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Learning to Circular Breathe to Enhance Jazz Saxophone Performance

February 9, 2021

Circular breathing is an extended technique used by performers when there is no place in a musical passage to take a breath.

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Sitting Down with Sittin’ In

SIttin In offers warmth and serves as a living textbook for folks hoping to get glimpses of jazz likely from a time before their own club-hopping days.

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Gearcheck: February 2021

The latest and greatest gear for jazz educators and musicians

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What’s on Your Playlist – Noah Haidu?

Pianist Noah Haidu has etched out an uncompromising identity as a pianist and composer by balancing cutting-edge songwriting with stirring improvisations.

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“We Are Jazz Musicians who Play Violin, Not Violinists who Play Jazz”

As the great jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter once said, “Jazz shouldn’t have any mandates. Jazz is not supposed to be something that’s required to sound like jazz. For me, the word ‘jazz’ means, ‘I dare you.’” Using that argument, there are not many instruments better fit for jazz than the violin. Over the years, jazz […]

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National Museum of African American Music Opens in Nashville

Dedicated to preserving and celebrating the many music genres created, influenced, and inspired by African Americans.

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