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VocoPro Delivers New USB Audio Interface and Accessory Products for Podcasters and Video Blog Creators

Christian Wissmuller • Gearcheck • July 27, 2021

For podcasters, video blog creators and content creators of all kinds, audio leader VocoPro today unveiled its new STREAMER-DESKTOP and STREAMER-DESKTOP-VLOG systems.

More than half of the US population have listened to a podcast or watched a video blog. Podcasts and video blogs are a great way to educate and share opinions/stories with audiences around the world. 

Compatible with most popular podcast platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts, these powerful content creator products work well with smartphones, tablets or laptops.  

At the heart of each STREAMER package is the STREAMER USB audio interface. Creators just need to plug in their devices and then use the included gooseneck mic to broadcast or record content.

The simple interface makes these the some of most flexible AND affordable audio interface packages on the market for content creators.


  • Connect microphones or instruments to your PC/Mac or smartphone for performances, vlogs, and podcasts
  • Bluetooth input to stream accompaniment tracks
  • 16 sound effects
  • Chat, MC and singing modes with pitch correction, pitch bend, reverb effects
  • Clean mic preamps and an input for a dynamic mic or instrument
  • Independent mic, reverb, FX, accompaniment, and monitor level controls
  • Rechargeable audio interface via USB input to eliminate the need for an additional power supply (400Ah) *USB power supply not included
  • Vocal eliminator to reduce vocals on accompaniment tracks


Pricing for New VocoPro Streamer Systems



Retail : $119.00 USD



Retail: $159.00 USD

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