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Face Masks from Henry Heller

June 17, 2020

These face masks from Henry Heller are re-usable and designed fir daily wear. The masks feature a bendable nose adjustment and 3-inch pocket opening to add filter material if desired. Made of 2-ply cotton. $7.50 each.

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jj Babbitt’s DH-113 Alto Clarinet Mouthpiece

To round out the quartet of new Premiere by Hite composite blend mouthpieces for 2020, jj Babbitt has unveiled the DH-113 Alto Clarinet mouthpiece. Finally, developing young musicians can play in the higher registers with confidence and control without sacrificing the resonance expected in the middle and lower registers. Not only does the specially blended resin help to shape the personality of the DH-113, but the craftsmanship of the Artisans of JJ Babbitt in Elkhart, Indiana add the post mold finishing touches that make the new Alto Clarinet mouthpiece stand alone in its class.

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TAMA’s Starphonic Bravura Concert Snare

June 4, 2020

The TAMA Starphonic Bravura Concert snare drum features a 6”x14”, 7ply, 6mm Maple Shell which offers a warm, even tone, ideal for most playing situations. The 6” depth affords excellent tuning flexibility, allowing the drum to emulate shallower or deeper drums depending on how it is tuned. The drum also features a 120° snare bed, Groove Straight Hoops, and TAMA’s notable Starphonic Freedom Lug system.
The Bravura’s snare wires consist three distinctly different types of materials: Nickel Wound Guitar Strings, Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Straight Wire, and Hi Carbon Coil snares. They work together for even, consistent sound and excellent response at all dynamic levels. The Multi Snare Frame holds the wires so they come straight off the bearing edge. This promotes maximum response and vibration of the bottom head, even at the softest playing levels. It also allows for fine adjustments to the individual snare strands or by adjusting all of them at once with the master adjustment control. The Starphonic Bravura Concert snare incorporates many of TAMA’s signature design elements, bringing the company’s decades of experience in drum making to the concert percussion market.

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Loog Pro VI Acoustic

The Loog Pro VI Acoustic is Loog’s first full-sized six-string guitar marketed to kids and adults 12 years old and up. The Loog Pro VI Acoustic also comes bundled with flashcards and an app that helps students play songs on their guitar from day one. The app includes video lessons, a tuner and even a digital songbook with hits by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and more. The Loog app also has an Augmented Reality feature that allows beginner guitarists to learn using the selfie camera on any device. Available in six different colors for $149.

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Chedeville Umbra Mouthpiece Series

Chedeville has announced the launch of a completely new range of classical clarinet mouthpieces called the Chedeville Umbra Series. The new Chedeville Umbra Clarinet Series was designed and developed in collaboration with acclaimed International soloist and co-founder of RZ Clarinets, Milan Rericha. For the creation of the new Chedeville Umbra clarinet mouthpieces no expense was spared, starting with the proprietary “Chedeville Rubber”, a purer rod ebonite that recreates the great rod rubber of pre-war legendary Chedeville mouthpieces.

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GearCheck: At-Home Music Lessons

May 21, 2020

Some devices for at-home content creation, recording, and lessons to help you keep your education plans on track.

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Shure’s Mobile Recording Kit

May 20, 2020

The Shure Mobile Recording Kit enables you to record and monitor professional quality content, no matter where you are. By connecting the featured MV5 microphone directly to a computer or mobile phone and plugging in the SRH240A headphones to the microphone, users can experience real-time recording and monitoring.

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On-Stage’s AS800 FET Condenser Microphone

On-Stage’s AS800 FET condenser microphone captures everything from soft vocal whispers to thundering kick drums with detailed clarity. The AS800 makes a perfect audio recording companion for both beginners and professionals on a budget. An included shock mount isolates the mic from external vibrations to reduce unwanted rumble. The AS800 comes equipped with a carrying case for easy transportation and a storage pouch to keep the capsule free from dust.

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Zoom’s H6 Handy Recorder in All Black

The Zoom H6 All Black Handy Recorder combines Zoom audio quality with versatility via Zoom’s “capsule” system. Change mics on the fly, or even expand inputs using any of the company’s six powerful expansion capsules.
The H6 All Black features four XLR/TRS combo jacks (expandable up to six) with dedicated pad switches and gain control, two 1/8” outputs, a stereo line out, as well as a headphone out with dedicated volume control. The H6 All Black also functions as a powerful stereo or multi-channel audio interface for your computer or iPad, via USB.
With over 20 hours of continuous recording time using just four AA batteries, the H6 All Black records individual WAV files up to 96kHz / 24-bit. With the optional AD-17 power adapter, you can extend your recording time indefinitely. The H6 All Black comes standard with the handy recorder, X/Y mic capsule, and free Cubase LE and Wavelab LE recording and editing software.

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RockBoard’s MOD Brace

May 6, 2020

The RockBoard MOD Brace is a simple solution for securely mounting heavier MOD patchbays, such as the MOD 75, MOD 150, and MOD 4 in RockBoard pedalboards. The RockBoard MOD Brace provides additional support for the MOD by strengthening the connection to the RockBoard pedalboard. The MOD Brace provides a metal brace for RockBoard MODs, secures heavier RockBoard MODs to the RockBoard pedalboard, and is made of stainless steel. All new MODs shipped by RockBoard from summer 2020 onwards will have four additional outer holes as standard.

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