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May 2010

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckMay 2010 • May 13, 2010

Alfred’s Meet the Great Jazz Legends

Alfred Publishing has re-released Meet the Great Jazz Legends, now available with a CD addition and lesson workbook. Dr. Ronald McCurdy illuminates stories about the lives, times, and music of great jazz musicians spanning the entire twentieth century, from early New Orleans jazz through the Golden Age of Swing plus the avant-garde and jazz fusion eras.

Lessons include biographies of jazz greats such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Dave Brubeck, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Herbie Hancock, and more. A new CD addition allows students to listen to examples of recordings. For use in the classroom, the book is also available with reproducible activity sheets that reinforce the information in each chapter.

Meet the Great Jazz Legends is available in the following packages: as a 72-page book and CD package for $26.95, book only for $14.95, CD only for $14.95, reproducible activity sheets for $12.95, book and activity sheets for $21.95, and a deluxe classroom kit with all components for $39.95.

Frederick Harris’ Flute Piano Series

Overtones: A Comprehensive Flute Series books are a progressive series from preparatory to advanced levels. CD recordings for repertoire and studies are included with the purchase of each book. Fundamental technique and standard orchestral excerpts support auditions and exams.

Pattern Play for piano is a four-book series that explores improvisation in classical, jazz, blues, world, and popular styles. Pattern Play integrates technique and helps to build an understanding of theory.

Planet Waves’ ProTune ProTempo for iPhone

Planet Waves has launched two apps for iPhone iPod Touch users: the ProTune tuner application and the ProTempo metronome application. Planet Waves ProTune app turns the iPhone or iPod Touch into a portable instrument tuner. Dedicated modes for guitar, bass, violin, banjo, and other stringed instruments offer the reliable pitch measurement on any handheld platform. Whether using the iPhone’s built-in microphone, an external mic, or connecting your instrument directly to the iPhone, you can choose from three interfaces Strobe, Needle or Digital and watch as ProTune locks onto the pitch of each note in real time.

The ProTempo metronome app features the touch-screen tap feature to select a basic click-based tempo instantly or create and save your own customized rhythm patterns using ProTempos controls. Users can choose from a set of sound samples that can be assigned and balanced within a single pattern and adjust parameters including meter, accents, subdivisions, and more.

Superscope 400 Series of Digital Recording Systems

Superscope’s PSD410 and PSD450 400 Series of professional music practice and digital recording systems are portable SD Card and HDD audio recorders that can record MP3 files or WAV files using 16 or 24 bit. The USB interface allows for easy transfer of files to a computer or onto a USB storage device. The PSD410 is a SD Card recorder and the PSD450 features a 40GB hard drive and a CD burner for creating audio CDs and custom play lists. Both models are portable and can be battery operated.

Peace’s Practice Pad Toy Percussion Rack

Peace Musical’s A14 practice pad features an eight inch pad made of silica gel that has a digital metronome with LCD display and speaker plus headphone output, all built into the housing. Players can set a tempo from 30 to 248 bpm, and up to nine beats per measure are selectable, as well as six different subdivisions of the beat. The A14 is tabletop ready with rubber shocks on its underside for feet, and it’s also available together with adjustable stand, designated as the TR-8. Additionally, new 6″ and 8″ rebound mats are available in either rubber or silica gel. These four new products are also available as traditional, stand-mountable pads in a hard plastic housing. The 6″ pads, with either rubber or silica gel surface, are also offered in a package with adjustable stand. Conversely, 8″ variants are offered in a package that includes adjustable stand, stick bag, and a pair of sticks.

Ambika Tenor Mouthpiece from Theo Wanne

The Ambika Tenor mouthpiece by Theo Wanne is now available in hard rubber, using the same hard rubber recipes and manufacturing techniques which were used during the 1940s and 1950s. This new version of the Ambika Tenor mouthpiece is said to provide a rich sound with plenty of projection.

Andy Snitzer Endorses RS Berkeley Saxophones

RS Berkeley has signed saxophonist Andy Snitzer as their newest artist endorser.

Andy has performed and recorded with artists such as Eric Clapton, Beck, Aretha Franklin, and Dr. John. As a member of the Rolling Stones’ Voodoo Lounge and Bridges to Babylon world tours, Andy has performed worldwide in over 40 countries. Andy is currently playing in Paul Simon’s touring band.

BOSS’ BR-800 Digital Recorder

BOSS’ BR-800, a battery-powered studio to go, features a new design that includes touch-sensor switches and SD-card recording media. Up to four tracks can be recorded or eight tracks played back simultaneously, plus an additional stereo track dedicated to the built-in rhythm generator.

The recorder offers beginners an EZ Recording mode that interactively guides the user through the recording process. Other features include the Retry function, which re-cues automatically to fix mistakes, and Song Sketch recording for instant, one-touch capture. There’s also a built-in stereo condenser microphone, plus a DR-880-quality rhythm generator for adding drum and percussion tracks to songs.

