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New Releases from Sher Music

October 31, 2018

With New Orleans Trumpet: A Down Home Conservatory Method by Jim Thornton, students can learn the essence of trad jazz from an insider. This book includes music theory, fingerings, an engaging history of the music and much more. $26 list.

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Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Solos from Hal Leonard

October 17, 2018

Sean McGowan’s expertly arranged book Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Solos includes standard notation and tab for solo guitar for a dozen songs. McGowan also includes performance notes for each song in the collection, giving players unique insight into how to effectively master each arrangement.

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New Strings from Martin Guitars

Martin Authentic Acoustic strings are engineered with the performer in mind and they will always stand up to rigorous practice and performance schedules.  Available in 80/20 Bronze and 92/8 Phosphor Bronze.

Martin has added a soft silk wrap to the ball ends of our Authentic Acoustic strings to prevent wear and tear on the bridge and bridge plate as you play. The silk wrap puts a comforting layer of protection in place every time you change your strings. Available in 80/20 Bronze and 92/8 Phosphor Bronze.

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Tone Vise Locking Nut from Floyd Rose

The new Tone Vise keyless locking nut assembly offers a design that uses three spring-loaded vise grips that surround the nut clamping screw, allowing you to tighten and unlock your Floyd Rose-style locking nut without the need for an Allen wrench. The retrofitting Tone Vise locking nut is made of hardened steel with steel clamps, making for a more durable and reliable alternative to the many licensed versions on the market. The Tone Vise locking nut kit includes the nut base, clamping blocks, springs, keyless vices, and 2 mm hex wrench for one-time installation.

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New Accessories from Daisy Rock

October 3, 2018

The new eight celluloid guitar picks feature the premier pick material that give a traditional feel with a smooth striking surface and warm, round musical tone. Both the straps and the picks are USA-made.

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New Accessories from KORG

Also new to the line is the MA-2, an electronic metronome further improved on from its predecessor, the MA-1. The MA-2 performs all key functions of a standard metronome, this time with a larger display and enhanced volume for easier detection. It provides user-friendly features including ‘timer mode’, a helpful tool for prolonged practicing, and ‘sound out mode’, which provides various tones for tuning. 

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The New Winds of Change from Hal Leonard

The New Winds of Change: The Evolution of the Contemporary American Wind Band/Ensemble and its Music by Frank L. Battisti is a new and expanded version of Winds of Change I & II, containing much new information about wind band/ensemble literature, important conferences, concerts, and events from the 19th century through 2015.

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The Carlos A-frame guitar stand from K&M

September 19, 2018

The new ‘Carlos’ A-frame guitar stand from K&M boasts serious security with light weight construction and a sleek and modern look.

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New from Beard Guitars

The Deco Phonic Model 57 Squareneck is the latest addition the new USA built Deco Phonic series available from Beard Guitars.

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New Backpack from Sequenz

The MP-TB1is a sturdy, multi-purpose backpack for the traveling musician.

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