an understanding of chords and progressions, how to check lead sheets for accuracy, learn new tunes, arrange write, and become a better improviser. The book outlines a step-by-step process for learning basic jazz piano in six months.

Guitar Player Repair Guide
Dan Erlwine and Backbeat books have released the third edition of Erlwine’s Guitar Player Repair Guide, a step-by-step manual to maintaining and repairing electric and acoustic guitars and basses. Players learn how to set up a guitar and keep it in top form by mastering basic maintenance

This expanded third edition features an essential DVD; set-up specs of leading players; stronger coverage of guitar electronics, including pickups and wiring diagrams; and expanded coverage of acoustics.

Guitar EncycloMedia, Fretboard Facts from 12 Tone Music
12 Tone Music has published two new reference books by Mike Overly. Guitar EncycloMedia is an “encyclopedic volume of guitar knowledge that is presented in a methodical order.” This reference of guitar knowledge contains all the scales, modes, arpeggios and chords necessary to perform any song in any style. Guitar EncylcoMedia, which features 318 spiral-bound pages, retails for $44.95.

Guitar Fretboard Facts presents 38 guitar lessons designed to further illustrate and connect specific musical concepts that are presented in Guitar EncycloMedia. Guitar Fretboard Facts sells for $24.95

MCT-8L Clip-On Tuner from Meisel
Compact and convenient, the MCT-8L is small enough to fit into a pocket, but intelligent enough to distinguish between a single instrument and other noises in a room. By picking up vibrations, rather than sounds, the MCT-8L remains unaffected by ambient noise, but it measures only 1.75″ x 1.75″ x 0.5″ without clip or 2.2″ with clip.

Ideal for students and professionals alike, the MCT-8L can clip onto virtually any instrument.It features a tuning range of 12-note full range chromatic: A2-B7 and a standard pitch of 420-460Hz in 1-Hz steps. It’s also accurate within +/- 0.5%.

With a non-volatile memory, the MCT-8L preserves settings, making it easy

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