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Lessons Learned: “Standards” – Determining Curricular Repertoire, Part 1

July 26, 2011

Dr. Mark Watkins looks at where to start, and how to standardize, Curricular Repertoire standards.

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The Leading Edge

In this installment our friends start to give us the inside scoop on their thinking about youthful jazz development. In subsequent issues through 2012, they will discuss definitive attributes of a lead player, experiences that shaped their concepts and conviction, lead chair vs. second chair, interacting with the rhythm section & the other lead players, what to learn and listen for, artistic contributions, and responsibilities and equipment. ~AB

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Clark Terry: ‘Mumbles’ Makes Time for Mentoring

A legend for generations, Clark Terry has spent countless hours with every willing student, translating a lifetime’s worth of experience into an invaluable resource for young jazz musicians everywhere.

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Like, Cool!

To me the two most dissonant English language words, at least as they are spoken by many of my college students, are the ubiquitous ‘like’ and ‘cool’. My ears are constantly assailed by these utterances and they distract me to such an extent that I can barely concentrate on the sentences in which they appear with such regularity.

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