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Editor’s Letter

  • Coltrane’s Three Stages of Musical Evolution

    Christian Wissmuller | October 26, 2021by David Liebman   As I write on Coltrane’s 95th anniversary (Sept 23), I’m wondering how an artist evaluates his work in a way that clarifies and expands the material. Artists, in general, are well equipped to make judgements concerning what is next or in the past for them. Usually, it is critics and writers […] Read More...
  • The Continuing Rich History of Jazz Education

    Christian Wissmuller | September 16, 2021I will tell you when I knew jazz education had arrived. It was the early ‘90s. Where I lived at that time was Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. One of the professors at this state university, Pat Dorian, was very active in getting famous jazz musicians to play with the student big band. The only requirement for the […] Read More...
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