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Limited-Edition CRX AIR Low-Volume Cymbal Sets

January 18, 2021

TRX Cymbals has released a limited edition, four-piece set the popular AIR Series low-volume cymbals with a custom, Sky-Blue finish. The set, which is recommended for practice rooms, teaching studios and low-volume playing situations, includes 14˝ Hi-Hats, 20˝ Ride, 18˝ Crash-Ride and 16˝ Crash plus a cymbal bag.

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Chedeville Elite Series Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

The new Chedeville Elite Series Bass Clarinet mouthpiece creates a warm beautiful tone with excellent control and intonation. Characteristic of the entire Elite series, it produces a warm yet strong, full tone with unsurpassed playability. The Chedeville Elite Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece is available in a comprehensive selection of tip openings (1/100 MM): F0 (165), F1 (180), F2 (185), F3 (190), F4 (200), F5 (215).  Their proprietary and more expensive “Chedeville Rubber” is a purer rod ebonite that recreates the great rod rubber of Pre-World War II Chedeville mouthpieces. All the mouthpieces in the range made from this proprietary hard rubber bear the “CHR” mark.

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Roland’s Aerophone Pro

Roland’s Aerophone Pro packs entire brass and woodwind sections into a single digital instrument. Aerophone Pro’s thin, ergonomic design looks great on stage and is easier to hold for a more confident playing experience. Controls are easy to reach, and the streamlined body and aluminum accents exude an understated-yet-classy presence. The discrete OLED screen provides quick visual access to various parameters and can be viewed at any angle and in any kind of lighting. The stock fingering on Aerophone Pro is the same as an acoustic sax and includes a high-F# key. Multiple user-customizable fingerings are supported as well, and configurable controls for both hands and a MIDI input for footswitches greatly expand performance options.

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‘Jazz Duets: Etudes for Phrasing and Articulation’ from Hal Leonard

January 4, 2021

Jazz Duets: Etudes for Phrasing and Articulation by Richard Lowell provides 27 duets in jazz and jazz-influenced styles such as swing, bebop, funk, samba, and others. They are appropriate for performance by any melodic instruments. The duets feature independent contrapuntal lines, and practicing them will give players intimate insight into how these constructs sound and can be used to create a wide variety of colors. Players will improve their ear, sense of timing, phrasing, and facility in bringing theoretical principles into musical expression. Players will learn to use: jazz staccato and legato articulations; scales, modes, harmonies and other structures; various meters and ways of interpreting them; phrasing within and between measures; swing feel; and more. $14.99

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ES920 and ES520 Digital Pianos from Kawai

Combining Kawai’s Responsive Hammer keyboard action and Harmonic Imaging sound technologies, the ES920 (pictured) and new mid-range ES520 reproduces the touch and tone of a concert grand piano, providing an authentic, rewarding playing experience for musicians of all abilities. In addition to other fine features, including brand-new lightweight body design, these portable instruments are suitable choices for home, stage, or classroom. The ES920 and mid-range ES520 feature a brand-new modern body design with a flat panel surface complemented by smooth, rounded edges. With their modern design, sturdy body, and lighter weight, the ES920 and ES520 are some of the most portable pianos in their respective classes making them excellent choices for the gigging or studio musician. In addition to their portability, when attached to their dedicated HM-5 designer stand and F-302 triple pedal bar, these instruments transform into stylish and compact piano replacements.

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Soprano POWER RING Ligatures from JodyJazz

JodyJazz continues to expand the selection of POWER RING Ligature series with the introduction of the HRS1 (24 Kt Gold-Plated) and HRS1S (Silver-Plated) Soprano models. The new HRS1 and HRS1S POWER RING Ligatures fit the HR* Soprano, SUPER JET Soprano and new HR* CUSTOM DARK Soprano mouthpiece models. The POWER RING Ligatures have greater thickness and heft and feature a concave inner design which reduces the touch points on the reed thereby maximizing reed vibration. The design of the POWER RING Ligatures allows the most freedom and vibration of the reed of any ligatures currently on the market. The POWER RING simply slides over the reed and becomes very secure as it is pushed tightly over the reed. Each JodyJazz POWER RING Ligature comes with a deluxe pouch.

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Joe Satriani Swivel Straps from D’Addario

D’Addario Accessories’ new Joe Satriani Swivel Straps swivel out of any tangle to keep your strap from popping off your instrument while always keeping you in comfort and style. Twisted guitar and bass straps are dangerous, uncomfortable and difficult to untwist, which is why Satriani partnered with D’Addario to keep your straps untwisted at all times with the new Swivel Strap. The Joe Satriani Swivel Strap comes in three original designs created by Joe Satriani including Crosses, Black Paisley, and Black and available in 50 MM. $45. 

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Recording King’s Parlor Metal Body Resonator

December 14, 2020

The new Recording King Parlor Metal Body Resonator puts traditional reso style in a small but powerful design. True resonator tone begins with a classic nickel-plated bell brass body and Recording King’s own full-size hand-spun 9.5″ cone, the same one used in Recording King’s Swamp Dog resonators. Thanks to the smaller body size and 24-¼” scale, the Parlor Resonator has a different voice from other metal body instruments, offering all the swampiness and midrange of classic biscuit-style metal bodies. The unique design adds more treble shimmer, giving it extra top-end clarity.

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CFIP RR Patch Cables from CORDIAL

CFIP RR patch cables help save space on your pedalboard without any significant signal loss or diminished sound quality. These cables feature two right angle pancake plugs. When they are plugged in, these plugs do not protrude more than 1 cm from a 6.3 mm jack socket. Musicians will also save board space due to the utilized bulk cable diameter of 6mm without relinquishing solid and appropriate technical properties. A 0.22 mm² conductor cross section (AWG 24) and a twisted copper wires shielding (spiral wound screen) guarantee a clean and undistorted signal transmission between the units.

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Sheptone’s Premium Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

Sheptone’s Premium Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings are available in four nickel-plated sets of vary gauges. Each Sheptone string is made by hand with nickel-plated steel that’s carefully wrapped around a treated hex steel core. Sheptone’s process ensures the tone, feel, and durability required for the absolute best string, every single time, right out the package. $10.99 and $11.99 per set.

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