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Chad Lefkowitz-Brown: What’s on Your Playlist?

May 7, 2018

A look at what sax phenom Chad Lefkowitz-Brown is listening to this month…

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Hot Wax: April/May 2018

Jazz album releases and reviews for April/May 2018.

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Gearcheck: April/May 2018

The latest and greatest gear for Jazz Educators and Musicians – April/May 2018

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On the Scene: John Daversa and Bob Mintzer

From the generation that brought us the likes of Dave Liebman, John Abercrombie, Michael Brecker, and numerous other big-name, impactful musicians, Bob Mintzer has been an influential figure in jazz since the ‘70s. He’s worked with everyone from Jaco Pastorius to Peter Erskine and The Yellowjackets and, outside the genre, Queen, Diana Ross, and Aretha […]

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“Maiden Voyage” and the Mixolydian Mode

When I have asked students, “What is the Mixolydian mode?” they usually tell me that it is the major scale where you flat the 7th.This would be the wrong answer, however. It is the mode within a major scale that starts on the 5th degree and the chord it would produce is the dominant 7th […]

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