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October/November 2007

Jazzed Magazine • GearcheckOctober 2007 • October 30, 2007

Grover Pro Percussion T2/HTS-8 Tambourine
Grover Pro Percussion Inc., is introducing a new concert tambourine, Model T2/HTS-8. This will be the first 8″ diameter tambourine with Grover’s specially heat-treated jingles. The Custom Drum series of Grover tambourines provides percussionists with an ultra-sensitive, dry articulated sonority. Professionals find this type of tambourine perfect for orchestral works that require precise articulation.

LaPlaca Launches Sax Dakota USA Artist SaxophonesLaPlaca Launches Sax Dakota USA Artist Saxophones
Peter LaPlaca, the founder of L.A. Sax (which he sold in 2001), recently announced the completion of a new artist-level line of professional alto and tenor Saxophones to be marketed under the brand name Sax Dakota USA.

According to LaPlaca, Sax Dakota USA was born several years ago when he was in Europe searching for clues of change in saxophone design and aesthetics. He discovered a small company that discarded tradition and engineered small but needed ergonomic improvements in key work. He also uncovered designs that were tabled due to the lack of interest of certain manufacturers. Putting these and other ideas to work, he set out to significantly alter the landscape of saxophone design with Sax Dakota.

PJLA Music Sales, LaPlaca’s company based in Barrington, Ill., will distribute Sax Dakota USA globally along with other exclusive brands of music products. Availability for Sax Dakota USA is scheduled for this summer. Pricing, finishes, specifications, and dealership offerings will be announced shortly.

Godlyke Adds Four New “Series Nine” Models
The new AD-9 Pro Analog Delay pedal has 450ms of analog delay with a unique filtering circuit that proides rich, clear analog tone without noise. The AD-9 Pro features a multi-tap “ping-pong” delay switch which replicates the dual-head feature of vintage tape echo units as wells as stereo outputs, and lists for $375.

A reissue of the ultra-rare “pre-Ibanez” Maxon OD-880, the OSD-9 Overdrive Soft Distortion pedal uses the 741 chip which is renowned for its exceptional dynamic response and tube-like tone and lists for $260.

The OOD-9 Organic overdrive pedal is a natural overdrive that adds bite and girth to the amp tone. The JRC4558 IC Chip adds classic mid-range boost. The OOD-9 has a list price of $260.

The VOP-9 Vintage Overdrive Pro provides overdrive with a clean boost feature and an internal voltage double that is switchable from 9-18 volts, allowing for better note dynamics and increased low-end response. The VOP-9 lists for $275.

Laguna Guitars
Laguna Guitars offers a new, comprehensive line of acoustic and electric guitars that guitarists helped to create.

In the development of Laguna guitars, players said that the thumbscrews on the back of most locking tuners are easy-to-lose, so Laguna developed uniquely designed lightweight, tuners that are self-locking from the front. Guitarists also expressed the desire for a tougher graphite nut, thus Laguna incorporates nuts that are Teflon-reinforced and self-lubricating. Instrument owners often find themselves frustrated with extreme back bowing that renders a guitar useless and unplayable, so the company spent extra research and development time designing a dual action truss rod to eliminate this problem at no extra cost.

In general, guitarists want premium quality without premium pricing. Laguna comes through by including swamp ash bodies and thick dark Indian rosewood fretboards on comfortable Canadian hard rock maple necks, as well as strap locks that are inset into the guitar body all without the usual custom upgrade pricing.

The complete range of Laguna Acoustic and Electric Guitars is available immediately.

Ugly Tips from B-Rad Percussion
UglyTips are slip-on practice pad tips for all drumsticks with bead diameters between 11/32″ and 11/16″. Weighing less than 1.3 grams each, UglyTips are non-marring and can be played on any hard surface, supplanting the need for practice pads. They also serve to create a mallet out of drumsticks which can then be used on hand drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments for interesting sounds and effects.

To use UglyTips, slide them over the tip of the drumsticks, then center them over the widest part of the bead.;

Yamaha Air Cell Sax Strap
Yamaha has introduced the new YAC 1425P Air Cell Saxophone Strap. This lightweight strap is adjustable and can be used with alto, tenor, and soprano saxophones.

By trapping air with specialized materials that offer flexibility and cushion, the Air Cell strap technology “delivers optimum comfort for lasting performance.” It features lip resistant air cushions and a rubber-covered hook that are designed to prevent scratching of the instrument.

The Yamaha YAC 1425P Air Cell Saxophone Strap is currently available with an MSRP of $19.99.

RhythmSource MetronomeRhythmSource Metronome
RhythmSource#153; aims to set a new standard with the national launch of its new Metronome, which includes the first fundamental patent in metronomes since the 1816 Maëlzel Metronome, endorsed by Beethoven and still used today

The RhythmSource Metronome design features a circular “clock” system with lights, sound, and pulses, offering total rhythmic immersion and showcasing how rhythm and time are cyclical. This cycle effect occurs harmonically, as notes go around in a circle rather than back and forth, such as in the circle of fourths. By pulling the aural and visual into one aspect, the metronome shows the circular and cyclical nature of time and rhythm, offering students, teachers and practicing professionals a paradigm shift in understanding rhythm and a tool to bring the rhythms of nature into the practice room in a visual way that’s never been done before.

Traditional metronomes go “tick-tock” to beat out the tempo number of beats per minute. Instead, the RhythmSource Metronome has lights, sounds and physical pulses to sound and visually show the meter, phrase and the cyclical flow of music, allowing musicians for the first time to study with rests, add accents wherever they choose, create crescendi and diminuendi, shading and dynamic phrasing. The metronome’s patented user interface brings custom control of each beat’s volume, sound or subdivision so musicians can easily create virtually infinite rhythms.With the ability to hear and see rhythm and musicality simultaneously comes more ways to convey rhythm the backbone of music.

ZVOX Classroom Audio Systems
ZVOX has two new single enclosure classroom audio systems designed to deliver superb audio quality in a variety of room sizes

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