Arranging Fundamentals: Reinventing Melodies

October 30, 2007

Some of the greatest experiences an arranger can have are the opportunities to lovingly “mess with” someone else’s melody. It is also the one aspect of arranging which I’ve found that less experienced musicians are the most intimidated by.However, altering aspects of a song’s melody shouldn’t be looked upon as something that is taboo.Rather, the […]

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Slash Chords – Part II Beyond Western Harmony

September 5, 2007

Last time we covered how to substitute slash chords to simplify complex harmonic situations. Now we’ll look at how to use slash chords to create modal chord structures and interesting re-harmonizations. These techniques can be useful in creating a more modern sound in your writing and arranging. What Mood Is Your Mode?Modal music has intrigued […]

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Slash Chords – An Introduction

June 20, 2007

Slash chords offer musicians a plethora of new sonorities to incorporate into their playing and arranging.Not to be confused with poly-chords (two triads stacked upon each other), the term �slash chord� refers to a triad played over an independent bass note. There are innumerable ways in which to incorporate slash chords into your playing and […]

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