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March 2010

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckMarch 2010 • March 25, 2010

Bari Woodwind Synthetic Reeds

Bari Woodwind Supplies adds two new strengths, medium hard (3.5-4.0) and medium soft (2.5 -3.0), to its synthetic composite reed line. Bari synthetic reeds come in two varieties: Bari Original which projects a clear, vibrant sound and Bari Star, which translates a warm and dark sound. Both Star and Original are available for Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, and baritone saxophone. With the addition of the new strengths, Bari synthetic reeds are available in soft (2.0-2.5), medium soft (2.5 -3.0), medium (3.0-3.5), medium hard (3.5-4.0), and hard (4.0-4.5).

Super-Sensitive’s Clarity Spectrum Rosin

Super-Sensitive Musical String Co. introduces Clarity Spectrum, a colorful collection of its hypo-allergenic rosin, now available in red, pink, green, blue, and purple. Made from a synthetic hydrocarbon resin compound, Clarity is said to improve the performance of rosin producing better grab and clearer string response. Clarity Spectrum is non-corrosive to instrument varnish and can be safely used on all valued instruments. Also, unlike sap rosin, hydrophobic Clarity resists the absorption of moisture making it unaffected by humidity allowing it to keep its full tack and effectiveness of time. Clarity includes a five-inch micro fiber cloth for a cleaner application and is packaged inside a hard top container.

PianoDisc SilentDrive-HD

PianoDisc’s SilentDrive-HD features a faster processor and streamlined architecture that boost both velocity and timing accuracy. Increased internal memory capacity retains all settings and improves reliability and compatibility regardless of which PianoDisc player system is used. The new design is earth-friendly and eliminates the use of lead solder and other harmful substances.

Korg SP-170 Digital Piano

Korg is adding the SP-170 to its SP line of digital pianos. The SP-170 offers a streamlined design, revealing no visible controls and features a duo of concert grand piano sounds. Numerous velocity layers are used to capture nuances of playing dynamics, allowing the instrument to respond expressively to every touch. Eight additional sounds complete the palette of keyboard tones: Electric Piano (x2); Harpsichord; Clav; Vibraphone; Pipe Organ; Electric (Drawbar) Organ; and Strings. While the SP-170 never requires tuning, it offers adjustable tuning that can be matched to other instruments, and it can also be transposed into any musical key.

As with every Korg SP digital piano model, the SP-170 features a full 88-note piano-style keyboard – three touch curves match the key response to any playing style. The newly-developed, Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) reproduces the touch and graduated weight of acoustic piano keys, while keeping the unit’s weight down to 26 pounds. Completely self-contained, the SP-170 includes a built-in sound system with a pair of full-range oval speakers housed in an internal bass-reflex cabinet.

Dual headphone outputs allow for private practice plus parent/child or student/teacher use. These outputs also enable connection to recording equipment or an external amplifier. A matching music rest and sustain pedal are both included, and an optional color-matched stand is available. The SP-170 can be used as the master keyboard (input device) for computer music software via the MIDI output. The power switch and volume knob are located on the back panel; all other operations are quickly performed using the keyboard itself. The SP-170 is available in two colors, black and soft white. It will be available April 2010 with a retail price of $600. An optional matching stand will also be available with a retail price of $125.00.

VocoPro’s V-BANK

The V-BANK from VocoPro is a dual deck multi-format DVD/hard drive system with DVD/AVI/MP3 ripper. The V-BANK features two 500GB hard drives, dual USB drive and SD card inputs, digital key control, pitch control, and media ripping capability. This unit builds on VocoPro’s Media Jukebox technology to create a massive media vault to store and play a digital library of music and video. With disc ripping capability, you can copy any non-copy protected CD, DVD, or DivX discs that you own to the on-board hard drives.

Anvil and Calzone Cases

The flagship of Calzone Cases’ iSeries is the Universal Electric Guitar case that fits a wide variety of instruments, including the Fender Stratocaster, and Telecaster, Gibson SG and Paul Reed Smith models. Calzone also introduced a new domestic dealer package designed to offer greater GPM on dozens of iSeries cases.

Designed in conjunction with music veteran Jim Messina, Anvil’s new Light Flight cases are designed to beat airline overage costs by weighing less than 50 pounds with instrument

Neotech’s Trombone Grip

The Trombone Grip from Neotech is designed to be adjusted to fit both the instrument and the musician’s hand, to provide comfort, balance, and support while playing.

In order to achieve a custom fit for any style/size of trombone, Neotech’s Trombone Grip comes with three types of wraps (bushings) along with several neoprene shims to create a platform for the hand grip to snap on. Once the correct bushing type is selected and firmly attached, the hand grip is quickly affixed. It can be adjusted forward and back as well as at a slight angle.

The grip incorporates a soft, durable neoprene strap which closes securely across the back of the hand. It allows for a full range of movement, while keeping a secure hold on the instrument. While the custom-fit bushing remains on the instrument, the grip portion can be removed for storing and transporting the instrument.

Grover’s New G3 Concert Snare

Grover Pro’s G3 Concert Snare Drum features 10-ply maple shells, the choice of six hand-rubbed lacquer finishes, chrome plated tube lugs, steel or die cast rims, the new Grover G3 triple strainer, and four types of snares: black coated cable, uncoated steel cable, high carbon spiral snares and an extra set of gold coated cables. The G3 snares are currently manufactured in both 5.5″ x 14″ and 6.5″ x 14″ sizes. Price ranges are $ 850 – $ 975.

AcoustiCoil Inserts

Each model of the AcoustiCoil instrumental insert adjusts to fit varying bore sizes. A spring fit assures that it will stay securely in place and it is easily installed and removed from the instrument. AcoustiCoil instrumental bore inserts are said to help improve student’s instrumental articulation, intonation, dynamics, endurance, and range. Models are now available for brass, woodwinds, and saxophones.

Dream Cymbals’ Pang Series

The Dream Pang Series is designed to blend elements of a traditional china type, with that of a vintage style swish. The Pang Series cymbals are offered in the following sizes “10, “16, “18, “20, and “22. With three distinct playing surfaces and two mounting directions, the Pang Series provides versatility in percussion.

Superscope 400 Series of Digital Recording Systems

Superscope’s PSD410 and PSD450 400 Series of professional music practice and digital recording systems are portable SD Card and HDD audio recorders that can record MP3 files or WAV files using 16 or 24 bit. The USB interface allows for easy transfer of files to a computer or onto a USB storage device. The PSD410 is a SD Card recorder and the PSD450 features a 40GB hard drive and a CD burner for creating audio CDs and custom play lists. Both models are portable and can be battery operated.

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