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‘United System for Winds & Percussion’ from Wingert-Jones

Christian Wissmuller • Gearcheck • January 11, 2023

Wingert-Jones Publications is excited to announce the new release of United System for Winds & Percussion, A Mixed-Level Program for Groups and Individuals.  An innovative solution for Middle School directors presented with mixed instrumentation and varying ability levels, United System provides a versatile and practical approach for students to successfully play together while reinforcing fundamentals.

Developed and written by full-time public school music educator & popular composer Peter Sciaino, United System’s units and lessons are presented in three different levels – Bronze (.5-1), Silver (1-1.5), and Gold (1.5-2+) – all of which can be played together within one book.  Essentially containing three books in one, United System unites students, both literally and conceptually, onto the same page.

“Born from my own public school instrumental music program, United System answers the pressing question on how to fully engage students of mixed instrumentation at varying ability levels in a united environment, with a plug-and-play system for reinforcing fundamentals in a more progressive manner within a limited allotment of time,” explains author Peter Sciaino.  “I’m thrilled that band directors and music educators will benefit from this easy-to-use tool to enhance student success!”

Thoughtfully laid-out, progressive in nature, and a ready-to-go tool, United System reinforces fundamentals in a progressive manner.  Students can jump in at their appropriate level, and United System guides students to advance progressively as their skills improve. For example, United System allows a student to read from the easier “Bronze” line, while playing the same study alongside more advanced students reading from the “Silver” or “Gold” level line of music, motivating and engaging young musicians and bringing flexibility to the next level.  The book contains original exercises, scales, etudes and warm-ups, including thoughtful writing specifically for percussion instruments.

United System is ideal for both differentiated full-band instruction and for use in lesson groups, including those in smaller band programs and those with scheduling issues or “pull-out” instruction styles, resulting in significant progress with a variety of students in a limited amount of time.  The new book is also a great asset for private lesson teachers as well as all band directors with young or mixed-level ensembles.

United System is available from music retailers everywhere and from the publisher at $9.99 per student book and $34.99 for teacher edition.

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