The Opening Session

August 28, 2019

What is jazz?

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Creating Visionary Youth

December 20, 2018

Large Ensemble Improvisation and the Young Musicians of the Visionary Youth Orchestra

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Building a Lasting Lineage Through Mentorship

November 16, 2018

A look at developing student-teacher and peer relationships that truly hold lasting meaning and significance.

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Blending Genres

March 21, 2018

James Carter Collaborates with the Eastman School of Music.

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Teaching Jazz Through the Big Band

November 30, 2017

To some, the title of this article may appear redundant. What is being taught through school big bands if not jazz?

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Business of Music 101

November 7, 2017

By Harry Schnipper AUTHOR DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended to encapsulate every aspect of our industry. The business of music is all about uncovering quantifiable solutions to pragmatic problems. It is also about making more money, at the very least, and about earning a living at the same time. The simple act of making […]

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Teaching Jazz in the ‘Classical’ Lesson

May 1, 2017

Improvisation is Essential to Becoming a Truly Complete Musician By Andrew J. Allen

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The Titan Jazz & Art Festival: A Model for Others

January 12, 2017

In Part II of this feature, we pick up Brian Rollins’ in-depth look at the Titan Jazz & Arts Festival.

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The Titan Jazz & Art Festival: A Model for Others – Part I

December 13, 2016

A distinctive approach to festivals where students perform AFTER receiving the clinician’s advice.

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Jazz in the Context of Chamber Music – Part I

October 27, 2015

Jazz is not usually considered chamber music in the classical sense… should it be?

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