Many of the effects are derived from BOSS’ flagship processors, including vocal effects from the VE-20, COSM guitar/bass effects from the GT-10 series, and modeled acoustic-guitar body effects from the AP-1 preamp. Connected to a PC, the BR-800 will function as an USB audio interface for recordings that utilize the internal effects. The BR-800 can also function as a control surface for DAW software. The retail price is $525.

Audix Podium Mics

The Audix MG12, MG15, and MG18 are professional miniature gooseneck condenser microphones, modeled after the MicrosT Series. MG series goosenecks are designed for applications such as podium, presentation, meetings, and teleconferencing. With a wide frequency range of 60 Hz – 19 kHz, the MG12/15/18 are said to provide natural sound with exceptional transient response.

The MG gooseneck system is equipped with a dual preamp circuitry: one circuit located in the capsule housing for condenser operation and the preamp circuit built into the base of the XLR. This circuitry is internally balanced, insuring that the audio path will be isolated from hum and noise. In addition, the circuitry employs immunity protection from RF from cell phones and wireless GSM devices.

The MG12/15/18 are available in both cardioid and hypercardioid polar patterns. Other features include machined brass capsule housings and fittings, copper tubing integrated with wound flexible steel for secure and exact placement, field replaceable capsules, replaceable electronics, and a variety of optional accessories. The MG12/15/18 operates on phantom power of 18-52 volts and are available in non-reflective black matte finish. Retail prices are $299-$319.

Pearl’s E-Pro Live

Pearl’s E-Pro Live electronic drumset features 10″, 12″, and 14″ toms, a 14″ snare drum, and a 20″ bass drum, so the drummer no longer has to change their playing mechanics to adjust to a set full of 8″ practice pads. Real wood shells, drum hardware, and drum finishes adorn both versions of E-Pro Live. Two finishes are available: Pearl’s new Artisan II finish, available in a Quilted Maple fade and a durable black wrap.

Pearl’s Tru-Trac Electronic Heads feature dual-zones that reproduce all of the intricacies the drummer is used to hearing when playing an acoustic drum. The cymbals featured on the E-Pro Live are Pearl’s E-Classic electronic cymbals, made with real brass. Traditional rubber EPC2 cymbals are also available. Both sets feature a three-zone ride, a crash, and a set of hi-hats.

The 128MB RAM capacity accommodates 1000 high definition sounds, 100 high definition kits, plus space for 100 user-created kits. The Memory Switch offers the ability to flash the memory and substitute a drum set for the original acoustics. Pearl has partnered with professional digital drum samplers Toontrack, Sonic Reality, Ocean Way, Steven Slate Drums, Virtual Drumline, and BFD, to provide the kits through a new Web site.

Reunion Blues Merino Wool Sax Strap

Reunion Blues is expanding their accessory line with the introduction of a natural merino wool saxophone strap. The new strap features a full grain leather band stitched to soft merino wool webbing, with a coated smooth-glide cord and custom plated logo button for easy length adjustment. A coated metal hook is twisted to make it easier to attach and detach the instrument during a performance, and the strap comes folded in an display box designed to hang on a pegboard hook.

Grover Pro’s New SilverFox Models

Grover Pro adds two new models to the SilverFox line of sticks and mallets. The Nitestalk is a 16″ long multi-rod with 25 nylon bristles secured to a 5/8″ diameter high impact plastic handle. Nitestalks have a balanced, natural feel on both drums and cymbals. Each rod features a firmness adjustment band that controls the feel and flex of the nylon bristles.

SilverFox’s Thrasher is a beefy double ended stick (16.25″ length x .605 dia.), designed for high impact situations. Like all of SilverFox’s drumsticks, the Thrasher is manufactured from select grade straight-grained hickory. The stick is coated with SilverFox’s exclusive Duracrylix finish that is said to enhance durability and provide a smooth, easy-to-grip surface. The Nitestalk retails for $30 and the Thrasher for $15.

WD Music Cooperstand

WD Music Products’ Cooperstand can be opened and closed with one hand and accommodates acoustic or electric guitar, bass, banjo, or mandolin. Made of mahogany, it is portable, compact and weighs less than 16 ounces and can fit in the headstock area of a guitar case. The Cooperstand is sturdy and stable using a four footed base design with low center of gravity.

Hal Leonard’s, The Harmony of Bill Evans

In Jack Reilly’s second volume The Harmony of Bill Evans, two theory chapters, plus ten of Bill’s most passionate works are included. The voicing charts for all ten songs are more complex than volume one and pianistically more demanding. The subjects of modulation and key relationships that are discussed in each chapter are designed to help the player memorize faster and improvise with more facility. The “Lament for Bill” in chapter 13 is the author’s tribute to the artist. The accompanying audio CD features Bill Evans’ songs included in the book.

Phaeton’s Flugelhorn Models

Phaeton’s new flugelhorn models are made of which is said to improve volume control, projection, and focus in all ranges. Pistons are interchangeable for quick cleaning/lubrication, and solid brass machined finger buttons are coupled with heavy weight top/bottom caps. Phaeton flugelhorns are available in black onyx and matte silver plate.

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