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Seth Abramson

Jazzed Magazine • September 2009What's on Your Playlist? • September 14, 2009

Seth Abramson

As artistic director of Jazz Standard, Seth Abramson has played an instrumental role in shaping one of the most successful and beloved clubs in New York City. His creativity in booking offers guests an eclectic mix of both established and emerging jazz artists in addition to blues, world, and RB musicians. In addition, Abramson serves as president of Rabbit Moon Productions, a booking, live music, production and consulting company.

1. “Legs” (off of Let My People Go) – Darondo

Listen to this and then try and tell me that Prince didn’t mine this record. Darondo somewhat of an enigma but I caught a rare live show at SXSW a couple of years ago and it was the highlight of the shows I saw there.

2. “Stuttering” (off of Live at Jazz Standard) Fred Hersch Pocket Orchestra

Always musically engaging and imaginative, Fred assumes more duties with this bass-less group. It just happened to be recorded live at Jazz Standard.

3. Serenade Toninho Horta

At the time I discovered this CD I wore it out on dates with my then-girlfriend who is now my wife. This is simply one of the greatest solo Brazilian guitar/vocal recordings ever made. The irony is that it was recorded live in Korea.

4. “Ocean And The River” (off of Senzo) – Abdullah Ibrahim

A contemplative solo piano work of profound beauty and spirit by this Zen South African piano master who was discovered originally by Duke Ellington.

5. “Lady Luck” (off of Kids) Hank Jones Joe Lovano

As strong and fulfilling a musical duo rapport in jazz you can find, but this record should have been recorded live at Jazz Standard! (laughs)

6. “The Blossom of Parting” (off of Metamorphosen) – Branford Marsalis

Branford’s soprano tone on this track is a work of art in and of itself ,but paired with the quiet fire of their group interplay on this Joey Calderazzo composition that all at once sounds new and classically familiar, is magical.

7. “Knives Out” (off of Day is Done) Brad Mehldau Trio

Brad has developed such a personal piano trio aesthetic that inhabits a world that shines on this interpretation of a Radiohead tune.

8. “You Are My Sunshine” (off of Powell’s Place) Shannon Powell

This takes me back to Donna’s Bar in the French Quarter where I first saw Shannon perform with his group which is a quintessential down home New Orleans jazz celebration.

9. “Now, Now” (off of Marry Me) – St. Vincent

If you were to imagine Bjork collaborating with King Crimson that is where you would find this dynamic and sonically rich track by the talented Annie Clark that sticks in your head. While it’s not jazz, it is surely artful.

10. “Norleans” (off of Too Damn Hot) Dr. Lonnie Smith

This track from this aptly titled release is a funky, greasy organ trio blues as only the Doctor could prescribe.

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