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NashVegas Select Series Models from Dean Guitars

Jazzed Magazine • Gearcheck • April 22, 2020

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With the Dean NashVegas Select Series, Dean Guitars delivers four new models with a classic look. Available in two finishes, Black Satin and Metallic Red Satin, and with multiple signature appointments, the Dean NashVegas Select Series is the perfect combination of classic and contemporary. Two of the NashVegas Select models offer the high-end Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo system which enhances tuning stable as players throw down any style of acrobatic playing. The other two fixed-bridge models offer a more traditional two-piece hardtail with Dean’s exclusive Cadi tailpiece for ease and sustain.

The Black Satin and Metallic Red Satin models carry a street price of $749, and the Floyd Black Satin and Floyd Metallic Red Satin are $849.

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