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Oct / Nov 2006

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckNovember 2006 • November 1, 2006

Type A Tube Mic from Red
Following on the success of their solid state Type B microphone, Red Microphones recently introduced the Type A, a tube microphone based on a system of interchangeable capsules. The Type A vacuum tube microphone system is a high quality innovative and unique solution for virtually any critical recording need. Combining low noise and superb transient response along with a choice of nine different interchangeable capsules called “The Redheads” the Type A is a microphone system that is as versatile as it is dependable. The bayonet-mount capsules can quickly be changed for a stunning variety of sounds and pickup patterns without having to shut off the included “PowerStream” power supply.

The transformer-less Class A discrete amplifier circuit of the Type A is a thoroughly modern design with a nod to the classic circuits of yesterday. Utilizing a single hand-selected ECC88 vacuum tube, the Type A can reproduce musical detail and subtlety previously only heard in mics costing thousands more. The Type A includes a custom-built flight case, Red’s high-definition tube mic cable, a shock mount and the innovative PowerStream power supply, which not only insures ultra-stable performance but features a soft-start feature that maximizes tube life and minimizes startup time. The Type A is available now for $1,345.The Redhead Capsules are available now and range in prince from $249 to $849.

Evans Tom Packs
Evans’ new Tom Packs enable players to switch over a full set of tom heads at a significant savings, while keeping their snare batter head options open. “We listened to players and dealers,” says Evans Product manager Mike Robinson. “Players told us that they wanted the option of replacing only their tom heads. They didn’t want a company dictating their choice of snare drum head. By removing the snare head from our new Tom Packs, we enable players to personalize their sound. They can save on a full set of tom heads while choosing the exact snare batter they need.” Evans Tom Packs retail for between $60 and $88.

Pro-Mark Adds To “Natural” Line
Pro-Mark Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer dedicated exclusively to the design, production, and distribution of drumsticks, mallets, and percussion accessories has expanded it’s popular line of “Natural”#174; drumsticks.Introduced almost 15 years ago, the “Natural” line was the first to be offered factory-direct without any type of finish.Pat Brown, Pro-Mark’s director of sales and marketing explains, “We had been getting occasional telephone calls from customers who reported sanding the finish off of our sticks, so we decided to do it for them. We knew it would be popular, but the success of the line exceeded our expectations.” Brown continues, “Through our Web site, we’ve had an increasing number of requests to make the Naturals available in the original Japanese Shira Kashi White Oak, too.”The Japanese Shira Kashi Oak “Natural” line consists of 2B, 5A, 5B, 7A and747. All models are available with both wood and nylon tips. Suggested retail price for wood tips is $14.50 per pair. Nylon tips list for $14.95 per pair.All models are in stock for immediate delivery.

Tom-Bourine and Jingle Clamp from Pearl
Pearl Percussion’s PTB10 Tom-Bourine is a 10″ headed drum that can easily be mounted off a hi hat or cymbal stand for a punchy tom-tom sound with the sympathetic vibrations of tambourine jingles.Packaged with Pearl’s exclusive QuickMount, this enables the PTB10 to be lifted for hand held use in seconds.The Tom-Bourine will accept most manufacturers 10″ drum heads, and can easily be changed or tuned via a standard drum key (included).The PTB10 retails for $79. Pearl Percussion’s new PJC10SH Jingle Clamp easily attaches to any snare or tom-tom rims, and the three pairs of stainless steel jingles will vibrate for an added effect each time the player strike the drum.The jingles rest on the drumhead, yet with a couple turns of the tension wing, it releases completely.The raised rubber jingle guard is designed for striking directly on the Jingle Clamp for an added percussion effect.The PJC10SH has a list price of $24.

Steinberg Introduces Cubase 4
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH is proud to announce a new generation of its Cubase music production software range. Cubase 4 and its streamlined sister product, Cubase Studio 4, include a range of ground-breaking new features and technologies that offer enhanced capabilities and work flow for musicians, producers and other audio professionals worldwide.

New features in Cubase 4 include:

  • SoundFrame#153; universal sound manager helps users organize, preview and retrieve audio, video and project files, patches for software and hardware synths, Track and InstrumentPresets and much more, including the powerful MediaBay browser and media file management system
  • Control Room seamlessly integrates Cubase 4 within analogue monitoring environments with up to four separate monitor mixes, external audio input integration, speaker selection, talk back and more
  • Brand new VST3 plug-in set with over 30 new plug-ins including StudioEQ, Cloner, ModMachine, AmpSimulator and guitar tuner, new Multiband Compressor and many more
  • New VST instruments: 3 outstanding new synthesizers: Prologue, Spector and Mystic as well as HALion One sample player with hundreds of new instruments based on Yamaha Motif waveforms
  • New redesigned user interface with enhanced navigability, configurable channel strip and track inspector as well as a range of new mixer functions
  • Enhanced Score and Notation features further extend Cubase extensive functionality by adding new settings dialogue, symbol inspector and two new score fonts
  • New Instrument Track class accelerates handling of VST Instruments and combines MIDI and plug-in automation within the same track
  • Cross platform support for Windows#174; and Mac OSX Universal Binary

Cubase Studio 4 is a streamlined version that is tailored for composers, musicians and project studios as well as students and educators. Cubase Studio 4 offers professional music production technology and a high-quality set of essential tools and features at a lower price point than Cubase 4. Customers updating from Cubase SL3 will find new features such as full score editing and printing, the enhanced AudioWarp functions as well as Studio Connections Recall support. Customers who purchase Cubase 4 will find additional advanced features required for the final production phases including surround support, full Control Room functionality and specialized plug-ins and tools for creating a final mixdown.
Cubase 4 has an MSRP of $999; Cubase Studio 4 will retail for $499.

