Row-Loff’s New Book Marimba for Four

May 15, 2019

Marimba for Four by David Steinquest is a concise method for teaching 4-mallet technique. This book Includes stroke types, exercises, etudes, and solos, as well as an instructional video for the stroke types.

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Gear Check – May 2019

May 8, 2019

The latest gear for jazz educators and musicians, May 2019.

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The Stan Getz Omnibook from Hal Leonard

May 1, 2019

The Stan Getz Omnibook from Hal Leonard features 54 recorded solos from “The Sound,” whose illustrious career included five Grammy Awards, induction into the DownBeat Hall of Fame, and career collaborations with Oscar Peterson, Dizzy Gillespie, João Gilberto, and more. Songs include: “Desafinado,” “Garota De Ipanema,” “I Remember You,” “One Note Samba (Samba De Uma Nota So),” “Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado),” “So Danco Samba,” and more. Editions are available for B♭ and C instruments.

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B&S MBX Heritage Trumpet from Buffet Crampon

The B&S MBX Heritage Trumpet from Buffet Crampon features a quick responding and free-blowing leadpipe, along with a lightweight gold brass bell and several sets of weighted top and bottom caps to help customize the player’s specific style. The MBX Heritage comes in four finishes: the traditional clear lacquer and silver plating, as well as the unique “Vintage” surface treatment, or a brushed gold lacquer.

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RS Berkeley’s Eddie Daniels Signature Series Ligature

Eddie Daniels Signature Series Ligature was designed in collaboration with the renowned jazz icon Daniels himself. Its innovative “air channel” design offers unique reed holding pressure points resulting in greater sense of balanced overtones and warmth in tone. The ligature is available in two versions, Carbon Fiber and Gold Series, and is available for clarinet, soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones.

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Powell Sonaré PS-905 Professional Flute

April 17, 2019

Buffet Crampon USA and Verne Q. Powell flutes’ new Powell Sonaré PS-905 professional flute is hand-finished at the Powell factory in Maynard, Massachusetts. It features a sterling silver hand cut Powell Signature II, K Style headjoint with an Aurumite 9K lip plate and crown, sterling silver body, Aurumite 9K barrel (hand-finished at Powell), nickel silver with sterling silver plating mechanism, French open hole design, pointed arms, white gold springs, and a French case with leather cover. Additional options include a low B foot, offset G, C# trill, and split E.

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The Pursuit of Perfection: Creative Strategies for Today’s Music Directors from Meredith Music

Meredith Music’s The Pursuit of Perfection: Creative Strategies for Today’s Music Directors by Sally Wagner is a nuts-and-bolts collection of essential concepts for successful ensemble directors. The book’s multiple sections focus on musical excellence, professional excellence, auditioning, domestic and international travel and inspirational quotes. The author, a highly successful high school band director for 37 years, addresses a wide variety of topics including: ensemble balance, commissioning, preventing teacher burnout, breathing and tone production, organization, managing multiple levels in ensemble classes, teaching instrumentalists to sing. fundraising and keeping track of funds, programming suggestions, developing the percussion section, and ten common mistakes to avoid at assessment.

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Remo’s New Colortone Drumhead Styles

Remo has expanded their line of Colortone Drumheads to include Pink and Purple, featuring proprietary Skyndeep Imaging Technology for a stunning visual appeal with powerful projection, tone and durability. Colortone drumheads are offered in Powerstroke 77 snare, Emperor, and Powerstroke 3 Bass. The Powerstroke 77 Colortone snare Drumheads are constructed with 2-plies of highstrength Mylar film with an added 5-mil Controlled Sound Dot on top and a 7-mil dampening underlay ring for a powerful, focused attack. Available in sizes 13” and 14.”
The Emperor Colortone Drumheads are constructed with 2-plies of high-strength Mylar film. Available in sizes 8” through 18.” The Powerstroke 3 Bass drumheads are constructed with a single-ply 10-mil high-strength Mylar film combined with a 10-mil underlay dampening ring. Available in sizes 18” through 26.”

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New Reeds from D’Addario

April 2, 2019

The Reserve Evolution B♭ Clarinet Reeds are the thickest blank reed under the Reserve line that offers a roundness of sound, a heavy spine for increased projection, a thicker tip for enhanced articulation, and greater warmth and flexibility. Ideal for the advancing student and professional, the Reserve Evolution B♭ Clarinet Reeds are available now in half strengths from 2.5 to 5.0, with a special 3.5+ strength.

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The Excelcia Ensemble Series from Excelcia Publishing

The Excelcia Ensemble Series gives music educators pieces for new brass quintets, clarinet and saxophone quartets, and woodwind quintets. Addressing the critical need for high-quality, mid-level, small chamber literature, expert educational composers offer these newly-composed and arranged pieces, each engraved and with full score and reference recordings.Perfect for use at an adjudicated solo festival or recital, these 12 meticulously-edited pieces come in a variety of styles and make reading a joy. Written at grades 1.5 through 3, these pieces will quickly become favorite “go tos” of music directors.Quartets are available for $12.99 and Quintets for $14.99.

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