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From Wooden Clocks to Wooden Flutes

August 19, 2020

In the Spotlight with Saxophonist David Pope

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Back to School (From Home)

Live Streaming Lessons from Your Home is Easier Than You Think!

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Gear Check – August 2020

The latest and greatest gear for jazz educators and musicians – August 2020.

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Fully Immersed

Jeff Denson’s Journey as an Artist and Educator

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What’s on Your Playlist – John Lake

A look at what NYC-based trumpet player and composer John Lake has been listening to.

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TAMA’s Starphonic Bravura Concert Snare

June 4, 2020

The TAMA Starphonic Bravura Concert snare drum features a 6”x14”, 7ply, 6mm Maple Shell which offers a warm, even tone, ideal for most playing situations. The 6” depth affords excellent tuning flexibility, allowing the drum to emulate shallower or deeper drums depending on how it is tuned. The drum also features a 120° snare bed, Groove Straight Hoops, and TAMA’s notable Starphonic Freedom Lug system.
The Bravura’s snare wires consist three distinctly different types of materials: Nickel Wound Guitar Strings, Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Straight Wire, and Hi Carbon Coil snares. They work together for even, consistent sound and excellent response at all dynamic levels. The Multi Snare Frame holds the wires so they come straight off the bearing edge. This promotes maximum response and vibration of the bottom head, even at the softest playing levels. It also allows for fine adjustments to the individual snare strands or by adjusting all of them at once with the master adjustment control. The Starphonic Bravura Concert snare incorporates many of TAMA’s signature design elements, bringing the company’s decades of experience in drum making to the concert percussion market.

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Loog Pro VI Acoustic

The Loog Pro VI Acoustic is Loog’s first full-sized six-string guitar marketed to kids and adults 12 years old and up. The Loog Pro VI Acoustic also comes bundled with flashcards and an app that helps students play songs on their guitar from day one. The app includes video lessons, a tuner and even a digital songbook with hits by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and more. The Loog app also has an Augmented Reality feature that allows beginner guitarists to learn using the selfie camera on any device. Available in six different colors for $149.

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Chedeville Umbra Mouthpiece Series

Chedeville has announced the launch of a completely new range of classical clarinet mouthpieces called the Chedeville Umbra Series. The new Chedeville Umbra Clarinet Series was designed and developed in collaboration with acclaimed International soloist and co-founder of RZ Clarinets, Milan Rericha. For the creation of the new Chedeville Umbra clarinet mouthpieces no expense was spared, starting with the proprietary “Chedeville Rubber”, a purer rod ebonite that recreates the great rod rubber of pre-war legendary Chedeville mouthpieces.

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Charleston Jazz Shares Full ‘Art Of Jazz’ Performances Online

Charleston Jazz has shared their “From the Archives: Art of Jazz Series Edition” for fans to view online. The Art of Jazz is an annual performance series presented in collaboration with the Gibbes Museum and Charleston Jazz.

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Jazz Foundation Of America Assembles Industry Consortium To Support COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Broadening its efforts to aid musicians following the collapse of the live music business in the wake of the international pandemic, the Jazz Foundation of America has assembled a consortium of record labels, online music outlets, and charitable foundations to provide donations for its COVID-19 Musicians’ Emergency Fund.

Blue Note Records, Concord Jazz, Mack Avenue Records, the Verve Label Group, and Warner Music Group along with Amazon Music and Apple Music, have contributed to the 31-year-old non-profit organization’s COVID-19 Musicians’ Emergency Fund, which has raised more than $1 million since its inauguration in March.

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