New Microphones from Crowley And Tripp
American ribbon microphone maker Crowley and Tripp are unveiling their new Recordist and Recordist Ensemble Stereo Kit at AES in San Francisco this October, adding a new voice to their established line of highest quality U.S. ribbon mics, and raising the bar for Blumlein ribbon recording. The company’s newest ribbon microphone – The Recordist – is voiced for realistic reproduction of classical and jazz performances where a full-range, natural sound is desired. As with other Crowley and Tripp products, the Recordist’s high output, low noise design excels with location recording devices and digital audio interfaces, without the need for special high gain ribbon mic preamps. The Recordist is priced at $1,295 each, and comes with its own low diffraction rotary mount for exact placement, a durable Pelican#153; case for location gigs, and a three-year warranty. The Recordist Ensemble Stereo Kit fills the need for those who want to record in realistic Blumlein stereo, but need the tracking flexibility not offered by integrated stereo ribbon microphones. The Recordist Ensemble Stereo Kit consists of two matched Recordist microphones, extender bar, two low diffraction rotary mounts, and is offered at an introductory price of $1,995. Recordist mics come with a three-year warranty, a durable Pelican#153; case and a stage-appropriate gunmetal gray finish.

Godlyke Distributes DNA Analogic
Godlyke Inc. has been named as exclusive U.S. distributor for the DNA Analogic line of guitar effects. One of Japan’s top boutique brands, DNA Analogic effects feature unique analog circuit designs that offer marked improvements over traditional effects and a refreshing change from the host of “vintage clones” pervading the marketplace. DNA Analogic effects provide the user with new creative inspiration without compromising their existing signature sound. Each DNA Analogic model features the following: High-strength cast aluminum chassis increases electrical induction and improves sound quality; Heavy-duty metal knobs offer longer life and more reliable circuit grounding; True bypass switching w/a 3PDT switch assures transparent operation in bypass; Top-mounted In/Out and AC jacks avoid accidental disconnection and reduce pedal footprint; Battery or AC adaptor operation; 3-year, no questions asked warranty.

Available DNA Analogic models are as follows: BD-1 Bass Dragger – Offers the Bassist a wide range of boost and saturation effects without compromising the original tone of their instrument. List price $300/Street price $240; GF-2 Gain Fxxker – High-Gain distortion offers chunky saturation akin to a cranked Triple Rectifier. Cut and Fxxk controls allow fine tuning of ultra-low and ultra-high frequencies. List $300/Street $240; ME-1 Mr. Eight – Cordless, rechargeable battery operated power supply provides stabilized voltage to eight effects for up to 4 hours of continuous use. List $300/Street $240; PP-1 Purple Phase – Innovative phasing circuit allows for expression pedal control of phaser sweep. Dual mode operation provides vintage and modern phasing effects. List $325/Street $275; SF-1 Smoky Fuzz – Combines past and present technologies to create a wide palette of fuzz effects from sparkling, full-frequency boost to the sizzling, “hauling” effect of vintage fuzzes. List $300/Street $240; VT-1 Virtual Tube – Ultra low-noise OpAmps and other high-quality components re-create the natural saturation of vintage tube amps without the low-end cut of other overdrives. List $300/Street $240

Bach TR500 Student Trumpet
The Bach model TR500 trumpet offers an affordable option for beginning players and gives Bach fans a choice in instrument designs within the Bach student line. Created for teachers that prefer a traditional student trumpet design, the Bach TR500 trumpet is built to the most stringent specifications. The TR500 features a .460″ bore, nickel silver trim, a red brass lead pipe and a pin-style third slide stop, in addition to the Bach features that educators prefer.Other features include nickel silver pistons with two point valve guides, fixed third slide finger ring, and first slide thumb hook.Nickel silver outer and brass inner slide tubes prevent slides from sticking while the student learns the basics, and water keys on the main and third slides provide for easy drainage.Finger buttons are genuine mother of pearl with rubber bumpers for comfortable silent action. The outfit includes the same sturdy hard shell case as on other Bach student trumpets and a genuine Vincent Bach 7C mouthpiece. The design and construction of the Bach TR500 differs from that of the specially constructed Bach TR300H, “one of the most popular student trumpets in the world.”For teachers that prefer the construction and concept of sound of traditional Bach student trumpets, the TR300H continues to be available.The Bach TR500 design is more in keeping with other competitive models but at a lower price.For those who prefer this more standard design, the TR500 offers an affordable option for beginning players.

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