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Satoko Fujii

Satoko Fujii

Since emerging on the scene in the mid-’90s, pianist Satoko Fujii has quickly established herself as one of the most compelling and exciting voices in avant-garde jazz.Influenced by classical, Japanese folk music, rock, and beyond (as well as jazz), Fujii’s recorded output reflects the wildly diverse scope of her talents and interests: solo piano pieces, big band collaborations, duets with trumpet and violin, trio arrangements, and progressive rock/jazz collections.In Krakow in November (NotTwo) is a duo album which re-teams Satoko with her trumpeter husband, Natsuki Tamura.

1. A Symphony: New England Holidays – Charles Ives, by Chicago Symphony Orchestra
“Charles Ives is one of my favorite composers and I especially like his symphony pieces which incorporate a lot of elements.”

2. Women Composers – Tomoko Mukaiyama
“Mukaiyama is a great contemporary pianist and she plays women composers’ piano pieces for this album.”

3. Al Majmaa – Maak’s Spirit
“I didn’t know anything about this band until I got a copy of this album from a friend. This is a collaboration between Maak’s Spirit and some African musicians using interesting brass lines and exciting African rhythms.”

4. At Carnegie Hall – Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane
“This album always makes me remember how much I love jazz.”

5. La Camorra – Astor Piazzolla
“I love Piazzolla! His music is very deep and dramatic.”

6.People In Sorrow – Art Ensemble of Chicago
“The structure is of this piece is just super.”

7. Iho – Maria Kalaniemi
“I bought this CD at the airport in Finland. Kalaniemi is a great accordion player.”

8. Emphasis, Stuttgart 1961 – Jimmy Giuffre
“It is hard to believe this was performed 45 years ago. It is still so fresh.”

9.Scriabin: Piano Concerto – Vladimir Ashkenazy / Lorin Maazel
“Scriabin is also my favorite composer. When I listen to his music, it’s as if it effects all my senses – not just hearing, alone.”

10. Bucchus – Satoko Fujii Quartet
“This is my upcoming recording that has not yet been released. I am listening to it in order to decide the tune order for the CD.”

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